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Ayako is a woman who, in her words, is “not an expert. Just a lonely mum trying to navigate miscarriage, motherhood, and depression.” While she is not busy keeping up with her spirited son, Takeo, she serves as a relentless supporter for parents navigating the heartbreak and secondary losses surrounding an “out of order death” in memory of her daughter, Emi. She is also in the process of creating her business 'Emi & Company' where bereaved parents and families can purchase tools for recovery and access healing resources.

In this heart-polishing and courageously vulnerable conversation, Lisa and Ayako discuss the early deaths of their children and the postpartum cycles of grief, change, healing, and hope that can follow a miscarriage. 

This podcast is in honor of Emi (Ayako) and Rowan (Lisa) and all the babies who are no longer with us earth-side. May they continue to grow love in our hearts and give us purpose and strength with each passing day. Forever cherished, always remembered.

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Mentioned Resources: 

1. Canadian EI "Special Circumstances” Benefits. 

Go to this link and click on the “Miscarriage, Termination or Stillbirth” or “Death of a Child” options: 

2. Instagram: @peanut  

For their “Renaming Revolution” Glossary of inclusive, compassionate terminology/language: 

OR specific link to post regarding the Glossary is:

They also have an app with further support: “Peanut: Find Friends & Support: Fertility, Pregnancy, Motherhood”

3. Stillbirth Foundation Australia: 

The most comprehensive and compassionate resources that help post-loss 

(Explanation of types of medical procedures for pregnancy loss, Logistics of funeral/cremation, etc, Physical and secondary losses explained)

“Practical and Emotional Help for Parents”:

SHE RECOVERS Foundation:

Get involved with SHE RECOVERS Foundation:
Donate to the SHE RECOVERS Foundation:

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