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Arlina Allen CPC, CPRC, CH, SRCD  


Location: Eagle, Idaho, United States

Arlina Allen is a Certified Life & Recovery Coach (IAPRC), Certified Hypnotist CH, and host of the award winning podcast “The One Day At A Time Podcast”.

She has been practicing abstinence since 4/23/94, is happily married for 25 years, and raised two amazing young men.

Through her 28 years of lived experience and working with other women to heal their relationship with alcohol and other addictions, she developed a special intuitiveness into resolving the blocks to behavior change. With a combination of proven science & spiritually based practices, she has facilitated profound and lasting changes in her clients.

To learn how you can live free of alcohol, feel confident, peaceful and joyful again, set up a free strategy call today!

Samantha Anderson NBC-HWC, FMCHC, MA, SRCD  


Location: West Stockbridge, Massachusetts, United States

Samantha is a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Functional Medicine Coach offering personalized and holistic solutions for women in midlife who want to live their fullest lives with energy, health, and purpose. Using mind-body lifestyle practices—such as food and nutrition, herbal botanicals, joyful movement, restorative sleep, and stress relief, she specializes in alcohol recovery, grief and loss from death, divorce, abortion and miscarriage, perfectionism, and workaholism. She can help you achieve your goals through recovery coaching in her program, Going beyond Resilience to ROOTsilience: 7 Steps to Embodied Leadership where she shares essential practices, tools, and foods to root and ground us in recovery.

Dede Armstrong LADC, MA, MSW, SRCD  


Location: Milford, Connecticut, United States

Dede is a passionate coach, specializing in navigating life transitions and loss. Her training includes an MSW from Columbia University and an MA in Addiction Counseling from Hazelden Betty Ford Graduate School of Addiction Studies. She is currently in Private Practice and is a She Recovers Coach and a Certified Pursuit of Balance Life Strategy Coach. She has extensive experience working with persons who suffer from addiction and codependency. Most importantly, she has 21 plus years in recovery from alcoholism and codependence.

Kate Baily ACC, SRCD  


Location: Burgess Hill, West Sussex, United Kingdom

I am a ICF ACC trauma-informed Midlife Grey Area Drinking & Wellbeing Coach & trainee Menopause Doula. I specialise in helping women quit drinking, ride the hormone highway of their 40s & 50s, and use their unique life experiences to create a life they love sober in the Midlife & beyond. I help women to put their needs first and thrive with holistic and radical self-care, to step into their personal power for this important life transition and get clear on their individual blend of purpose & pleasure to create a life they love sober. I co-founded the Love Sober Podcast & Community after my experiences with AUD and religious trauma birthed my passion for discovering holistic pathways of recovery that truly support the female experience.

Andrea Bernstein CPC, SRCD  


Location: Abington, Pennsylvania, United States

As a Certified Professional Coach, Certified Professional Recovery Coach and She Recovers Recovery Coach, I provide recovery coaching services to women in all stages of recovery.I received my BA from Trinity College in Hartford, CT in 1999 and my MS in Clinical Counseling and Psychology from Chestnut Hill College in Philadelphia, PA in 2015. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Pennsylvania. I have been in recovery since 2011 and have worked with women in recovery since 2014. With an emphasis on authenticity and integrity, I am passionate about supporting women on their paths to healing!

Cybele Botran MEd, CPC, CPRC, SRCD  


Location: Key Biscayne, Florida, United States

Cybele is a certified holistic and recovery coach, specializing in the intersection of boundaries and inner child work. She understands the challenges of speaking up for yourself and meeting your own needs. Through personal work, she’s let go of misunderstandings, healed unresolved issues, and practices self-compassion. Using a strengths-based approach, she’s committed to supporting women who want to set boundaries, overcome codependency, stay sober while living with someone who drinks, release guilt and shame from past behaviors, and tenderly reparent their inner child. She coaches women individually and offers workshops and online group coaching courses: Brave Boundaries, The Perfectionism Workshop, and Self-Love for Your Inner Child.

Jen Butler CPC, CPRC, SRCD  


Location: Chappaqua, New York, United States

I spent a decade as a stay-at-home mom to my two kids before becoming a coach. Enabled by wine mom culture, I floundered in the fog of gray area drinking until 2018, when I posted anonymously on social media asking for help and support. My journey taught me the importance of connection and accountability – and that is exactly what I provide to my clients. I work with gray area and heavy drinkers who are ready to change their habits; as well as women who are braving life transitions out of early motherhood, into empty nesting, and through shifting careers. Through 1:1 coaching and my 31-day Booze Break program, I empower my clients to rediscover self-trust, dismantle perfectionism, and navigate life’s challenges with clarity and confidence.

Betsy Byler MA, LPC, LPCC, SRCD  
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Location: Wisconsin, United States

Betsy has been working as a licensed therapist and substance abuse counselor since 2003. She began her own recovery journey in 1996 finding recovery from drug addiction. Betsy is passionate about recovery and helping clients gain freedom and healing from their past and present to gain a better future. Her laid back and somewhat irreverent style appeals to people who want to be truly themselves without shame or judgment. Betsy also hosts a podcast to help educate others in the mental health field about addiction and recovery so that the message of recovery can be spread even farther.

Rebecca Campbell MAC, BCC, SRCD  


Location: Everett, Washington, United States

When was the last time you felt home? Home in yourself, unapologetically you? So much of life can knock us off course and disconnect us from ourselves. You name it. The storms are many: trauma, addictions (our own or others’), health, children, spouses, work. As women and natural caretakers it’s easy to lose our way. I help women from all walks of life find our way home to ourselves to the one who has been waiting, You. It’s a journey worth taking.

Jamie Carroll CLC, IWC, HC, Reiki Master, SRCD  


Location: Nashville, Tennessee, United States

Jamie is an Integrative Wellness Coach, Reiki Master, and Life Path Astrology Reader working with men and women who are ready to feel joy and reclaim the energy, passion, and purpose they have for life. She assists clients on their spiritual path of remembering the Soul’s unconditional love for the self, others, and all experiences through Evolutionary Astrology, The Akashic Records, Reiki, Meditation, and Chakra Clearing. That energy is then grounded through actionable steps that enable you to live a healthy lifestyle so that you may thrive according to your own Soul’s journey in this lifetime.

Casey Davidson CPC, ELI-MP, SRCD  


Location: Redmond, Washington, United States

Casey’s a Certified Professional Life Coach, the creator of The Free 30-Day Guide to Quitting Drinking and the host of The Hello Someday Podcast, the podcast for busy women ready to drink less + live more. She’s a wife and mom who spent 20 years climbing the corporate ladder while holding on tightly to her love of red wine. Casey specializes in working with women with full calendars and overflowing to-do lists, who are doing all the things and then coming home and drinking to forget about all the things. She offers private one-on-one coaching and an on-demand sober coaching course to take you from Day 1 to Day 100 and beyond.

Julie Dereshinsky BS, CPC, ACC, SRCD  


Location: Sudbury, Massachusetts, United States

I am a Certified Professional Life Coach and Recovery Coach and I specialize in working with high functioning, high achieving women who are questioning their relationship with alcohol. Many of the women I work with share the experience that alcohol is no longer serving them the way it used to and they are noticing an impact on their mental health.

I’m empathetic, genuine, open and kind and I’m passionate about holding space for women. I’m also a wife and a mom to two young kids, and I spent many years doing all the high functioning things while questioning my own relationship with alcohol until I’d had enough.

My work has been featured on multiple podcasts and I currently write for Thrive Global and Scary Mommy.

Jessica Foody RN, CPRC, SRCD  


Location: Chicago, Illinois, United States

Jessica is a Registered Nurse, Recovery Coach, and most importantly, a woman in long-term sobriety committed to helping smart capable women quit drinking. Jessica’s clients are high-functioning women who know deep-down that their drinking isn’t serving them, but who need support in making a change. Her expertise is working with women struggling with anxiety, low self-esteem, and a loud inner critic turning to alcohol to cope. Through a warm compassionate approach, Jessica helps her clients not only quit drinking or take a break from drinking, but develop healthy coping tools, build self-esteem, and create authentic meaningful lives they love without alcohol.

Abby Foster LMSW, MAC, CPSS, SRCD  
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Location: Charleston, South Carolina, United States

While walking through my growth journey I affirmed my purpose; to empower others to find their recovery, balance, and healing through collaborative, competent, and compassionate coaching. I strive to provide individuals with tools to sustain long-term recovery through engagement, education, and bridging the mind, body, and spirit connection. Like the Cherokee legend says, we have two wolves within us. We should not try to defeat one wolf with the other because we need both to survive. When we find the balance between the wolves we find peace and harmony. I collaborate with others to develop that harmony by providing strengths-based support and partnership to cultivate an individualized mosaic of recovery.

Rachel Fowler BA, MPP, RCP, SRCD  


Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States

Along with her She Recovers Coach Designation and Recovery Coach Professional certification, Rachel has a bachelor’s degree in psychology with a master’s certificate in positive psychology. Rachel embraces individual and holistic pathways of recovery with a strength-based approach relative one’s unique values, experiences, and goals. She supports people by recognizing barriers to recovery, by connecting people with appropriate services, and by helping individuals deepen their self-awareness and recover the fun that life has to offer. Because part of the work of recovery is reigniting how to have fun.

Monica Galli CPC, CPRC, SCP, SRCD  


Location: Paso Robles, California, United States

Nurturing strength of spirit is at the core of how I work with people.
I will walk beside you on your path to self-love and a life of freedom and peace. As a complex trauma survivor and woman in recovery, I’ve made the journey and am ready to assist you with yours. I utilize spiritual practices such as sound healing, guided meditation, oracle cards, and breathwork alongside therapeutic coaching tools of discovery. Helping you create a life free from addiction so you may recover your connection to your soul, and become a person you approve of, love, admire, and respect.

Ryn (Rynski) Gargulinski CPRC, CPC, RMT, SRCD  


Location: Cape Coral, Florida, United States

I am known to cuss. Write kooky books. Spend way too much money on dog toys and crystals. Laugh so loud it makes people turn and stare. And dammit, I’ve never been happier.

I didn’t get drunk, get stalked, get homeless and then get sober, entrepreneurial, and spiritual just to sit around playing the Scrabble app (although I do that on weekends).

I’m here to help other people fall in love with themselves. To rejoice in their lives. To break out of their self-made cocoons. To discover and live in their purpose.

This life is mine and I’ve claimed it. How long before you claim yours, too?

Elizabeth Gross ACC, BA-Comm, SRCD  


Location: South Jordan, Utah, United States

I am passionate about recovery of all kinds! As an ICF-Certified Coach, I coach women in recovery from substance use disorder (SUD), and I also coach families who have a loved struggling with SUD and/or a mental health condition. I am a woman in long-term recovery from alcohol, and I also have a journey as a family member of a loved one struggling with SUD and a mental health condition. I coach families on how to practice self-care, get support, set boundaries and to re-connect with their loved one. As a recovery coach, I support all pathways to recovery, and I focus on helping women craft their own recovery practice, one that nurtures them and helps them explore, grow, and transform in their own unique way.

Deb Harrington MEd, SRCD  


Location: Waquoit, Massachusetts, United States

As founder and executive director of A Place to Breathe, and SHE RECOVERS coach in Massachusetts, Deb applies her understanding of learning styles to the recovery process, recognizing the power of finding one’s unique “style”. Using evidence-based activities and practices, Deb provides individual coaching and facilitates online and in-person groups providing space for people to learn from and be supported by others. As an End-of-Life Doula, she offers workshops and support groups around grief. Deb’s multifaceted mind, body-spirit approach and enthusiasm to work “releasing the issues from your tissues” is influenced by the belief that the body does keep the score.

Colleen Kachmann CPRC, SRCD  


Location: Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States

Colleen Kachmann is a recovery certified master coach helping women quit drinking without identifying as an “alcoholic” or feeling like they’re missing out. Relying on willpower to “be good” is hard. And no fun for your inner badass! Go upstream to the beliefs that create your desire for self-destructive coping mechanisms. Learn how to manage your emotions (instead of trying to control your behavior) so that you STOP WANTING to drink and FALL IN LOVE with the alcohol-free version of yourself.

Liana Kennedy BA, CPC, CPRC, SRCD  


Location: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

I’m a Certified Professional Recovery Coach and hold a BA in Psychology, I also work for the SHE RECOVERS Foundation. Having struggled with multiple addictions for 25 years, I found recovery in 2012 and have been exploring different modalities of spiritual growth ever since. With a focus on self-care, I will encourage you to allow yourself the time and space to rediscover who you are and where you want to go in your life. I offer a supportive and compassionate service that concentrates on what you want to achieve in your recovery journey. I will work with you to develop your goals, help create a plan of action to reach them while teaching you how to overcome the barriers in your own thinking in a positive and joyful way.

Dr Alice Kerby DPT, SEP, SRCD  


Location: San Diego, California, United States

Hi, I’m Dr Alice – a former highly stressed insomniac who tried to cure my anxiety with alcohol. I was fortunate to find recovery and my true calling as a Somatic Experiencing (SE) Practitioner. SE is a body based modality that heals trauma and chronic stress. It teaches you to be your own safe space.
If you continue to struggle with high stress, disconnection, or want to break free from old patterns that you can’t seem to shake –see if my website resonates with you. If you want to feel calm inside and enjoy peaceful moments on a daily basis, SE will help.
I am a She Recovers Coach, Doctor of Physical Therapy, and SE Practitioner. I’ve spent decades studying the human body and how to work deeply with the nervous system.

Dufflyn Lammers CPC, CAI, SRCD  


Location: Paris – Ile-de-France, France

Hi beautiful, I’m Dufflyn, AKA “The cool aunt who took you to Rehab and Planned Parenthood but made you tell your mom.” I’m the go-to relationship expert for women in recovery. I offer online courses, community, and one-to-one coaching for women who want to succeed at sex, love, and dating without resorting to Martinis, Ben & Jerry’s or *69. I combine a unique background in Tantra, Attachment Repair, Intervention, and Coaching to help women have healthy, empowering relationships, sober! Some kind words from a former client: “I think it’s drastic to say something like Dufflyn Lammers gave me my husband, but there is truth to that statement.” – Maggie, Los Angeles