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Heather Taylor BS, MA, HLC, SRCD 


Location: Melville, New York, United States

Heather is a Holistic Life Coach and SHE RECOVERS coach. After getting sober in 2018 and working through “all the things”, she discovered her passion for working with women in recovery. She is a weekly host for the Sober Mom Squad and the Chapter Lead of the SHE RECOVERS Long Island Chapter, one of the two founding chapters. She believes that change, healing and transformation are a process, not an event and that connection with other like-minded women through that process is the foundation for discovering all of the potential within you.

Susan Young ACC, SRCD 


Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States

I’m Susan, an ICF certified holistic life coach. With a passion for helping women in their unique recovery journeys, I support diverse approaches tailored to individual needs. Having navigated mental health struggles, trauma, sobriety, a late-in-life divorce, ADHD diagnosis, queer epiphany, and a start-up, I bring resilience and empathy to guide you. Let’s craft a personalized patchwork of recovery support, exploring mind, body, and spirit. I believe in the transformative power of creativity, using right-brain exercises for self-discovery. It’s never too late to live your best life and you’ve got everything it takes. I’d be honored to be part of your journey.

Ali Woozley RYT, SRYT 
Yoga Teacher


Location: Bristol, Bristol City of, United Kingdom

Hiya! I’m Ali and I offer you a trauma sensitive yoga practice. My work as a midwife since 1992 has brought me into the service of women and people from all walks of life- what a privilege to space hold for those on life’s big threshold. Yoga and being in nature brings me home. My invitation is to share movement, poems, scraps of wisdom and my peculiar humour so that MAYBE, just for a moment, we might all be able to take a breath in and sigh it out, BIG sigh, if it feels like something you’d like to try……..No pressure sistahs! You can just take a nap if that feels better medicine. I look forward to seeing you on the mat, all you bring is welcome.

Yoga Offered: Trauma Informed, Restorative, Accessible, Intuitive, Flow, Breath Work, Mindful Movement, Gentle, Inclusive, Meditative

Dufflyn Lammers CPC, CAI, SRCD 


Location: Paris – Ile-de-France, France

Hi beautiful, I’m Dufflyn, AKA “The cool aunt who took you to Rehab and Planned Parenthood but made you tell your mom.” I’m the go-to relationship expert for women in recovery. I offer online courses, community, and one-to-one coaching for women who want to succeed at sex, love, and dating without resorting to Martinis, Ben & Jerry’s or *67. I combine a unique background in Tantra, Attachment Repair, Intervention, and Coaching to help women have healthy, empowering relationships in recovery! Some kind words from a former client: “I think it’s drastic to say something like Dufflyn Lammers gave me my husband, but there is truth to that statement.” – Maggie, Los Angeles

Andrea Shaw CPC, CRC, SRCD 


Location: Cockeysville, Maryland, United States

Andrea has been on a sober path since 2017 and believes “you don’t need to hit rock bottom.” Her coaching technique is a collaborative partnership customized for each client and confronts unwanted patterns, limiting beliefs and fixed mindsets. Concentrations include: blood sugar stabilization, Mind-Body-Spirit nourishment, techniques for emotional balance and nervous system regulation, mindfulness practices, development of healthy boundaries & relationships, intuitive trust, and other holistic approaches. Andrea’s compassionate, non-judgmental style meets clients exactly where they are, and empowers them with accountability and resources so they can shed the guilt, shame and worry–and step into the life they truly desire.

Kas Frost SRCD, SRYT 


Location: VICTORIA, British Columbia, Canada

Now having entered into my sixth decade of life experiences, it fills my heart to coach women who are navigating their recovery as an aging person whose body, mind and identity are also in the process of shifting. I partner with you as you discover your pathway to living in your purpose while discovering which unique patchwork of recovery is right for you, now. It’s so true – you are never too old and it is never too late.

I celebrate the aging process and bring my experience as a Holistic Coach to ensure that the needs of your whole self are considered I view aging as a spiritual practice that can create joy and contentment as we move into our wisdom and continued inner growth. Become the WHO you want to be!

Bronwen Thorburn CHN, CHP, CPRC, SRCD 


Location: Pemberton, British Columbia, Canada

Bronwen is a certified holistic nutritionist and recovery coach. Located in the Sea to Sky Corridor, BC, Canada; Bronwen has combined her experience as a wellness coach with her 18+ years of recovery from substances and disordered eating by supporting clients to nourish themselves mentally, emotionally and physically. Bronwen offers support to practice healthy tools for each client’s individual healing; Self-care, Self compassion, along with Connection to Community and Compassionately investigating the rules client’s have around their bodies and food. Bronwen is passionate about providing safe circles to speak their truth on their GRIEF and to hear and hold everyone exactly where they are. Individual sessions as well as online groups.

Kelly Fitzgerald Junco BA, BS, CPC, CPRC, SRCD 


Location: Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania, United States

I’m a writer, Certified Coach, creator, mom, and sober person who will celebrate 10 years of sobriety this year. I envision a world where women feel seen and heard and live with clarity, authenticity, and joy, and I’m working hard to do my small part to make that happen. I create inspiring resources such as videos on TikTok, eBooks, Grief Circles, and quiz downloads. You may be familiar with my award-winning blog, The Adventures of a Sober Señorita. The folks I work with generally seek out my help in an effort to change their relationship with alcohol, to come back to themselves after a life transition, or if they are struggling with grief. I believe freedom is on the other side of changing our beliefs and celebrating who we are.

Betsy Byler MA, LPC, LPCC, SRPD 
Therapist, Counselor


Location: Wisconsin, United States

Betsy has been working as a licensed therapist and substance abuse counselor since 2003. She began her own recovery journey in 1996 finding recovery from drug addiction. Betsy is passionate about recovery and helping clients gain freedom and healing from their past and present to gain a better future. Her laid back and somewhat irreverent style appeals to people who want to be truly themselves without shame or judgment. Betsy also hosts a podcast to help educate others in the mental health field about addiction and recovery so that the message of recovery can be spread even farther.

Kathy VandenBerghe BA, CPRC, CPC, SRCD 


Location: Winter Park, Florida, United States

Kathy is the CEO|Founder of Sober Dating One Date at a Time® (the latest dating app for sober singles) and the host of the podcast by the same name. Both are available in iTunes. Kathy entered recovery in 2019 from alcohol and trauma abuse. Kathy is a champion for those battling the stigma surrounding recovery. She believes that shame dies when we call its name out loud. Kathy is trained in Families in Recovery. She is the adult child of an alcoholic and is familiar with the chaos and trauma that goes hand in hand with a childhood filled with trauma. Her recovery has taught her that when we recover together, we can accomplish anything.

Brandy Agasti SRCD 


Location: Cedar Park, Texas, United States

After years of suffering in silence with the way I looked and felt, years of drinking I found a solution and that solution was to stop drinking and hating myself and find love.
I’ve been sober for over 7 years, I’ve helped dozens of others get and stay sober and enjoy their lives without drugs or alcohol. It starts at one day but we all start there and you don’t have to do it alone.

Amanda Cable SRCD, CHWC, MA, CYT 


Location: Granbury, Texas, United States

Hi! My name is Amanda. I am a Certified Professional Recovery Coach and Holistic Wellness Coach. I also work from home for a busy Family Practice, chatting with patients about hormones and lab results. I am a blessed wife and momma of 2 amazing boys! I live a Holistic Alcohol Free Lifestyle and I am the founder of Empowered Healthy Harmony where I work 1 on 1 with women who also want to embrace an alcohol free lifestyle. I’m also a yoga instructor and love hosting Yoga Retreats.
If you are searching for life change and a healing journey where you will leave feeling nourished, empowered, inspired and fulfilled; I’m your girl!