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Jessica Foody RN, CPRC, SRCD 


Location: Chicago, Illinois, United States

Jessica is a Registered Nurse, Recovery Coach, and most importantly, a woman in long-term sobriety committed to helping smart capable women quit drinking. Jessica’s clients are high-functioning women who know deep-down that their drinking isn’t serving them, but who need support in making a change. Her expertise is working with women struggling with anxiety, low self-esteem, and a loud inner critic turning to alcohol to cope. Through a warm compassionate approach, Jessica helps her clients not only quit drinking or take a break from drinking, but develop healthy coping tools, build self-esteem, and create authentic meaningful lives they love without alcohol.

Brandi Merrill SRCD, LCSW 
Coach, Therapist, Counselor, Social Worker, Healthcare Professional


Location: Idaho, United States

I am a licensed clinical social worker and certified recovery coach. I am passionate about personal growth, recovery, and change. I’m motivated in helping other women find freedom from negative past experiences that continue to affect their daily lives. Since 2000, I’ve helped my clients break through the obstacles that seem to be holding them back in life. Life’s too short to be unhappy, unsure, or unfulfilled. I am here to help my clients achieve a more positive outlook on life, and provide them with all the tools necessary to get them there. Let me help you learn and develop better ways to handle the issues that are standing in the way of your goals.

Heidi Oberst CPC, CPRC, GAD, SRCD 


Location: Sammamish, Washington, United States

I am a retired military veteran, a mother of two (young teens), + a wife of 19 years. I began my alcohol-free journey in 2017. My coaching technique is a curated collaboration using compassion, accountability, somatic resourcing, + humor. I strive to partner with women as they examine the intersection of their values-driven lifestyle + sobriety while addressing cravings, emotional stability, codependency, and nervous system balance. I carry a special place in my heart for those high-performing women + moms who constantly feel they are never enough and those who struggle with perfectionism. I maintain a coaching philosophy of support and empowerment as you begin stepping out of the cycle of shame + self-sabotage + into a life you love.

Sarah Williamson BA, PGdip, GAD, CCAR/RCP, SRCD 


Location: Farnham, Surrey, United Kingdom

I fought against and finally escaped the Gray Area Drinking trap and now I support others to do the same! I feel passionate about helping people who’ve come to the conclusion the amount they’re drinking is doing them more harm than good. I believe you don’t need to hit rock bottom to decide that change is both possible and JOYFUL for you. I’m a trained, certified and insured coach focusing on the positive gains of choosing an alcohol free life, midlife transitions and the powerful connection between our physical, emotional and spiritual health. I work online delivering powerful, transformative 1:1 coaching programmes. I LOVE working in that magic place where hope, belief and action meet. Host of the Drink Less; Live Better Podcast

Bronwen Thorburn CHN, CHP, CPRC, SRCD 


Location: Pemberton, British Columbia, Canada

Bronwen is a certified holistic nutritionist and recovery coach. Located in the Sea to Sky Corridor, BC, Canada; Bronwen has combined her experience as a wellness coach with her 18+ years of recovery from substances and disordered eating by supporting clients to nourish themselves mentally, emotionally and physically. Bronwen offers support to practice healthy tools for each client’s individual healing; Self-care, Self compassion, along with Connection to Community and Compassionately investigating the rules client’s have around their bodies and food. Bronwen is passionate about providing safe circles to speak their truth on their GRIEF and to hear and hold everyone exactly where they are. Individual sessions as well as online groups.

Linda Parmar CMC, CPRC, SRCD 


Location: Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada

Linda is a Financial Sobriety Specialist who helps support women (or those who identify as women or non-binary people) and couples to heal their relationship with money. Our relationships with money can bring up so many emotions and the narrative surrounding your money can feel extremely isolating, Linda is here to help you change this. When we enter recovery we peel back a lot of layers and money is often one of those layers. Linda has 20 years of experience in the financial industry and has been working her financial sobriety since November 2018 and has come up with a system to take control of your money and feel excited about your financial future.

Tiffany Swedeen RN, MSN, CPC, CPRC, SRCD 


Location: Mount Vernon, Washington, United States

Tiffany is a certified life and recovery coach and meditation teacher, and registered nurse in recovery from opioids and alcohol. Experienced in mindfulness as a paradigm to overcome the pain of addiction, Tiffany utilizes Buddhist concepts of compassion, generosity, loving-kindness, and equanimity to guide her business and recovery. Tiffany lives “sober out loud”, proudly sharing her story through advocacy and blogging, and is passionate about helping others do the same. Her goal is to eradicate shame and empower women to live a life of radical self-love.

Sara Taylor CYT-200, SRYT 
Yoga Teacher


Location: Chesterfield, Missouri, United States

Sara began practicing yoga and incorporating its philosophy into her life in 2015 as a step on the path to self love and recovery. Sara creates safe, non-competitive spaces for students to dive beneath the surface of their daily lives to find deeper meaning and inspiration. She leads with love and specializes in gentle practices focused specifically on breathwork, guided stretching and slow intentional movement. Her experience as an athlete and passion for personal connection shine through in her teachings. She is dedicated to holding space for students to explore mindful curiosity through embodied movement and breathwork. She is accepting new clients and is available for private sessions, in person or virtually.

Yoga Offered: Trauma Informed, Restorative, Accessible, Intuitive, Flow, Breath Work, Mindful Movement, Gentle, Inclusive, Meditative

Leah Fassett SRYT 
Yoga Teacher


Location: Cow Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada

Hello beautiful human! My name is Leah, she/her. I am a 33 year old female, who has been on a journey of recovery. I am passionate about sharing the tools that helped me to reconnect with my body and remember the true essence of my being. As a yoga and meditation instructor, I am able to provide a safe container for exploration and presence. I am passionate about the nervous system, as someone with PTSD and Generalized Anxiety. Our body is our friend, and learning to work with it, instead of against it, has been a great lesson. I love to connecting with others on the path of recovery and know that we truly do recover together. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you’d like some support in your yoga or meditation practice!

Yoga Offered: Trauma Informed, Restorative, Accessible, Intuitive, Flow, Breath Work, Mindful Movement, Gentle, Inclusive, Meditative

Mimi Marie CNC, SRCD 
Coach, Healthcare Professional


Location: Escondido, California, United States

My name is Mimi and I have been on my own journey of health and recovery for the past 10+ years. I have found my way into a life of fulfillment through many avenues including various personal growth programs, health and wellness practices, dietary changes, movement, meditation, therapy and 12 step programs. I am passionate about empowering women to rise in their own lives by coming back to their own bodies and practicing self love. My programs and practices meet you where you are in your journey and include varying gentle practices of mindfulness, self-attunement and nutrition.

Sheila Wolff CPC, CPRC, SRCD 


Location: Madison, Wisconsin, United States

Hi! I’m Sheila and I’m known as the Sober Sorceress! After embarking on my own life-changing sober journey in 2019, I became a Master Gray Area Drinking Coach, Certified Professional Recovery Coach, and Spiritual Life Coach. I work with women who are drinking more than they want to be, and are ready to break free from that exhausting cycle and find freedom and joy in sobriety! My approach is holistic, healing the mind, body, and spirit. You’ll find true freedom from alcohol and new levels of inner peace and fulfillment, all without white-knuckling it or giving up your social life. I live in Madison, WI with my husband and our two greyhounds, and I love reading, cooking, tarot, crystals, and all things personal and spiritual development.

Mandy Moore CPRC, SRCD, MRP 


Location: Red Lion, Pennsylvania, United States

Mandy is a Certified Professional Recovery Coach and creatrix of Release Holistic Recovery, which supports clients both in-person in York, Pennsylvania, and online/remotely. She takes a holistic approach to recovery, incorporating everyday living that supports creating love, safety, and belonging within the self by taking intentional action on the four levels of well-being: mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical. She integrates tools such as Reiki, astrology, tarot, meditation, movement, crafting, intuition, and mediumship into her own recovery and coaching practice with the belief that you must release and surrender old knowledge, habits, and patterns to live a truly joyous and authentic life.



Location: Easton, Pennsylvania, United States

Once I achieved sobriety, it became clear to me that it was just the first step of my journey. After I had some clarity, I realized that I had a life long struggle with disordered eating, poor body image, low self-esteem and co-dependancy. I began using food addictively and using “busy” as a distraction. Having recovered outside of the 12 step program I wished to create a unique pathway to recovery. I became certified in life, recovery and food addiction coaching. If this sounds like you, I can help. Using science based and holistic techniques, I can help you recover by aligning with who really are, gain confidence, prioritize self-care and reconnect with joy, to lead you to a life of freedom from substance, food and behavior.

Coach, Counselor, Healthcare Professional


Location: Western Washington, Washington, United States

Hi there! My name is Kris Miller and I am a Registered Nurse Consultant and Owner of Holding Stillness, LLC Life Transitions Coaching. It has been my passion, over the last two decades, to support women before during and after difficult life transitions. I am an expert in Perinatal and Postpartum Support especially with moms navigating their recovery within that time. My unique professional background in Perinatal Care, Grief Counseling and Addiction Recovery support, helps to guide you with “a nurses touch” within the coaching space. Together, implementing strength-based practices, positive psychology, personalized self-care and mindfulness practices, we will create individualized plans of care, to help you discover balance and ease.

Payton Kennedy CPRC, RYT, SRCD, SRYT, SRDF 
Coach, Yoga Teacher, Dance Facilitator