Recovery is a gift—and so are you.

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Give the gift of recovery this holiday season by making a donation on #GivingTuesday 
and receive SHE RECOVERS Partners & Friends of the Foundation holiday
discounts and SHE RECOVERS special offers as a thank you.

Additionally, many of these same Partners & Friends will be participating in our
#12DaysofRecovery giveaways and gifts throughout the month of December.

Happy and content black women sitting in a garden

If we’ve learned anything during this pandemic, it’s that we can often feel helpless, without power to change anything or what’s going on in the world.

We have seen people fall ill, we have lost loved ones, and we’ve felt the weight of collective grief. 

We have also seen people embark on a path of recovery. We have celebrated people getting sober. We’ve experienced people becoming connected. We’ve witnessed people unite in community and change their lives.

You might be asking yourself, “How can I make a difference during these unpredictable times?” “How can I make a lasting impact?”

You’re not alone in feeling that this would be a good year to make an impact rather than buy another gadget or gift someone may never use.

This Giving Tuesday, we’re inviting you to double your impact and give the gift of recovery – to help more women find recovery, AND thrive in recovery. 

You do have the power to make change. You have the power to help women heal.

By giving to the SHE RECOVERS Foundation you’ll provide vital recovery resources to women and non-binary individuals who identify with women’s communities all over the world.


Plus, your impact will immediately be doubled as the Carl and Cassandra Segal Charitable Trust has generously agreed to match the first $15,000 in gifts to help kick off a season of giving!
But wait… there’s more!

Because we truly believe in the season of giving, once you donate on Giving Tuesday and throughout the first 12 days of December, we’re going to give you a gift!

Yes it’s true! We love giving. Our SHE RECOVERS Friends and Partners of the Foundation do too. That’s why together we are providing discount codes and exceptional values for your holiday shopping as a thank you for your generous contribution. 

Happy and content black women sitting in a garden

We are so excited for you to access these additional gifts.

Not only that, we’re also about to ignite #12DaysofRecovery where you will receive 12 opportunities to receive SHE RECOVERS special offers and giveaways valued at over $5,000


These incredible like-hearted entrepreneurs and small businesses have partnered in our vision to create a world where all recovering women are celebrated, supported, and deemed essential to healthy communities.


That’s right, our Partners & Friends have also donated some fabulous gifts for our #12DaysofRecovery.

What do you have to do? Make sure you’re subscribed to our newsletter and follow us on Instagram. Each day we’ll announce the gifts of the day and how you can participate.

This is all our way of saying THANK YOU. We appreciate you. And we’re so fortunate to have you as a part of the SHE RECOVERS community.

Your donation can and will change lives around the world.

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