Code of Conduction Violation Form

SRF is committed to investigating potential violations of our Code of Conduct and taking appropriate remedial measures as warranted by the specific facts and circumstances.

If any director, officer, employee, consultant, volunteer or member of the public suspects a violation of SRF’s Code of Conduct, she can report it using the form below. Concerns may be submitted anonymously if the user chooses not to include personal information. SRF takes all expressions of concern seriously, whether anonymous or otherwise; however, SRF asks that all reports of potential violations of the Code of Conduct contain sufficient details to permit SRF to thoroughly investigate the allegations. SRF strictly prohibits retaliation against those reporting concerns (unless the person reporting the concern is involved in the unethical behavior.)

Upon receipt of a concern submitted through this form or otherwise, the SRF CEO or Chair of the Board of Directors shall appoint an individual or committee to promptly investigate the concern and take appropriate action. SRF reserves the right to determine what action, if any, is appropriate in any particular situation.

Code of Conduct Violation Reporting

  • Please include sufficient details such as: date, parties involved, relevant links, reference to materials, and/or personal experience so SRF may thoroughly investigate the allegations.
  • Please upload any relevant media such as: screenshots, image, and/or video if applicable.
    Drop files here or
    Max. file size: 256 MB.

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