SHE RECOVERS Together Online
Participant Agreement

By registering for the SRT online series, you agree to the following guidelines and agreements:

I am over 18 years of age and understand that the SRT online programming is facilitated by volunteers who serve as a bridge to help and is not a replacement for coaching, therapy, treatment, or medical care. If I am experiencing crisis, emotional distress, suicidal ideation, or require a higher level of care, I agree to:

  1. Reach out to a crisis line such as 9-8-8 or a SHE RECOVERS Trusted Resource [ ];
  2. Follow professional recommendations and;
  3. Commit to a self-safety action plan before attending future gatherings.

If I am experiencing an emergency, I will call 911, or the equivalent in my country, or go to the nearest emergency room. 

I commit to familiarizing myself with SRF’s Intentions & Guiding Principles [ ] and to co-creating a welcoming and supportive environment built on mutual respect for all participants, volunteers, and facilitators. 

I understand that I’m responsible for contributing to a culture of inclusivity and belonging in our collective spaces and recognize that we all come from different pathways and patchworks of recovery, life situations, backgrounds, cultures, and abilities.

I understand that hate speech, racism, homophobia, transphobia, anti-fat bias, and any other forms of discrimination, verbal abuse, harassment, and/or aggression will not be tolerated. 

To contribute to collective well-being, I will avoid sharing explicit details when speaking about activating topics such as abuse, violence, suicide, death, self-injurious behavior, and/or substance use. I will not promote the use of harmful substances to cope with life stressors.

I agree to refrain from discussing weight, clothing size and calories. I will not promote activating diet culture-related topics such as cleansing, fasting, restricting specific foods, “clean” eating, and/or applying moral judgment to food and bodies. 

I will also refrain from endorsing or opposing specific political parties or figures and from promoting religious beliefs.

If my actions have an unintended negative impact on others, I will engage in a process of rupture and repair, seeking to understand and address any harm caused, and to work towards reconciliation.

I acknowledge that emotional discomfort and conflict can arise in groups, and I will tend to my energy by engaging only with what I am comfortable with. I understand that SRF is not responsible for the actions or values of its community members but will take action if a gathering violation is observed or reported.

I will be mindful of what is in my camera view and will turn my video off if I choose to eat, prepare food, smoke, vape, or use substances. 

I will join the gathering from a space that honors both my confidentiality and personal safety as well as the privacy of others. I will refrain from sharing or engaging in the chat if I am under the influence of any substance causing impairment, or if I am driving/operating a vehicle.

I will gain consent before sending private messages to others. I will respect everyone’s privacy by not taking photos, screenshots, or discussing other’s participation outside of this space.

I understand that while the information I disclose will be held in confidence by my peers, issues requiring reparative action from SRF, such as violations of the group guidelines, may be reported to SRF by volunteer space-holders. 

I intend to arrive on time whenever possible and keep my shares focused on recovery. 

I agree to use the chat only to welcome newcomers and support those sharing. I will refrain from debating, sharing opinions, criticizing, providing unsolicited feedback, and/or engaging in unrelated side discussions. 

I will honor other participants in the space by having my share limited to three minutes, which will be monitored by gathering volunteer space-holders. 

I agree to remain open to using inclusive and de-stigmatizing language.

I will not engage in self-promotional activities and understand that SHE RECOVERS Certified Professionals are permitted to share their work in exchange for their volunteer facilitation. 

I understand that SRF volunteer space-holders have the right to remove any individual who appears to violate the group guidelines & agreements [ ] and terms of use set out by SRF [ ]. I commit to revisiting them periodically to be aware of any changes. If I violate the guidelines and agreements, I may be asked to take additional steps to re-engage with the group or may be banned from participating in SRF spaces.

I have read and agree to the above guidelines.

*By registering for this free offering, you are opting in to receive emails from SRF. You can unsubscribe at any time.


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