Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The SHE RECOVERS Inclusive Recovery Community Ethos

At SHE RECOVERS® Foundation (SHE RECOVERS) we recognize that there is no one way to recover. Our approach aims to break down barriers to recovery by creating a supportive environment built on mutual respect for all individuals. We honor all pathways, patchworks and experiences of recovery. We also welcome and celebrate all races, sexual orientations, body sizes, differences of life situations, backgrounds and abilities; however, we believe DEI must go far beyond being anti-discriminatory. We believe being anti-discriminatory is an imperative aspect of everyday living that every human should practice; at SHE RECOVERS we strive to create a culture of inclusivity. We promote empathy, respect, understanding and fostering a sense of belonging and connection amongst our community.

Mental Health Matters

Mental health conditions do not discriminate, they can affect anyone regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, social status, or a variety of other factors. However, minority populations can face more mental health challenges due to racism, inequality, discrimination, and stigma, all of which make accessing mental health resources and support much more difficult.

It is our policy and our mission to be inclusive and mindful of the diversity of everyone with whom we interact. We are passionate about building a community where mental health matters and equitable care is accessible to all.

Our Limitations

We recognize that even the term SHE RECOVERS is limited in its meaning. SHE does not capture the myriad of identities and expressions of self welcome in this community. We acknowledge that two-spirited and non-binary folks, who identify with women’s communities, are not seen, acknowledged or represented in this term. For now with the limitations of language, anytime we mention “women” we mean anyone who identifies as a woman or any non-binary or two-spirited individual who identifies with women’s communities. Anytime we are able, we list the full spectrum of folks who occupy and enhance our spaces.

Why not use the word womxn to include all? 

The non-binary folks in our community do not identify as women and therefore deserve to be acknowledged by their respective, individual identity. 

Our Commitment

We know that our DEI practices need to be more than an acknowledgement. They must be values, beliefs, intentions and actions woven into the SHE RECOVERS mission, strategic plans and inclusive recovery community ethos. We are committed to “doing our own individual work in order to create & hold healing spaces for everyone – because all women deserve recovery” because we must continue to recognize our own internal biases and leverage our privilege to amplify the voices and work of those who are not afforded the same advantages.  

Our Practices

We place diversity, equity, and inclusion practices at the center of our daily work. We are working to redefine recovery by dismantling systems that create inequality, oppression, and disparity while promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in all that we do. We pursue an organizational mindset that values cultural humility, recognition, and accountability in order to improve our ability to offer individualized and holistic recovery support. We encourage all to share their cultural experiences and identities to enrich our community. 

In our hiring, volunteer and partnership recruitment practices, we actively encourage applications from members of groups with historical and/or current barriers to equity. 

Responsiveness and accessibility are at the heart of our programming. We prioritize the needs of folks who have been pushed to the margins of society such as women, women of color, LGBTQ+ folks, neuro-divergent women, differently-abled women, women without access to wealth, incarcerated women, women who have experienced systemic oppression and/or gender/racial-based trauma.

Accessibility & Social Justice Pricing

We believe that when we offer women resources, training, and support, all humans benefit. 

The majority of our offerings are professionally facilitated, peer supported and free of charge. These offerings include: SHE RECOVERS Together online twice daily gatherings, local sharing circles, trauma-informed embodiment practices such as yoga and dance, personal development workshops, identity-based spaces and support groups, personal development opportunities, and life skills education

For many of our paid offerings and trainings we invite those who can, to contribute to the recovery of others while creating accessibility through sliding scale pricing and financial empowerment opportunities. We also create mission-driven opportunities for individuals, organizations and small businesses to donate and become partners of our lifeline organization. We understand this model can create financial disparity within our community and society. As we grow and evolve, we humbly commit to exploring ways to reduce these gaps, to continue to do the work of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and strive to remain teachable, always.

Our DEI practices contributed to the following initiatives:

  • We acknowledge the unique experience of identity-based groups and their need to heal in dedicated supportive spaces. SHE RECOVERS offers identity-based spaces and support groups where like-hearted individuals who face similar challenges and milestones can connect and heal.
  • Black, Indigenous and Women of Color
  • LGBTQ+
  • Women Veterans & First Responders
  • Healthcare & Allied Professionals
  • Mothers of High Needs Children
  • Legal Professionals
  • Encuentro en Español

We believe that no one should have to recover alone and offering identity-based support groups can connect, support, and empower participants while informing our continuing commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.  

Growing & Evolving

SHE RECOVERS Trusted Advisors assist us to develop, implement, and sustain a comprehensive approach for the integration of culturally and linguistically responsive programming, policies and practices across all aspects of the organization.

We have begun the process of incorporating multiple modalities for accessing and engaging with our digital platforms, resources and programming so differently-abled and  neuro-divergent folks can be provided with an experience equivalent to that of their peers.

This DEI statement is a living and ever-evolving document. Please keep an eye on this space for updates and changes as they arise. 

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