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Rising Resilient in Recovery with Victoria LaMadeleine of Aware Recovery Care

How can you transform your life to go from experiencing childhood trauma and a generational line of addiction, to surviving early sobriety and ultimately rising resilient in recovery? How can a moment of desperation turn into an opportunity to “become sweetly willing” to change? Why are radical self-love, connection in community, and meeting people right where they are the gateways to healing and lasting change?

In this courageously vulnerable conversation podcast host, Dr. Tiffany Wynn, sits down with recovering woman, mother of three, wife, clinical outreach manager (and so much more) Victoria LaMadeleine of Aware Recovery Care to answer these questions. Victoria shares her story of surviving to thriving, becoming a passionate recovery advocate and behavioral health professional, and going on to celebrate nineteen years of sustained recovery from addiction…and what she did to arrive at this season of her recovery.

A note for our listeners – you will hear Dr. Tiffany and Victoria recover out-loud using words such as sober and clean to self-identify. We welcome you, dear listener, to self-identify with words that resonate most with you. We are all recovering from something.

About Victoria LaMadeleine

Victoria is an engaging speaker, certified professional coach, mental health advocate, and woman in long term recovery (since 2004) who weaves her lived and professional experience to serve as the Clinical Outreach Manager for Aware Recovery Care.

“Who am I? I wear many different hats but taking them all off I would say I am a woman constantly seeking – to heal, to transform, to evolve.” – Victoria LaMadeleine

Get in touch with Victoria:

P: 561-418-3262 E:

About Aware Recovery Care

The mission at Aware Recovery Care is to help people affected by addiction “Recover Where You Live.” At Aware Recovery Care, they transform the home into a treatment center, delivering innovative addiction services to those in need where they live. Aware Recovery Care treats addiction like a chronic illness, and their groundbreaking and evidence-based treatment approach provides comprehensive care from a multidisciplinary team of clinicians led by an Addiction Psychiatrist, a Family Systems Therapist, a Registered Nurse, and two Certified Recovery Advisors. They help their clients learn new skills and daily habits required to maintain abstinence while remaining amongst family and friends in their community, thereby eliminating the often difficult return home from traditional treatment options. Privacy and anonymity are respected, and dignity is preserved as they provide discreet and effective addiction care.

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