Recognizing Jen Olmos as a SHE RECOVERS Gem

SHE RECOVERS® Foundation Volunteer Recognition

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“I was so isolated in my addiction. I am living proof of what a welcoming and supportive community for women like me can do. Being a volunteer in this community is the greatest honor.” – Jen Olmos, SHE RECOVERS Volunteer

Recognizing Jen Olmos as a SHE RECOVERS Gem

Jen Olmos is a SHE RECOVERS volunteer Co-host Coordinator, LGBTQ Gathering Facilitator, Seattle SHE RECOVERS Sharing Circle Facilitator and a certified SHE RECOVERS Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher. She is also a woman in long term recovery and a military veteran. Jen has been a volunteer of the Foundation since March 17, 2020 and has been recently recognized as a SHE RECOVERS Gem.

SHE RECOVERS Gems are volunteers who have been acknowledged by their peers for their profound and life-altering contributions and service to our community.

We had the honor of interviewing Jen about her role as a SHE RECOVERS Volunteer, woman in long term recovery, and military veteran.

What does being a SHE RECOVERS Foundation Volunteer mean to you?

It means the world to me. Being a volunteer in this community is the greatest honor. My role represents connection, support, and family.

Why did you decide to become a SHE RECOVERS Foundation Volunteer?

I wanted to give back to a community that has given me so much love and support throughout my recovery journey. I also want to carry the message that no one should have to recover alone. I was so isolated in my addiction. I am living proof of what a welcoming and supportive community for women like me can do. 

What three words would your friends and fellow peers use to describe you?

Loyal, giving and reliable.

How do these aspects of who you are show up in your everyday life?

They are present in my relationships and how I treat others. Recovery has given me the gift of presence. I am able to show up for the people in my life now. I give from a place of an authentic desire to serve others, I am loyal in my love for people I care about and the SHE RECOVERS community can count on me, always.

What is something you are most proud of?

I am most proud of my ability to foster authentic connections in recovery. This path has not always been easy but the friendships I have made are some of the most rewarding and nurturing I have ever experienced.

What does radical self-care look like for you?

It means not abandoning or turning my back on myself…which means that no matter what, I put myself first and honor the commitments I have made to myself. I show up for myself daily by doing my daily healing practices like meditation, prayer, journaling and yoga.

What or who is inspiring you right now?

The folx in our SHE RECOVERS community inspire me everyday. They show me that sharing and being vulnerable is an act of courage and a strength, not a weakness. 

What SHE RECOVERS Intention & Guiding Principle resonates with you the most right now?

“We do our individual work in order to create and hold healing spaces for everyone. All women deserve recovery.” I am in awe of the transformations I have seen in myself and others as the result of this “work”. When we heal ourselves, we have the ability to inspire those around us to find healing for themselves too.

What is your favorite SHE RECOVERS resource?

The twice-daily online gatherings. I love being of service in this space and I also appreciate the opportunity to be held, seen and supported by others who I can relate to.

What is one piece of advice you would give to another woman/non-binary individual who is seeking a community like SHE RECOVERS?

You don’t have to recover alone. Find a community of like-minded people that will love and support you, that you can love and support back. It doesn’t happen overnight, these connections are built over time but I can assure you they will be some of the most rewarding relationships you’ve ever had.

What do you do outside of your volunteer role for work and/or play?

 I work for Boeing as a mechanic. I work on the P-8 Poseidon. Which is a Maritime patrol aircraft used by the US Navy as well as the Indian Navy, Royal Australian Air Force and Royal Air Force. As for play, I love to read. I especially love books on metaphysical and Eastern philosophy. I also am a big animal lover and enjoy spending time playing and walking my two dogs Birdie and Romeo. I also have a male Flame Point Siamese cat named Jupiter. We own a parrot store and have a few parrots that are our companions too.

Tell us a little bit about your recovery journey. 

My recovery journey has definitely not been a straight path. What brought me into recovery is my not so healthy relationship with alcohol. My first introduction to a recovery program was a 12 step program. I was made to attend 12 step meetings by the court system for a driving under the influence charge in my twenties. Being a true people pleaser I did what was suggested but never really felt like I fit in. I stayed sober for eight years but stopped going to meetings. I eventually started drinking again. I became very depressed and uncomfortable in my own skin. I went back to 12 meetings but still didn’t feel home there. My partner then fell ill and was hospitalized.I felt scared and alone so I reached again for the familiar and it just didn’t fit for me anymore. At this time I knew about SHE RECOVERS and had the awesome experience of meeting Dawn and Taryn in 2019 when they came to Seattle for the ‘Making Connections’ Tour. Taryn told me about her online yoga program and I joined. I actively participated in her trauma-informed yoga program and was active in my sobriety. My recovery journey really deepened when the pandemic hit. The SHE RECOVERS twice-daily online gatherings began almost overnight and I really found the connection that my recovery was missing. I didn’t feel as alone anymore and immediately began volunteering as a co-host and coordinator.

What tools and resources do you weave into your patchwork of recovery? 

 I have what I like to call a recovery rucksack full of tools . I use yoga and meditation in my recovery. I also go walking and hiking. I feel that keeping an open mind and trying new things is important to my recovery. I have tried paddle boarding and really like it. I have also come back to an old love, which is playing the drums. I find music so healing.

What is your definition of recovery?

My definition of recovery is being on a path of healing and discovering oneself.


intimate partner violence

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