Jeff Barrett, BA

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The identity-based group(s) I am a part of:


What led me to SHE RECOVERS:

I have been an audio and video editor for nearly a decade and have worked with small businesses and entrepreneurs in growing their brands. I work for Virtual Gurus, an online marketplace for virtual assistants, and it was through this queer and Indigenous led organization that I was connected with SHE RECOVERS. I immediately felt inspired when I was introduced to this organization and even though it would mean being the only fellow on the team, I really wanted to help SHE RECOVERS transpose their mission, vision, and values into their digital media.

Why I love being a part of this team:

I feel a great sense of purpose when I know the audio and video based resources I create make a direct impact for recovering women all over the world. Being able to create these resources for women, making multiple versions of media to be more accessible to those seeking support, and creating resources specific for mental health are things I have become very passionate about in working with this non-profit. I was not new to digital content creation, but I was new to the women’s wellness space. I am so grateful to have found this team of amazing women with whom to collaborate and grow.

Those that know me best might describe me as:

Calm, dedicated, and passionate.

How these qualities show up in my everyday life:

Being an audio and video editor, I feel it is important to be passionate and dedicated to what you create as this media has the potential to inspire, educate, and inform a large audience. I believe the ability to remain calm is kind of like my superpower and helps me in presenting myself professionally alongside my work.

Something unique you may not already know about me:

I have a keen interest in art and design.

Something I am most proud of:

Playing power chair hockey at a national level and representing Canada.

Radical self-care look for me looks like:

Making significant choices in my life that benefit me first and foremost, despite what my family or friends might say. It is not always easy, but making myself my #1 priority is some seriously radical self-care!

What I wanted to be when I grew up:

An NHL player.

Something that is inspiring me right now:

Learning new audio and video editing tools and tricks to help me be the best digital media editor I can possibly be!

The SHE RECOVERS Intention & Guiding Principle resonating the most with me right now is…

We are all recovering from something.

My favorite SHE RECOVERS resource is…

Mental Health Monday.

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