We enjoyed a very relaxing Thanksgiving long weekend here in our house. We had a lovely traditional turkey dinner last night and then Grandboy slept over. Grandboy sleepovers are one of the highlights in our life these days for sure. At this moment the little munchkin is lying somewhat upside down in our armchair (he is 6) completely fascinated by something called “The 72 Most Dangerous Animals” on Netflix. Soul Mate is trying to convince Grandboy and I that we need to go outside but it’s raining and neither of us are having any of that. I really don’t want to get dressed today if I can get away with it. You ever feel like that?

I think I’ll have a cup of creamed earl grey tea and read my novel here on the couch for a bit. If Grandboy approves, I might try to grab a nap in a wee bit because, why wouldn’t I? My dear friend Sharonlee – who is also our partner on the Mexico retreats – is in town just for the weekend and is coming over for dinner. I’ve seen her twice already this weekend – feeling pretty special as I know she has a lot of people to see. I expect that we’ll sit down and do some retreat planning, although we’ve done so many retreats we don’t have all that much to discuss. Sharonlee won’t care if I am still in my pyjamas.

Here’s the thing about this weekend – we are supposed to be giving thanks. Right? And I do and I did. Thing is, although I can fail miserably at it some days, I really do try to live my life in a state of gratitude. That might explain why this weekend doesn’t feel like a really big deal to me. I’m wondering if other people in recovery feel this way. Should we feel gratitude more than other people this weekend because we are in recovery and gratitude is just something we do? Or can we take it easy on gratitude because we are pretty damned good at it all the rest of the year too? These are the types of questions that women who think too much come up with. Seriously.

Regardless of what the correct answer is to the above question – I know that I can always come up with a list of things to be thankful for on the spot or over a weekend or any old time at all. So here’s today’s list:

  • I’m grateful that my First Born daughter is enjoying the heck out of her pregnancy and she – like the rest of us – is delightfully excited about the daughter she is expecting
  • I’m grateful that my husband is the best partner a girl could have and takes such good care of our life, our home, and me (I haven’t cooked dinner since January and even then, it was only because he was out of town)
  • I’m grateful that one week from today I will have the privilege of voting in our national election
  • I’m grateful that I get to visit my second-fave place on the planet next month when we hold our fifth yoga and recovery retreat on the beach in Mexico
  • I’m grateful that I get to stay in Mexico until early January
  • I’m thankful that my Dad’s health is good as he comes up to his 85th birthday
  • I’m grateful for my bed and for hot water
  • I’m grateful for my sister, all of our kids and their partners, our 3.5 grandchildren and most of our other family members
  • I’m grateful for all of the strong, wonderful, recovering women who have my back in my real life and my cyber life (She Recovers)
  • I’m grateful that people love Yoga Kid’s Mala bracelets and necklaces (given that she quit her job to do yoga and Malas full time)
  • I’m grateful that there is a surge of energy again in the recovery advocacy movement – I seem to have more connections with even more passionate people than in the past – we are going to help make this recovery thing even cooler and made available than it is now
  • I’m grateful to Hazelden Betty Ford for reasons I can’t really get into at the moment
  • I’m grateful that people are really coming alive to the fact that we recover best when we are encouraged to choose and follow our own pathways of recovery
  • I’m grateful that we are learning more and more about more and more different ways to recover
  • I’m grateful that I choose recovery every day
  • I’m grateful to god – and all that she means to me
  • And I’m grateful for you – for being here and reading this

Happy Thanksgiving from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. May your day be relaxing and fulfilling and may you enjoy it in the comfiest clothes or pyjamas possible.

I’m out.




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