Recognizing Codi Renee Blackmon as a SHE RECOVERS Gem

SHE RECOVERS® Foundation Volunteer Recognition

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“Being a SHE RECOVERS volunteer means cultivating a welcoming and supportive community in which we all can share our recovery journey, our wins, our successes, as well as our failures and losses. All of who we are is welcome at SHE RECOVERS, and I get to be a part of co-constructing that inclusive environment.” — Codi Renee Blackmon, SHE RECOVERS Volunteer

Recognizing Codi Renee Blackmon as a SHE RECOVERS Gem

Codi Renee Blackmon stewards our community through her volunteership as a SHE RECOVERS Together group and online gathering guardian. She is a constant supportive presence in both realms, contributing to the inclusive community ethos by way of her kind words, thoughtful demeanor, and comprehensive understanding of trauma and recovery. Codi Renee Blackmon began her sobriety journey eleven years ago, and for the last three she has been volunteering for the Foundation. She has recently been recognized as a SHE RECOVERS Gem.

SHE RECOVERS Gems are volunteers who have been acknowledged by their peers for their profound and life-altering contributions and service to our community.

We had the honor of interviewing Codi Renee Blackmon about her role as a SHE RECOVERS Volunteer.

What does being a SHE RECOVERS Foundation Volunteer mean to you?

Being a SHE RECOVERS Volunteer means cultivating a welcoming and supportive community in which we all can share our recovery journeys, our wins, our successes, as well as our failures and losses. All of who we are is welcome at SHE RECOVERS, and I get to be a part of co-constructing that inclusive environment.

What made you want to become a She Recovers Foundation Volunteer?

I became a SHE RECOVERS Volunteer because I loved the community so much. When the opportunity presented itself, I jumped at the chance to become even more engaged with SHE RECOVERS and get to know others.

What three words would your friends and peers use to describe you?

Reliable, innovative, and resourceful.

How do these aspects of who you are show up in your everyday life?

I am there when someone asks me for help, in any way that I can. I show up to life. I am not satisfied with the status quo, especially if it is in any way harmful. I move in and I shake things up everywhere I go. I see where things can be improved in some way. I find help when and where I need it, but also for my friends, family, and others that need it. If it’s out there, I am searching and seeking until I find that thing that can help.

What is something you are proud of?

I am proud of my recovery. I celebrate my recovery. I had a very low bottom and my life now is something I can be proud of.

What do you do outside of your volunteer role for work and/or play?

I am a college writing instructor and a PhD student. For fun, I like dancing, singing aloud to music, spending time with people I love, and finding reasons to laugh.

What does radical self-love look like for you?

Radical self-love means validating myself. I cherish my essence and my way of expressing it. I do the things that make me feel good about myself and my life, regardless of outside influences that ask me to do otherwise. I wear clothes that make me feel good about myself. I rest when I’m sick or tired. I comfort myself, including speaking kindly to myself and giving myself long, tight hugs. I do my work with care and attention without taking on too many extra responsibilities. I set aside time for thought and reflection. I participate in SHE RECOVERS because that is important to me. I say “no” when I need to. And I celebrate myself!

Tell us a little bit about your recovery journey. What are you recovering from? What tools and resources do you weave into your patchwork of recovery? 

I am recovering from a myriad of things, including oppression, racial trauma, multiple forms of trauma and abuse, adverse childhood experiences and intimate partner violence and domestic violence, perfectionism and burnout from sole parenting, grief and loss, anxiety and overwhelm, chronic post traumatic stress disorder, late diagnosis of ADHD, other mental health issues, and what brought me into recovery—alcohol use disorder. I have been sober for eleven years now. SHE RECOVERS is my umbrella, a safe container that can hold all these things.

Right now, my recovery tools also include long-term sobriety and recovery, trauma therapy, and taking prescribed medications for my mood and mental health. I reach out and talk to people I trust, like those in my SHE RECOVERS groups. I’m also a member of the Black, Indigneous & Women of Color and Mothers of High Needs Children support subgroups. I practice authentic connection. I listen to positive and uplifting music. I share in sacred spaces. Mindfulness and mindset. Being creative through coloring. Empowerment. Spirituality. Connecting to the body. Giving myself grace and forgiveness, compassion, and connection. Boundaries. Breathing.

What or who is inspiring you right now? 

Love and friendship are inspiring to me. I’m also a bit of an activist, so social change inspires me. When we each do our personal work, we can change the world.

What SHE RECOVERS Intention & Guiding Principle resonates with you the most?

We must be supported to find & follow individualized pathways & patchworks of recovery. 

What is your favorite SHE RECOVERS resource?

I love the My Recovery Patchwork Workbook. When I doubt whether I’m even in recovery because I don’t follow a set program, I can look back at what I wrote and assure myself, “Yes dear one, you are in recovery, and you’re doing a damn good job!”

What is one piece of advice you would give to another woman/non-binary individual who is seeking a community like SHE RECOVERS?

I hope you find SHE RECOVERS to be as safe of a healing community as I did. I have social anxiety, and I still feel welcomed and safe enough to share here and connect with others in recovery.

intimate partner violence

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