Liana Kennedy, BA, CPRC, SRCD

she / her

I am recovering from:
SUD, codependency, PTSD, and anxiety.

What is your definition of recovery?
Not using anything to change feelings of discomfort, loneliness or pain

What led me to SHE RECOVERS:
Meeting Dawn and Taryn in early recovery.

Why I love being a part of this team:
I get to work with cool people on a meaningful mission and support the ones who are supporting our community members

Those that know me best might describe me as:
Ethical, sarcastic, and organized.

How these qualities show up in my everyday life:
No bullsh!t sense of humor in the form of spreadsheets.

Something unique you may not already know about me:
I can spin fire and play guitar.

Something I am most proud of:
Being a single mom, staying sober, and paying the bills every. damn. month.

Radical self-care look for me looks like:

What I wanted to be when I grew up:
A psychologist.

Something that is inspiring me right now:
That the team keeps plowing ahead and producing awesome work.

The SHE RECOVERS Intention & Guiding Principle resonating the most with me right now is…
Collaboration not competition is the only way forward (but it’s not a principle anymore booo).

My favorite SHE RECOVERS resource is…
SRCPs in Recovery because I get to connect with my peeps and it reminds me why I’m doing this.

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