Global Chapter Network

Connecting, supporting, and empowering women in or seeking recovery in communities around the world. 

SHE RECOVERS volunteers take to the streets to create a world where all women in or seeking recovery are celebrated, supported, and deemed essential to healthy communities.

SHE RECOVERS Chapters will inspire hope, reduce stigma and empower women in or seeking recovery for substance use, mental health issues and other life challenges to increase their recovery capital, heal themselves, and help other women do the same in their local communities.

Leading the way so no one has to recover alone


Women and non-binary individuals who identify with women’s communities and are passionate about changing the way we talk about and support recovery are being called up to lead one of the world’s fastest growing recovery communities.

Chapters, community extensions of the parent SHE RECOVERS organization, will be charged with providing the following

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Connection and Support:

Providing women from diverse backgrounds and underserved communities increased access to recovery support by offering free or low-cost opportunities

Empowerment Programs:

Provide educational workshops and events utilizing the organization’s trained and certified professionals to support the development of individualized pathways and patchworks of recovery

Community Outreach and Advocacy:

Ensure the community knows about the Foundation, its resources, opportunities for involvement, and identify and address unmet needs for women in or seeking recovery in their community

Signature Fundraising and Awareness Events:

Customize the Foundation’s signature events and activities to raise funds and public awareness in their communities

Community Collaboration:

Create collaborations and partnerships with other organizations and providers to create a robust source for recovery resources available in local communities

She Recovers Chapters

Interested in starting a She Recovers chapter in your area?

Establishing a viable and sustainable SHE RECOVERS Foundation Chapter requires the commitment and dedication of a core group of at least five active SHE RECOVERS volunteers in your local community.
Included in the Chapter Network Overview & Application below you will find:
  • Volunteer leadership positions to be filled

  • Training and experience required

  • Initial length of service required for each

  • Activities & resources available within a Chapter

  • Chapter Policies

  • Code of Conduct

We are temporarily delaying the acceptance of new Chapter applications. Check back frequently for updates.

She Recovers Chapter Network



Why are only five communities being selected right now?

To ensure that SRF Headquarters has the capacity to onboard, train, and support the Chapters well. We want Chapter’s experience to be positive and be able to get the support they need to launch. We do anticipate being able to add more chapters in the near future and will keep the community updated as soon as we know more.

Will only larger communities be chosen?

Communities of any size may be selected. All applications will be evaluated in the same way, using the criteria described in the Chapter Network Overview. A small community may be just as prepared as a larger community to start a Chapter if they are able to meet the minimum requirements and submit a strong application.

Is there a way to ask for others in my area to connect so we know who each other is/our location?

If you have a Local Community Facebook Group you can reach out to see if others might be interested in applying to start a Chapter. If you are a member of the SHE RECOVERS Together Online Facebook group you can reach out to others in your local area through the ‘Local Connections’ Global Participant List.
Additionally, you can look for Sharing Circles in your area and search the SR Certified Professionals Directory to find people in your area.

Are lead roles paid positions?

The Chapter Lead Volunteer positions are all volunteer, unpaid positions. Our best estimate at this time is that each Lead Volunteer could spend a maximum of 30-35 hours per month in the first year. That may vary depending on the size of the Chapter, the number of activities you are proposing, and the number of other volunteers each Lead is able to recruit to support the work. We want to be transparent that this is a substantial commitment. We will learn alongside this first cohort, including if this is an accurate estimate.

Who/where are the first five Chapters?

The first five Chapters will be chosen through the application process that is currently open. They will be selected using objective criteria that can be found in the Chapter Network Overview. At this time we are only able to accept applications from and select Chapters in the United States. We are working on the legal agreements between the US and Canada that would allow us to have Canadian SRF Chapters.

What is the geographic reach of the Chapters?

An SRF Chapter may be located anywhere in the US or Canada that has an SR presence and ability to put together a strong application. We are asking each community to propose their own geographic boundary because we believe each community best knows how people communicate and connect in their local area. The boundary may be a city, county, state, or other easily definable area. If we receive applications from the same proposed area or the proposed boundaries overlap we will connect the applicants to discuss joining into a single Chapter application or adjusting the proposed boundary.

How can I fill out an application and include all the names without some names being included on other applications? Is it one application submitted for the whole community?

We strongly suggest that the potential Lead Volunteers meet to discuss their application and the proposed activities of their Chapter. For this reason, all persons named as a Lead Volunteer will be aware if they’ve been invited to be part of any other community’s application.

One application should be completed for whatever geographic boundary you are proposing for your Chapter.


Can we host Sharing Circles without having a Chapter?

Yes, SHE RECOVERS Professional Designees can host Sharing Circles without having a Chapter. We don’t want to limit access to Sharing Circles where there are SRF Professional Designees ready and able to host them. Resources and an opportunity to express interest in launching a Sharing Circle will be made available on August 30, 2022. We do require that if a Sharing Circle is within the boundary of a selected Chapter be included as part of the Chapter.

Do SRF Designees (SHE RECOVERS Coaches, Yoga Teachers and Dance Facilitators) need approval to start a Sharing Circle in their area?

Those who were previously facilitating Sharing Circles will be able to re-launch them again in September, 2022. Those who have yet to hold a Sharing Circle will be able to launch them in November, 2022.

Does each Chapter need to include a SHE RECOVERS Professional Designee?

One of the required program activities of a Chapter is to host Sharing Circles at least monthly and Sharing Circles must be hosted by an SRF Professional Designee. Chapter applications should talk about their current Sharing Circle activity and/or how and when they propose to start a Sharing Circle, including finding an SRF Professional Designee. You can search for current SRF Professional Designees in the SR Coach Directory:

How can I start a local Community Facebook Group?

If you are an SRF Professional Designee looking to launch a Sharing Circle, you will be given priority to start a Community Facebook Group starting in September 2022. If you aren’t an SRF Professional Designee, you will be invited to complete an expression of interest after our first cohort of Chapters Launch so please keep an eye on this space for updates.

Would SHE RECOVERS consider permitting trained volunteers to start running Sharing Circles instead of just the SRF trained professionals?

One of the things that make these trauma-informed Sharing Circles unique is that they are professionally facilitated and peer-supported. At this time, to maintain the professional stewardship of these experiences, only SRF Professional Designees (SHE RECOVERS Coaches, SHE RECOVERS Trauma-Informed Yoga Teachers, and SHE RECOVERS Dance Facilitators) are permitted to host Sharing Circles.

Can Sharing Circles go into Correctional Facilities?

We hope to bring SRF resources to Correctional Facilities through the Chapter Network.

Is there a list of current Sharing Circles?

Sharing Circles will be listed within the Community Groups listings starting in September, 2022.

Will all Chapters be required to have a Community Facebook Group?

Yes, one of the required program activities of a Chapter is to host a Local Community Connections Facebook Group. If you do not currently have a FB Group the application should talk about how and when you propose to start one and if you currently have Volunteers able to fill the two FB Administrator roles or if you will need to recruit them.

Is there a central calendar for local SHE RECOVERS activities events?

There is not currently a central calendar for global activities and events. This information is currently posted within existing local Community Facebook Groups. A global calendar is one of the key priorities for the org and we are actively seeking funding for this important project.

Do Sharing Circles cost anything to attend?

No. Accessibility is of utmost importance to SRF. All Sharing Circles must remain free of charge.


We are temporarily delaying the acceptance of new Chapter applications. Check back frequently for updates.

In the meantime,

Start convening a core group of volunteers who are committed to ensuring SHE RECOVERS has a footprint in your community.

Connection is our sole (soul) purpose and we’re stronger together!

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