An Important Announcement From Our Founders

Dawn Nickel & Taryn Strong

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Important Announcement

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the SHE RECOVERS® Foundation (SRF), I want to honor Susan Carter as she chooses to step down as CEO of our organization to embark on a new life chapter.


Susan has been a fierce advocate for our movement’s cause since my daughter Taryn and I met her in 2017. At the time, SHE RECOVERS was a for-profit company, but Susan recognized the power behind the community that was evolving and recommended we establish a nonprofit charity in the U.S. When we did so and received our nonprofit status at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, Susan volunteered her time for nearly a full year to help us design new systems, initiate fundraising, and strengthen our team. She assumed the role of CEO in January 2021 with the understanding that she would step back once we were strongly established and had a rockstar team in place. Those conditions have been met, and now Susan is looking forward to pursuing other passions.

We are so grateful to Susan for her tireless efforts to grow our organization and our movement. Her passion for and commitment to our mission has never wavered, nor do we expect it will upon her leaving. We know that she will continue to be one of our greatest champions and we thank her for her mentorship, leadership, and friendship. Susan will remain a cherished member of our community, always.

Susan’s impassioned words “SHE RECOVERS® Foundation has the women, the power and the presence to be a mighty force in our world. And until ALL women in or seeking recovery from these challenges are celebrated, supported and deemed essential to healthy communities, we will not rest. This is our movement. This is our cause” will remain forever etched into our hearts.

I will be assuming the role of Acting CEO effective immediately, and Taryn will also be joining the leadership team, her exact role to be determined in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, we are sure that you will join us in honoring Susan, thanking her for her relentless support, and wishing her the very best.

Dawn Nickel, SHE RECOVERS Founder, Acting CEO & Board Chair

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