Recognizing DJ Jacobs as a SHE RECOVERS Gem

SHE RECOVERS® Foundation Volunteer Recognition

Recognizing DJ Jacobs as a SHE RECOVERS Gem
“I feel like I am a part of this grassroots effort to change the paradigm of recovery. ‘We are all recovering from something’ is such a beautiful concept, it creates an environment of inclusion and diversity. This is why I volunteer for SHE RECOVERS.”

— DJ Jacobs, SHE RECOVERS Volunteer

DJ Jacobs, AA, BS MSc in Biology and Environmental Diversity, has been volunteering for the SHE RECOVERS Foundation or one year. Exceptionally flexible and generous with their time, DJ is always willing to jump in and help out to co-create healing spaces as a co-host or guardian for our SHE RECOVERS Together Online Gatherings or SHE RECOVERS Support for LGBTQ+ gatherings. DJ also serves the community as a SHE RECOVERS Together Online Facebook Group guardian.

They have recently been recognized as a SHE RECOVERS Gem.

SHE RECOVERS Gems are volunteers who have been acknowledged by their peers for their profound and life-altering contributions and service to our community.

We had the honor of interviewing DJ Jacobs about their role as a SHE RECOVERS volunteer.


What does being a SHE RECOVERS Foundation volunteer mean to you?

I feel like I am a part of this grassroots effort to change the paradigm of recovery — one that is inclusive of life’s challenges and struggles. Doing this without the shame and abuse that I experienced in other recovery groups is liberating. I feel like I have finally found a trauma-informed and non-judgmental community. I knew from my first SHE RECOVERS meeting on In The Rooms (ITR) that I had finally found my place.

I live on a fixed income, but I am part of the RISE Collective  — donating $5 a month is the best I can do right now, so I give my time and energy as a volunteer to build sweat equity and recovery capital!

“We are all recovering from something” is such a beautiful concept, it creates an environment of inclusion and diversity. This is why I volunteer for SHE RECOVERS.


What made you want to become a SHE RECOVERS Foundation volunteer?

I knew from my first ITR meeting that I had finally found a trauma-informed, non-judgmental community.


What three words would your friends and peers use to describe you?

Dedicated & compassionate learner.


How do these aspects of who you are show up in your everyday life?

I am committed to my service, but I have also learned to ask for help when I need it — which was really hard for me and still is at times. I have learned to have compassion for myself which has also always been hard for me to do though I am able to hold others in their suffering with compassion and understanding. I am open to change and growth by having a beginner’s mind approach to my recovery.


What is something of which you are proud?

I am proud of never giving up, no matter how often I have wanted to. I am especially proud of the work that I have done in therapy around my disassociative identity disorder. I have co-consciousness now. My therapist says she has never seen a client integrate to the degree that I have. It has changed my life and my personality.


What do you do outside of your volunteer role for work and/or play?

I have aging parents who are both 96 years old and still living in their own home. Loving them, while having boundaries to protect my recovery is a big part of my life right now. I do one-on-one therapy twice a week as well as group therapy. I am a pet parent and a proud foster mom to other animals occasionally.


What does radical self-care look like for you?

Acceptance of myself, my mistakes, and my triumphs. I forgive myself for buying into the false beliefs that I once held and the patterns into which I occasionally still fall on my darkest days. I often have to remind myself that I would get angry at anyone who talked to me the way that I talk to myself on those days. Radical self-love means approaching life with the mind of a lifelong learner.


Tell us a little bit about your recovery journey. What are you recovering from? What tools and resources do you weave into your patchwork of recovery?

I am recovering from the primal wounds left by my adoption trauma, DID, complex post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar 2, institutional abuse, abandonment trauma, eating disorders, substance use, and substance abuse disorder. I began my recovery journey when I went into treatment at eighteen years old. I was addicted to heroin and had been infected with Hepatitis C. I didn’t truly commit to my substance abuse recovery until five years later. That’s when I decided to recover for myself. My journey has been up and down. I have been in recovery longer than I ever used. Recovery from my mental health issues was what really changed my recovery journey. Recovering from DID has been both my biggest struggle and triumph.


What or who is inspiring you right now?

Meredith Remz has taught me to trust and believe that we can all make changes. She got me into Linda Parmar’s Financial Sobriety School. Seeing Mere get out of debt has inspired me to do the same thing.


What SHE RECOVERS Intention and Guiding Principle resonates with you the most?

We focus on our strengths, not our defects. This is how we change.


What is your favorite SHE RECOVERS resource?

The LGBTQ+ Meeting has been a lifesaver for me.


What is one piece of advice you would give to another woman/non-binary individual who is seeking a community like SHE RECOVERS?

Anyone can recover if they want to do so. Recovery is a journey, not a destination. Community is paramount to this.

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