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What is the SHE RECOVERS® Friends of the Foundation program?

A cause-related marketing opportunity for small businesses with less than 50 employees and less than $5 million USD in annual revenue designed to support the mission of our foundation

What is cause-related marketing (CRM)?

Cause related marketing occurs when a company helps raise funds and awareness for a charity via a partnership that may involve donating a percentage of product sales, consumer engagement and fundraising. As a small business, it’s important to tell your community how you are a positive force for good in supporting causes that are important to you and your customers.

What are the benefits for my company to engage in a CRM program?

Brand reputations and organizational values are driving consumer decisions more than ever before. Studies have shown consumers are more likely to choose a brand that supports a cause they resonate with. Through cause related marketing, small businesses can benefit from the purpose-driven missions of non-profit organizations and increase customer loyalty, generate repeat business, and build deeper relationships with customers who truly like, know, and trust your brand!

I am interested in becoming a SHE RECOVERS Friends of the Foundation. What are the next steps?

Click on this link, and complete the form to the best of your ability. Once submitted, a member of our Partnerships & Development Team will contact you to discuss next steps. If your application is accepted, a fact sheet and guidelines describing the considerations of a partnership will be sent to you for your review.

What are the prerequisites for becoming a SHE RECOVERS Friend?

SHE RECOVERS must approve all products associated with the partnership prior to the start of the program. Additionally, all partners are expected to comply with the Better Business Bureau Charity Accountability Standards. A short contract detailing requirements will be provided for your review and signature.

What are the options for structuring my partnership?

Best practices for a successful partnership are:

  • A percentage of retail sales for each product or service sold, we suggest at least 10%.
  • Percentage of wholesale sales for each product sold, we suggest at least 20%.

Another highly effective fundraising approach is encouraging customers to add a donation on top of their purchase – in addition to your charitable contribution. This can empower the consumer to feel they too can be a force for good. Options for giving include on site cash collection, donation at checkout for e-commerce, and direct donations made through sherecovers.org. If you are interested in the third option, please discuss with our team to ensure we are able to track those gifts and appropriately attribute them to your efforts.

Are the donations tax deductible?

Please consult your tax advisor for any questions regarding the tax deductibility of your donation.

How will SHE RECOVERS promote my program?

We will list your company name as a Friend of the Foundation on our website, sherecovers.org. In addition, every Friday on the SHE RECOVERS Facebook page, we have created a dedicated SHE RECOVERS Friends post where you are encouraged to share information about your support for SHE RECOVERS and spread the love. You will be invited to post a link to your site in the comments section.

Will I be provided with any assistance to make my program successful?

Once you have been accepted as a SHE RECOVERS Friend and the contract is signed by both parties, you will be provided with a password-protected Tool Kit. The tool kit contains SHE RECOVERS Foundation brand guidelines, social media guidelines, logo files, graphics, and Better Business Standards disclosure language to assist you in executing a successful partnership. We also have a team member who is dedicated to ensuring you feel supported in your efforts.

How do I contact SHE RECOVERS if my question isn’t answered here?

Please send a message to partnerships@sherecovers.org and a member of our team will respond in a timely fashion.

How do I know if my application to become a SHE RECOVERS Friend has been accepted?

Once your application has been reviewed by our Partnerships & Development Team, we will be in touch directly about next steps.

Become a Friend

With friends like ours, anything is possible.

The SHE RECOVERS® Friends of the Foundation (SRFOF) program is an opportunity for small businesses to partner in our vision to create a world where all recovering women are celebrated, supported and deemed essential to healthy communities.

As our SHE RECOVERS Friend you and your business have the opportunity to choose SHE RECOVERS Foundation as the beneficiary of your donations. You will also receive a toolkit designed to support your purpose driven cause marketing campaigns. Like any friendship, our goal is to create mutually beneficial partnerships where everyone wins – including you! Your support is invaluable to us and we look forward to sparking a purpose driven and impactful friendship with you.

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