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Grab your tea and join SHE RECOVERS® Foundation Executive Director, Susan Carter and Co-Founder, Dawn Nickel by the fire.

“As a woman celebrating 27 years of continuous sobriety, I am deeply committed to giving back what I have so graciously been given. And after meeting and working with the beautiful intelligent and impassioned women who have shepherded this community to where it is today, I knew this is where I wanted to put my stake in the ground. Working alongside these brilliant women in recovery would be the jewel in my career crown, not to mention a treasure in my life. Serving as Executive Director of this vibrant movement is a true honor and privilege” – Susan Carter.

SHE RECOVERS® Foundation has the women, the power, and the presence to be a mighty force in our world. And until ALL women in or seeking recovery from these challenges are celebrated, supported, and deemed essential to healthy communities, we will not rest. This is OUR movement. This is our cause.

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