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Bisexual and Sober with Tawny Lara

When we get sober, many things come to light and we’re faced with knowing ourselves fully for the first time. This includes getting more acquainted with our sexuality.

In this candid conversation, our podcast host, Dr. Tiffany Wynn,  speaks with  writer, podcast host, and “sober sexpert,” Tawny Lara, about Tawny’s journey to uncovering her bisexuality once she got sober. A self-described love and sex addict, Tawny describes her transformation from finding self-worth in relationships (prior to sobriety) to discovering and leaning into her true personality and sober dating. Tawny also describes how she remains a sober party girl who loves life and still enjoys attending events. She goes into detail on that topic in her first book Dry Humping,  which is set to be released this fall.


Tawny Lara is a NYC-based millennial writer / public speaker who is known in the recovery realm as The Sober Sexpert. Her book, Dry Humping: A Guide to Dating, Relating, and Hooking Up Without Booze, comes out September 19, 2023. She co-hosts the Signal Award-winning “Best Buddy” podcast Recovery Rocks. Invitation to subscribe to her weekly column Beyond Liquid Courage about all things sober dating and relationships.

Her writing is featured in Playboy, Men’s Health, Huffington Post, and two essay collections: Sex and the Single Woman and The Addiction Diaries.

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