Code of Conduct



She Recovers Foundation (“SRF”) is strongly committed to pursuing its mission with the highest standards of ethical responsibility. This commitment to ethical conduct permeates how SRF’s directors, officers, employees, consultants and volunteers (including Chapter volunteers) (collectively “SRF Representatives”) interact with each other and the public. SRF’s success and ability to achieve its mission depend on the ethical conduct of all SRF Representatives; therefore, part of each SRF Representative’s responsibility is to ensure that they and others act in accordance with the highest ethical standards. Transparency, accountability and responsiveness to bona fide internal and external concerns about the conduct of SRF Representatives are paramount. Retaliation against those making good faith reports of their concerns about director, officer, employee, consultant or volunteer conduct is strictly prohibited.

Our Values

Commitment to Mission

SRF is committed to its mission to inspire hope, reduce stigma and empower women in or seeking recovery from substance use disorders, mental health and other related issues to heal themselves, and help other women to do the same. All SRF programs, activities and efforts should support this mission.


SRF acts with uncompromising honesty, integrity, and openness. Public trust and confidence in SRF’s stewardship of resources is critical to the achievement of our mission. SRF manages, expends and accounts for all funds responsibly and in accordance with the law.


SRF believes we are all recovering from something and that ALL women must be supported to find their individual pathways and patchworks of recovery. We create and hold spaces to serve women from all walks of life.


SRF recognizes that diversity is a strength and all women and non-binary individuals who identify with women’s communities are welcomed and respected in our movement. We honor, celebrate, and make space for difference in our healing communities.


SRF works collaboratively with individuals, organizations, and institutions whose missions align with SRF. Collaboration maximizes impact and enhances outcomes for individuals who engage with our organization.


SRF is committed to being trauma-responsive. We examine every aspect of our language, programming, environments, and values to ensure trauma-sensitivity, trust, and inclusion.


SRF believes that success is measured by outcomes. We strive to deliver results that benefit our constituents and society at large.

Standards of Conduct

SRF expects each SRF Representative to abide by all published SRF ethical and conduct-related policies, as well as help enforce them by disclosing potential violations.

SRF Representatives may, during their SRF related activities, receive or have access to SRF confidential and proprietary information, including but not limited to SRF strategies, business operations, organizational structure, finances, plans for upcoming events, and current or proposed transactions (“Confidential Information”). Each SRF Representative shall hold all Confidential Information in complete confidence and shall not disclose Confidential Information to third parties, nor use such information for any purpose other than SRF related activities. In addition, SRF Representatives shall not share personally identifying information about any SRF constituent without their permission.

SRF encourages anyone with concerns to report possible violations of its policies.  SRF’s management and Board of Directors are dedicated to maintaining an ethical environment, with the understanding that they have the duty to take action when behavior does not meet the SRF’s standards.  SRF will utilize its discretion to select an appropriate remedial course of action in the event of inappropriate behavior, including immediate termination of director, officer, employee, consultant or volunteer status. The following list illustrates possible violations of the SRF’s policies that may result in a disciplinary action (although this list is not intended to be comprehensive):

  • Dishonesty, including but not limited to, theft, fraud, misappropriation, or fraudulent signature.
  • Falsifying documents or records, including, but not limited to, financial and accounting books and records, time records, employment applications, benefits documentation, and/or expense reports.
  • Misappropriation of SRF’s assets, including intellectual property or use of Foundation resources or property for personal or third-party gain.
  • Engaging in criminal conduct or engaging in any outside business, professional or other activities that would adversely affect SRF or its reputation.
  • Engaging in any discriminatory, coercive, intimidating, violent, threatening, bullying, harassing or abusive physical or verbal behavior towards any employee, consultant, volunteer or constituent.
  • Engaging in any behavior that might create a situation which could endanger life, safety, health or well-being of the public or SRF employees, consultants or volunteers.

Chapter Responsibilities

SRF depends in large part on the work of its volunteers and local Chapters to carry out its mission.  Chapters are responsible for compliance with SRF policies, including this Code of Conduct, in the performance of their activities. Chapters and their volunteers should report any violations of these policies to SRF Headquarters as discussed below.

Procedure for Reporting Concerns

SRF is committed to investigating potential violations of this Code of Conduct and taking appropriate remedial measures as warranted by the specific facts and circumstances.

If any director, officer, employee, consultant, volunteer or member of the public suspects a violation of SRF’s Code of Conduct, she can report it here. Concerns may be submitted anonymously if the user chooses not to include personal information. SRF takes all expressions of concern seriously, whether anonymous or otherwise; however, SRF asks that all reports of potential violations of the Code of Conduct contain sufficient details to permit SRF to thoroughly investigate the allegations. SRF strictly prohibits retaliation against those reporting concerns (unless the person reporting the concern is involved in the unethical behavior.)

Upon receipt of a concern submitted through the website or otherwise, the SRF CEO or Chair of the Board of Directors shall appoint an individual or committee to promptly investigate the concern and take appropriate action. SRF reserves the right to determine what action, if any, is appropriate in any particular situation.

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