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Lauren Sommerfield CPC, CPRC, SRCD, SRYT   Coach, Yoga Teacher


Location: Massena, New York, United States

I found my way into recovery from alcohol, substances and depression in 2008. I am the mother of a neurodiverse child, a child in the military and a third that is stuck in the middle. I have navigated feelings of loneliness and fear for my children that aren’t on the typical paths of other kids. I volunteer in several capacities for the SHE RECOVERS Foundation including as Coach Facilitator for SHE RECOVERS Support for Moms of High Needs Children. I am a the owner of Mom Recovery Coaching where my team offers multiple monthly groups for Moms in recovery (from anything). As a 1:1 Coach I help Moms create space for themselves in a world where we always seem to be needed.

Yoga Offered: Trauma Informed

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Betsy Byler MA, LPC, LPCC, SRCD   Therapist, Counselor


Location: Wisconsin, United States

Betsy has been working as a licensed therapist and substance abuse counselor since 2003. She began her own recovery journey in 1996 finding recovery from drug addiction. Betsy is passionate about recovery and helping clients gain freedom and healing from their past and present to gain a better future. Her laid back and somewhat irreverent style appeals to people who want to be truly themselves without shame or judgment. Betsy also hosts a podcast to help educate others in the mental health field about addiction and recovery so that the message of recovery can be spread even farther.

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Carrie May MS, CNP, RN, CPC, CPRC, SRCD   Coach, Healthcare Professional


Location: Arlington Heights, Illinois, United States

Hi! I’m Carrie and I am extremely passionate about helping women get and stay sober! I would be honored to work with you. My focus is to help you embrace your sobriety and confidently own it. My coaching practice is unique as it is complimented by my lifelong career as a nurse practitioner. My expertise is Alcohol Use Disorder, wherever you might be on the spectrum. I am personally in long term sobriety (alcohol) and understand to my core the deep and vulnerable work involved. Connection and community are the pillars of my personal recovery and I will help you to establish yours. My coaching style is light hearted, compassionate and I love to laugh! Let’s meet for a complimentary session to discuss your goals. xo

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Casey Davidson CPC, ELI-MP, SRCD   Coach


Location: Redmond, Washington, United States

Casey’s a Certified Professional Life Coach, the creator of The Free 30-Day Guide to Quitting Drinking and the host of The Hello Someday Podcast, the podcast for busy women ready to drink less + live more. She’s a wife and mom who spent 20 years climbing the corporate ladder while holding on tightly to her love of red wine. Casey specializes in working with women with full calendars and overflowing to-do lists, who are doing all the things and then coming home and drinking to forget about all the things. She offers private one-on-one coaching and an on-demand sober coaching course to take you from Day 1 to Day 100 and beyond.

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Cori Lyon CPRC, CPC, RYT 200, SRCD   Coach


Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States

Cori is a CPRC (Certified Professional Recovery Coach), CPC (Certified Professional Coach), a SHE RECOVERS Designated Coach and is a certified RYT 200 yoga instructor. Cori specializes in alcohol recovery and grey area drinking. She learned, through her own recovery, that there is no one size fits all approach and she will meet you exactly where you are in your recovery to work with you to achieve your goal, whatever that looks like for you specifically. Cori believes that long-term recovery is found in creating a life that you no longer want to escape from. She will work with you to curb cravings, create joy, find community and find freedom from the shame and guilt.

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Cybele Botran MEd, CPC, CPRC, SRCD   Coach


Location: Key Biscayne, Florida, United States

As a certified holistic recovery coach, Cybele specializes in reparenting and helps individuals in women’s communities to establish healthy boundaries, develop a strong connection with themselves, and address unmet needs. Through her individual coaching and workshops, she encourages self-compassion and fosters a connection with the inner child and inner teenager. Cybele is the founder of REPARENT, a unique group coaching experience, and is currently completing training to become a facilitator for Mother Hunger Workshops.

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Elizabeth Gross ACC, BComm, SRCD   Coach


Location: Crystal Lake, Illinois, United States

I am passionate about recovery of all kinds! As an ICF-Certified Coach, I coach families who have a loved one struggling with SUD and/or a mental health diagnosis. I am a woman in long-term recovery from alcohol use disorder, and I also have a journey as a family member of a loved one struggling with SUD and a mental health diagnosis. I coach families on how to practice self-care, get support, set boundaries and re-connect with their loved one in a healthy way whether they are using or not. As a life coach, I accompany women on their journeys for whatever that next step is that they want to take in their lives. I guide and my clients decide!

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Ingrid Michelsen Miller CDRC, CPC, SRCD   Coach


Location: Burien, Washington, United States

Ingrid Michelsen Miller offers 1:1 coaching to women who are ready to jump off the diet/binge, weight-cycling hamster wheel and find true liberation and peace with food and their bodies. Sober from alcohol since 2016 (and a passionate member of the SHE RECOVERS community), Ingrid specializes in helping women recover from body hatred and diet-cycling who are also in early sobriety (6 months +). Her program starts with a structured three-month (six session) 1:1 coaching syllabus providing food and body freedom fundamentals. After the initial 3-month engagement she offers individualized, ad hoc private coaching sessions for ongoing support. Ingrid offers a free 30-minute discovery session to see if there’s a mutual fit.

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Jen Butler CPC, CPRC, SRCD   Coach


Location: Chappaqua, New York, United States

I spent a decade as a stay-at-home mom to my two kids before becoming a coach. Enabled by wine mom culture, I floundered in the fog of gray area drinking until 2018, when I posted anonymously on social media asking for help and support. My journey taught me the importance of connection and accountability – and that is exactly what I provide to my clients. I work with gray area and heavy drinkers who are ready to change their habits; as well as women who are braving life transitions out of early motherhood, into empty nesting, or through shifting careers. Through 1:1 coaching and my 31-day Booze Break program, I empower my clients to rediscover self-trust, dismantle perfectionism, and navigate life’s challenges with clarity and confidence.

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Jessica Foody RN, CPRC, SRCD   Coach


Location: Chicago, Illinois, United States

Jessica is a Registered Nurse, Recovery Coach, and most importantly, a woman in long-term sobriety committed to helping smart capable women quit drinking. Jessica’s clients are high-functioning women who know deep-down that their drinking isn’t serving them, but who need support in making a change. Her expertise is working with women struggling with anxiety, low self-esteem, and a loud inner critic turning to alcohol to cope. Through a warm compassionate approach, Jessica helps her clients not only quit drinking or take a break from drinking, but develop healthy coping tools, build self-esteem, and create authentic meaningful lives they love without alcohol.

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Julie Dereshinsky BS, CPC, ACC, SRCD   Coach


Location: Sudbury, Massachusetts, United States

I am a Certified Professional Life Coach and Recovery Coach and I specialize in working with high functioning, high achieving women who are questioning their relationship with alcohol. Many of the women I work with share the experience that alcohol is no longer serving them the way it used to and they are noticing an impact on their mental health.

I’m empathetic, genuine, open and kind and I’m passionate about holding space for women. I’m also a wife and a mom to two young kids, and I spent many years doing all the high functioning things while questioning my own relationship with alcohol until I’d had enough.

My work has been featured on multiple podcasts and I currently write for Thrive Global and Scary Mommy.

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Katie Pouch BA, CPC, CPRC, SRCD   Coach


Location: Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States

Katie specializes in working with women who desire to regain control over their lives. She is the founder of “The Alcohol Boss,” a modern recovery approach that helps people readapt to the world as a non-drinker. She works with women to regain control over their whole life: health, work, relationships, and emotional well-being. Katie comes from a place with no judgment and no shame. As a coach, she enjoys sparking action, leading clients through self-discovery, helping clients work through alcohol beliefs, and creating self-compassion in people’s lives. She has an interest in researching interpersonal violence. Katie enjoys painting butterflies and has a passion for art.

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Kelly Medd CPC, CPRC, SRCD   Coach


Location: Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Kelly is a Grey Area Drinking Escape Artist. In recovery herself from disordered drinking/eating, depression/anxiety and the driving force behind them all – perfectionism – Kelly is no stranger to the shame of broken promises, 3 am anxiety or endless day ones. If you have a similar pattern and feel the pull to change it, you have already begun the first step of recovery. Kelly’s passion is to empower women to create the change they want. Her strengths-based approach will be unique to you. Whether you are sober curious, new to recovery or have been on this journey a while, Kelly will support you through your challenges and celebrate your victories as you become the warrior that you know you are.

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Ryn (Rynski) Gargulinski CPRC, CPC, RMT, SRCD   Coach


Location: Cape Coral, Florida, United States

I write kooky books. Create semi-creepy art. Spend way too much money on dog toys and crystals. Laugh so loud it makes people turn and stare. And I’ve never been happier in my life.

I didn’t get drunk, get stalked, get homeless and then get sober, entrepreneurial, and spiritual just to sit around playing the Scrabble app (although I do that on weekends).

I’m here to help other people fall in love with themselves. To rejoice in their lives. To break out of their self-made cocoons. To discover and live in their purpose.

This life is mine and I’ve claimed it. How long before you claim yours, too?

Check out award-winning writer Ryn’s latest book: “How to Get Through Hell on Earth Without Drinking a Keg or Kicking a Garden Gnome.”

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