Healing Systemic Trauma Through a Somatic Approach | #MentalHealthMonday Recovery Education

Geri Laurence

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Originally Aired Monday, June 5, 2023 @ 11:00 am PST

Healing Systemic Trauma Through a Somatic Approach | A #MentalHealthMonday Recovery Education Session

In this experiential session of the #MentalHealthMonday Recovery Education Series, somatic therapist and trauma expert Geri Laurence will explore how somatic practices can lead to individual and collective healing. She will explain how women can heal from trauma, mental health issues, and substance use through somatic therapy and will provide participants with personal exercises designed to nurture their own nervous systems. Geri will draw parallels between societal systems and our own internal systems, and will show us how looking to the wisdom of our bodies can help us regulate while creating more inclusive, individualized, and accessible pathways and patchworks to recovery for all.

Geri will guide us to:
  • Learn what systemic trauma is and how we are impacted 
  • Create more inclusive and accessible opportunities for healing for all by redefining recovery
  • Discover how the body can often hold the key to unlocking our full potential
  • Identify why a “whole systems” and somatic approach to recovery is essential to our individual and collective healing

Join us LIVE for a Q & A session following the presentation.


Geri is a somatic therapist, certified clinical complex trauma counselor, certified addictions and mental health professional, and a yoga teacher trainer. She has spent the last twelve years supporting individuals and groups in recovery, but has over twenty-five years of experience contributing to the health and welfare of others. Geri has trained with Dr. Gabor Mate in compassionate inquiry, Dr. Janine Fisher in complex trauma and dissociative disorders, and Dr. Peter Levine in somatic experiencing at the Boulder Institute Of Traumatic Studies. She brings her deep knowledge of trauma, addictions, and mental health to her work as a speaker, facilitator, and educator. 

With extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology, combined with a thorough understanding of the body-emotion connection, Geri uses somatics, embodiment practices, and trauma-informed methodologies to help individuals let go of who they think they are supposed to be and embrace their authentic selves in the moment. By co-creating a supportive container and by using a compassionate approach, Geri invites her clients to share their personal stories with courage and curiosity and process deep-rooted trauma in a comfortable environment that connects them with sense of belonging and worthiness.





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We believe that when women heal, families heal, and communities do too.

The SHE RECOVERS Foundation Weekly #MentalHealthMonday Educational Series is composed of hour-long, live, recovery-focused educational sessions featuring today’s leaders in women’s wellness, mental health, and addiction recovery.

All #MentalHealthMonday sessions are broadcasted on Facebook and added to our Youtube Channel for future viewing.

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