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Explore the many ways you can help redefine recovery, inspire hope, end stigma and empower women to increase their recovery capital, heal themselves, and help other women to do the same.



Get Involved

Explore the many ways you can help redefine recovery, inspire hope, end stigma and empower women to increase their recovery capital, heal themselves, and help other women to do the same.



Your contribution will enable the Foundation to:

Provide greater access to on and off-line communities of recovery for all women

Deliver and support individualized and holistic recovery practices and resources

Educate and empower communities to embrace and support women in recovery

Support research to strengthen evidence-based nontraditional recovery practices

Serve as a trusted source of information for all women in or seeking recovery

Volunteer & Advocate

Become a Volunteer

SHE RECOVERS Foundation Volunteers are the heart and soul of our organization.

As a SHE RECOVERS Volunteer you play an integral role in helping the SHE RECOVERS Foundation to fulfill its mission of connecting, supporting, and empowering women through our virtual platforms and in-person community networks. Because of our volunteers, more people than ever before are finding and following individualized pathways and patchworks of recovery.

If you feel lit up when you read the SHE RECOVERS Intentions & Guiding principles or find yourself saying things like “connection is our soul purpose” and “we are stronger together”, we have a feeling you may be a fantastic fit for our volunteer team.

Recognize Life-Altering Contributions in Our Community

Nominate a SHE RECOVERS Volunteer GEM

SHE RECOVERS Volunteers are the backbone of the work we do to provide support to our women/non-binary individuals in recovery. We would love to hear how these GEMS have made an impact in our community. We invite you to nominate a SRF Volunteer Gem so we can recognize them and the amazing ways they support SRF and the people we serve.

Raise awareness on your Social Networks

Please extend an invitation on your social media networks asking your friends and family to join you in creating a world where all women in or seeking recovery are celebrated, supported, and deemed essential to healthy communities.

Simply click on the icons below and share with your social media communities.

Feel free to use this text for your post

Together we can make a difference in the lives of others. Help to ensure all women seeking or in recovery from mental health issues and addiction have access to a lifeline of support. Help us continue to improve and expand our offerings empowering women to increase their recovery capital, heal themselves and help other women do the same.

Share Your Impact Statement

When we’re ready, we recover out loud so that women who are struggling can find and join our movement.

If SHE RECOVERS’ programs, resources, events, recovery touch-points, and/or the community as a whole have made positive impact in your life, we invite you to create an impact statement so we may inspire and empower other women in or seeking recovery. Whether you include your full name or wish to remain anonymous, your words may be the reason another women finds hope and healing from mental health issues, trauma, and/or substance use.

Our Movement. Our Cause.

We have the power and presence to be a mighty force for good in our world.

We thank our community for taking the time to share their impact statements so we may reach all women who may benefit from a community like ours. We are truly stronger together! Watch the video below to hear the impact that has been made.

Help Raise Funds

Do what you love while helping your sisters in or seeking recovery by helping us to raise funds.

Here are a couple of ideas on how you can do this:

Shop for a Cause

You can serve recovering women while you shop by purchasing SHE RECOVERS Swag through our online shop or by visiting our SHE RECOVERS® Friends. When you make a purchase or access services through a SHE RECOVERS Friend, a portion of the proceeds will support our efforts to redefine recovery, inspire hope, end stigma and empower women in or seeking recovery.

SHE RECOVERS Connect Support Empower

Help SHE RECOVERS: The Next Generation Rise Rooted in Recovery

Help us respond to the public health issue of our time and national state of emergency — youth mental health — by providing critical resources and support for young women.

SHE RECOVERS Connect Support Empower

Set up a Facebook Fundraiser

Facebook has created an easy way for you to support non-profits like SHE RECOVERS Foundation and encourage your friends and family to join your efforts.

Host a fundraiser to celebrate you, honor a friend, or memorialize a loved one in a meaningful way. What a powerful way to break stigma and shame while raising critically needed funds for those women desperately seeking connection and support.

Or visit and scroll down to ‘raise money for a non-profit’ and follow the prompts!

SHE RECOVERS Connect Support Empower
Need help? View Instructions
  1. Go to your Facebook profile
  2. Click ‘Create’ from the top menu
  3. Click ‘Fundraiser’ to raise money for a cause you care about
  4. Facebook will ask “Who are you raising money for?” – Choose ‘Charity’
  5. Search for and select ’SHE RECOVERS’ as your Charity of choice
  6. Choose the Facebook profile of who is organizing the fundraiser (you or a group / organization)
  7. List how much money you hope to raise and choose your currency
  8. Select an end date
  9. Give your fundraiser a title that describes your why and encourages people to support you
  10. Choose one of the suggested photos to associate with your campaign


Need visual instructions?

Congratulations! Your fundraiser is now live. Now you can:
– Invite your friends
– Share in your news feed
– Donate to your own fundraiser

Become a Friend

With friends like ours, anything is possible.

The SHE RECOVERS® Friends of the Foundation (SRFOF) program is an opportunity for small businesses, organizations and individuals to partner in our vision to create a world where all recovering women are celebrated, supported and deemed essential to healthy communities.

We are all recovering from something. This statement resonates with most everyone. As a SHE RECOVERS Friend you will be granted rights to market goods or services you offer to raise critically needed funds for SHE RECOVERS while also providing a lifeline of support for women in or seeking recovery. You will receive a toolkit designed to support your meaningful campaign.

Like any friendship, our goal is to create mutually beneficial partnerships where everyone wins – including you! Your support is invaluable to us and we look forward to igniting a deeply meaningful friendship with you.

LEARN MORE about the program  |  MEET OUR FRIENDS

Partner with Us

We’re dedicated to creating innovative collaborations with corporate recovery partners and industry champions.

These collaborations allow us to further our Mission of inspiring hope, reducing stigma and empowering women in recovery with a life-line of support. Corporate recovery partners aligned with our Intentions & Guiding Principles, will be offered the ability to strengthen relationships with their customers, clients and communities by partnering with one of the largest and most progressive grassroots movements today.

Our diverse and passionate network of more than 300,000 women, and the virtual and viral nature of our movement, offers unique opportunities for creative partnerships that will advance the goals and objectives of both organizations.


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