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Lotta Dann used to describe herself as a “boozy housewife.” For two decades she drank alcohol steadily and heavily. In 2011, alarmed at how her drinking was escalating, she started the anonymous blog ‘Mrs. D Is Going Without’ and eventually wrote her way into recovery and community.

In this episode of the SHE RECOVERS podcast, Erin talks with Lotta about what she has gained in recovery, as well as areas where she still struggles, including her “ongoing battle” with flour and sugar. They also discuss how the current Covid-19 lockdown has created conditions that are both perfect and incredibly challenging for those living in and just beginning recovery. Lotta shares her belief that in this moment of collective grief, showing kindness to ourselves and each other is more important more ever.
Online community website Living Sober here.
Mrs D Is Going Without Blog here.

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