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If SHE RECOVERS’ programs, events, recovery touch-points, and/or the community as a whole have made positive impact in your life, we invite you to create an impact statement so we may inspire and empower other women in or seeking recovery. Whether you include your full name or wish to remain anonymous, your words may be the reason another women finds hope and healing from substance use and/or mental health issues.

Your voice matters

and we want to empower you to share your experience in your own words.

Need a little spark of inspiration to get the words flowing?

Consider the following:

  • What does SHE RECOVERS® Foundation mean to you?
  • How has the community helped you?
  • What has been most impactful?
  • What connections, transformation, or growth have you experienced as a result of being part of this community?
  • What is one thing you wish other women in or seeking recovery knew about SHE RECOVERS Foundation?
Group of diverse women looking at their laptops
Group of diverse women looking at their laptops

Need a little more to get the creative fire going?

Here’s what other women have to say:

After a terrible relapse five years ago, I was desperate to find a community I could relate to, be inspired by, and feel safe in. When I discovered SHE RECOVERS I immediately felt like I had “come home”.

Frightened and alone, I tried to hurt myself. I wanted to feel something – anything. I found safety in SHE RECOVERS® – women who saw me when I couldn’t see myself.

There is something powerful about a community of women coming together, online from wherever they may be, to support each other in the common goal of recovery. I love the practical advice, and the creative alternatives to meetings like dance and yoga. I feel supported, encouraged, and safe here.

Connectedness is one of the most powerful things I get from SHE RECOVERS. It is true we are stronger together.

If you wish to contribute a longer form ‘Community Story of Hope & Healing’ blog post please reach out to Community Engagement Specialist Lisa Wall with ‘I would love to share my impact story’ in the subject line.

Submission Form

If you wish to contribute a written impact statement, please complete the form below. Brevity is powerful so we encourage you to keep your submission to a maximum of 50 words. For questions, contact us.

If you are comfortable recovering out-loud please consider creating a video of your impact statement here.

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.


If you are comfortable recovering out-loud please create a video of your impact statement through our video submission form.


In order to make an impactful video, please:

  • Record yourself in landscape mode
  • Ensure you have good quality audio inputs ( i.e. through a dedicated microphone, headphones, or speakerphone with little background noise)
  • Play your video back to review audio and video quality
  • Remember…done is always better than perfect!
  • Brevity is powerful so we encourage you to keep your submission to a maximum of 60 seconds.


And we want to empower you to share your experience in your own words.

Please do include one of the following statements in your video:

  • “This is our movement. This is our cause.”
  • “SHE RECOVERS Supports”
  • “You don’t have to recover alone.”

What’s Next?

We will review your IMPACT STATEMENT submission and use it for advocacy purposes on our respective platforms (including but not limited to: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube, and

We will be celebrating our one-year anniversary from March 17-April 9 so mark your calendars for the following dates:

  • March 17 – SHE RECOVERS Together Online : After Dark Extended Anniversary Gathering
  • March 31 – Facebook Live Panel Discussion with Founders, Dawn Nickel & Taryn Strong
  • April 9 – Fireside Friday Facebook Live Wrap-up Party & Our Movement, Our Cause Video Premiere with Executive Director, Susan Carter
  • Catch the SHE RECOVERS Team Live on Instagram sharing behind the scenes video diary logs & stay in touch with us on social media for celebrations all month long!

Thank you

As a public charity we rely on donations from individuals, companies and foundations to fund all of the great work we do. The best way to inspire those outside of the community to support us is through YOUR voice. We thank you for taking the time to share your impact statement so we may reach all who wish to support our efforts and all women who may benefit from a community like ours. We are truly stronger together!

We’re stronger together.


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