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Laura Ward CPRC, SRCD 


Location: Avon, Connecticut, United States

Having spent more than 12 years self-medicating a back injury — first with pills and then with alcohol — Laura knows first-hand the havoc addiction can wreak on a woman and her family. She also knows how recovery can completely transform her and so many others around her. Reminded that we only get this one life, she gave herself permission to change.

Alcohol free since February 4, 2015, Laura now helps others find themselves again — UNCOVER their fears and doubts and identify what blocks them from living their best lives, DISCOVER their authentic selves and embrace what brings them joy, peace, and purpose, and RECOVER their lives and harness power to nourish their minds, bodies, and spirits.

Is it time to take back your power?

Lauren Sommerfield CPC, CPRC, SRCD, SRYT 
Coach, Yoga Teacher


Location: Massena, New York, United States

I found my way into recovery from alcohol, substances and depression in 2008. I am the mother of a neurodiverse child, a child in the military and a third that is stuck in the middle. I have navigated feelings of loneliness and fear for my children that aren’t on the typical paths of other kids. I volunteer in several capacities for the SHE RECOVERS Foundation including as Coach Facilitator for SHE RECOVERS Support for Moms of High Needs Children. I am a the owner of Mom Recovery Coaching where my team offers multiple monthly groups for Moms in recovery (from anything). As a 1:1 Coach I help Moms create space for themselves in a world where we always seem to be needed.

Yoga Offered: Trauma Informed

Deb Harrington MEd, SRCD 


Location: Waquoit, Massachusetts, United States

As founder and executive director of A Place to Breathe, and SHE RECOVERS coach in Massachusetts, Deb applies her understanding of learning styles to the recovery process, recognizing the power of finding one’s unique “style”. Using evidence-based activities and practices, Deb provides individual coaching and facilitates online and in-person groups providing space for people to learn from and be supported by others. As an End-of-Life Doula, she offers workshops and support groups around grief. Deb’s multifaceted mind, body-spirit approach and enthusiasm to work “releasing the issues from your tissues” is influenced by the belief that the body does keep the score.

Lael Atkinson CPC, CPRC, SRCD 


Location: Washington, United States

Hi, I’m Lael (they/she) and I help people explore what life could look like without drinking and/or dieting. My credentials include being a Certified Professional Coach, Certified Professional Recovery Coach, SHE RECOVERS Designated Coach, Tempest Designated Recovery Coach, Certified Holistic Health Coach, Certified Diet Recovery Coach, and Certified Weight Neutral Coach. My own recovery path has included parting ways with alcohol and cigarettes, looking 30+ years of disordered eating and body image issues square in the the eyeballs, and coming out as queer. My approach is holistic, individualized, and can work on its own or as a complement to other programs. I also firmly believe in the healing powers of both profanity and humor.

Cindi Roberts BS, MEd, CPRC, CPC, SRCD 


Location: Larkspur, Colorado, United States

Cindi is passionate about helping women in recovery find their joy and confidence in navigating intimate relationships. She holds a master’s degree in sexual health education and has over 25 years of experience as a sexual health and wellness educator. Often referred to as the SoberSexpert, Cindi is also a professional recovery coach that supports women who want to focus on finding and recovering intimate connection to self and others. Being in recovery from alcohol use disorder for over 6 years, Cindi knows how important it is to have a confidante and cheerleader on your side to develop tools, inner strength and confidence to achieve and maintain success in recovery.

Lucy Blenkinsopp SRCD, GAD, INHC, RYT 500, MMT 
Coach, Counselor


Location: bournemouth, Dorset, United Kingdom

When i hit 47 I felt unsatisfied, unhappy and unfit. I went to a yoga class and fell in love. I knew in that moment that I need yoga in my life, It started me on journey inwards which fifteen years later is continuing. During that part of the journey I started to look at nutrition and holistic health, I became a health coach, a mindfulness meditation teacher, a recovery coach, a grey area drinking coach, I found SHE RECOVERS when I realised we all needed to recover from something and sometimes we need help in moving forward. We have the solutions within us but sometimes we need help accessing them.
I will ask the right questions and you will discover your North Star.

Cybele Botran MEd, CPC, CPRC, SRCD 


Location: Key Biscayne, Florida, United States

As a certified holistic recovery coach, Cybele specializes in reparenting and helps individuals in women’s communities to establish healthy boundaries, develop a strong connection with themselves, and address unmet needs. Through her individual coaching and workshops, she encourages self-compassion and fosters a connection with the inner child and inner teenager. Cybele is the founder of REPARENT, a unique group coaching experience, and is currently completing training to become a facilitator for Mother Hunger Workshops.

Autumn Rock  
Coach, Therapist


Location: North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

With over 26 years of lived and professional experience, Autumn Rock holds International Certificates in Somatic Attachment and Integrative Trauma Therapies. She is an Internationally Certified Life and Recovery Coach and Addictions Awareness Facilitator and a Trained Interventionist. She has been fiercely pursuing equity, inclusion, success and safer more adequate and effective spaces for those in need of healing and recovery for decades. She is available for private sessions and is the Lead Executive Director at which provides Second Stage and Aftercare SUD and Trauma Treatment for Women and 2SLGBTQIA+ communities and for recovery coaching and therapy for all genders.

Kelly Fitzgerald Junco BA, BS, CPC, CPRC, SRCD 


Location: Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania, United States

I’m a writer, Certified Coach, creator, mom, and sober person who will celebrate 10 years of sobriety this year. I envision a world where women feel seen and heard and live with clarity, authenticity, and joy, and I’m working hard to do my small part to make that happen. I create inspiring resources such as videos on TikTok, eBooks, Grief Circles, and quiz downloads. You may be familiar with my award-winning blog, The Adventures of a Sober Señorita. The folks I work with generally seek out my help in an effort to change their relationship with alcohol, to come back to themselves after a life transition, or if they are struggling with grief. I believe freedom is on the other side of changing our beliefs and celebrating who we are.

Celeste Yvonne CPRC, SRCD 


Location: Reno, Nevada, United States

I work with individuals like you to restore balance in all areas of your life; so you can experience success and joy at the same time. Supporting your freedom from unhealthy coping mechanisms that have worked for you in the past but now leave you feeling stretched thin or unfulfilled, we work together to find a more sustainable, rejuvenating way to live. A process that helps you find that once elusive balance and joy that already lives inside you but is waiting for your permission to rise from the liminal spaces, and feed your heart and soul. 

Megan Wilcox CHHC, CPRC, SRCD 
Coach, Healthcare Professional


Location: Burlington, Massachusetts, United States

Hi! My name is Megan and I am the founder of Sobahsistahs Sobriety Coaching. I am a Certified Sober Life Coach and Certified Professional Recovery Coach. I work with women who are re-evaluating their life with alcohol and have decided that alcohol just isn’t working for them anymore. Are you looking to break free from the chains of mommy wine culture and just don’t know how to get started? Then I am your girl!
I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach, a Recovery Coach and a Registered Radiologic Technologist working in a busy Boston ER. I am a single mom to 2 boys and reside in Boston, MA. When I’m not working in the ER I am helping coach women to find happiness in sobriety. I focus on self-forgiveness and empowerment in sobriety.

Dede Armstrong LADC, MA, MSW, SRCD 


Location: Milford, Connecticut, United States

Dede is a passionate coach, trainer, online group leader, and retreat leader, specializing in navigating addiction issues during life transitions and loss. Her training includes an MSW from Columbia University and an MA in Addiction Counseling from Hazelden Betty Ford Graduate School of Addiction Studies. She is currently in Private Practice and is a SHE RECOVERS Coach and a Certified Pursuit of Balance Life Strategy Coach. She has extensive experience working with those in the third phase of life who suffer from addiction and codependency. Most importantly, she has 23 plus years in recovery from alcoholism and codependence.

Marybeth Healy MA, ACC, SRCD 
Coach, Counselor


Location: Oceanside, New York, United States

Hello! My name is Marybeth and I am honored to be a SHE RECOVERS Coach. I also have a Masters degree in School Counseling servicing high school students for 20 years and I am an ICF accredited Holistic Life Coach. I support children of addicts, siblings of addicts, families in crisis and anyone who wants to take the deeper dive into self exploration. I believe in a mind, body connection, that experiences impact our nervous system and the negative behavior we exhibit can be the result of unresolved trauma that has settled into our unconscious. I am open to the intuitive hits that come to me when partnering with a client. Everyone deserves a space where they can embrace their vulnerabilities, I strive to hold that space for my clients.

Jessica Foody RN, CPRC, SRCD 


Location: Chicago, Illinois, United States

Jessica is a Registered Nurse, Recovery Coach, and most importantly, a woman in long-term sobriety committed to helping smart capable women quit drinking. Jessica’s clients are high-functioning women who know deep-down that their drinking isn’t serving them, but who need support in making a change. Her expertise is working with women struggling with anxiety, low self-esteem, and a loud inner critic turning to alcohol to cope. Through a warm compassionate approach, Jessica helps her clients not only quit drinking or take a break from drinking, but develop healthy coping tools, build self-esteem, and create authentic meaningful lives they love without alcohol.

Bronwen Thorburn CHN, CHP, CPRC, SRCD 


Location: Pemberton, British Columbia, Canada

Bronwen is a certified holistic nutritionist and recovery coach. Located in the Sea to Sky Corridor, BC, Canada; Bronwen has combined her experience as a wellness coach with her 18+ years of recovery from substances and disordered eating by supporting clients to nourish themselves mentally, emotionally and physically. Bronwen offers support to practice healthy tools for each client’s individual healing; Self-care, Self compassion, along with Connection to Community and Compassionately investigating the rules client’s have around their bodies and food. Bronwen is passionate about providing safe circles to speak their truth on their GRIEF and to hear and hold everyone exactly where they are. Individual sessions as well as online groups.

Carey Craker SRYT 
Yoga Teacher


Location: Reedsburg, Wisconsin, United States

I am a 200+ hour yoga teacher. When I teach, I encourage students to connect with their breath. I see myself as your guide to help you wi