I think you have all heard about our amazing keynote speakers for She Recovers in NYCMarianne Williamson, Glennon Doyle Melton, Gabby Bernstein and Elizabeth Vargas – and Elena Brower will also be joining us as a special guest for the weekend. We are still blown away at our line-up – we hadn’t expected them all to say yes!

What we haven’t told you yet – is that we have also invited ten of the most popular female bloggers on the internet to join us and help welcome you all to our event in NYC! We are beyond proud to share this list – and thrilled to have had the opportunity to meet so many of these amazing bloggers along the way this past year or so. These recovery superstars were chosen to participate in NYC because they are all making such important contributions to the cyber recovery movement. Importantly, these fabulous friends share messages that easily align with the principles and the messages that we have focused on here at She Recovers for the past five years. We are strong and courageous women, and we do recover. We believe that we’re all recovering from something and that we can and do all recover differently – and that is a good thing. Most importantly – and this is truly the key to healing the women of the world who need, are in, or are seeking recovery – we’re stronger together. Always and forever.

Here are the amazing women who make up the She Recovers in NYC Sober Blogger Team – please visit their websites and make sure you *like* their Facebook pages – and please tell them that Dawn sent you. Our bloggers will be Facebook Live-ing and blogging from the event in May so make sure that you are following them by then!


Jean is the lead for the team! She began writing her Unpickled blog on her first day of sobriety.  She drank quietly in private and managed to quit just as privately. However, Jean didn’t stay quiet about her sobriety for long. Although her blog started out as a tool to keep her accountable to her own sobriety, along the way Jean has encouraged and supported tens of thousands of women as they embark upon their own recovery journeys. Follow Jean on Facebook here.


Laura is proud to be sober and has NEVER been anonymous about sharing her story. Her opinion is that being anonymous keeps sobriety in the shadows and doesn’t give it a face. She wanted to start something where sober people who are voluntarily and happily willing to share their stories and their passions can come and “meet” others like them.  You will find her work on The Sobriety Collective website and blog. Laura’s point is that there is so, so much more to sobriety and recovery than just 12-step programs.  They can be part of the process but don’t have to be the be all and end all. You can follow Laura on Facebook here.


After facing her alcoholism and being involved in a car accident Julie began writing at Sober Julie. This funky blogger takes the tired, unappetizing reputation about sobriety and turns it into a day at the circus. Jam-packed with ideas for food & drink recipes, travel tips and reviewsreal stories of recovery, tips for sobriety, reflections on life and tons of ideas for leading a better (more creative, more enjoyable) life. Follow Julie on Facebook here.


Sobriety isn’t just about quitting alcohol and drugs. It’s about getting after your best life and having everything you ever dreamed of. Holly’s individualized path of recovery helped her not only kick her alcohol, cigarette, pot, and food addictions – it has given her a life beyond what she could have dreamed for herself. Holly’s goal is to provide you the same resources, tools, education, roadmaps, and inspiration that helped her navigate her own recovery. She does this through sharing free resources via the Hip Sobriety website and blog, a weekly newsletter, the HOME podcast, and her online Hip Sobriety School. Follow Holly on Facebook here.


Laura is a mama, writer, light-seeker and recovery warrior. She believes we desperately need each other’s most honest stories—to know that we are not alone, to learn how to move through life, to remember who we are. She writes about her struggle with addiction, her journey to sobriety and love of all kinds on her blog at Laura McKowen. She is the co-host of HOME Podcast alongside Holly Whitaker of Hip Sobriety. Follow Laura on Facebook here.


Sasha is a Recovery/Lifestyle Coach and writer who can be found over at Sasha P.Tozzi. She believes in hope, healing, and daily miracles–beyond what is considered reasonable to most. Her passion is to teach others what she has learned so far and to show them that they have the power to break free from their addictions & other self-sabotaging patterns. She helps people to RECOVER themselves because she believes that life is way too wonderful to spend it hating yourself. Follow Sasha on Facebook here.


Kelly’s goal is to let others know help is available for substance use disorders and that recovery is possible. By sharing her story with the world via her website and blog Sober Señorita she hopes to break the stigma of addiction and let others know they can live a life beyond their wildest dreams without the crutch of alcohol and drugs. Follow Kelly on Facebook here.


Sober since May 2, 2000, Julie Maida founded Sober Mommies after a severe bout of postpartum depression, OCD, and agoraphobia made it impossible for her to keep up with her 12 step recovery responsibilities. Julie soon realized how much recovery support often depends on regular meeting attendance, and how lonely it can feel without such support. The purpose of Sober Mommies is to provide a space where different experiences and journeys can be embraced and used as tools for learning. Julie understands that recovery doesn’t always include complete abstinence or 12 step work, and Sober Mommies thus celebrates any and all efforts to improve quality of life. Follow Julie on Facebook here.


As a recovered alcoholic and drug addict Veronica has personal experience of what it takes to recover from an addiction. She now uses this experience to help and inspire others, believing that all alcoholics and addicts can recover if they have access to the right kind of help. Veronica is the author of Why You Drink and How to Stop: Journey to Freedom. She speaks publicly and conducts workshops and lectures on alcoholism, addiction and spirituality. Veronica is the creator of the informative and inspirational website Veronica Valli where she works hard to educate and inform people on problem drinking and addiction.  Follow Veronica on Facebook here.


Jen McNeely, herself a woman in long-term recovery, launched Shedoesthecity (based in Toronto, Canada) in 2007. Shedoesthecity is a voice for women in that, in addition to being an awesome lifestyle blog and website, has pledged a commitment to share stories of addiction and recovery to help empower other women to change their patterns and get help. Shedoesthecity is providing more perspective on alcoholism and addition in hopes that a day will come when sharing these stories becomes not just brave, but normal and comfortable. Follow Jen on Facebook here.

We are really excited to share the weekend with these women – and we hope that you will join us in New York City and experience all that this weekend promises. Can you imagine the energy in the conference hall with 500 of us in attendance? See you there! If you haven’t already you can register HERE.



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