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All I want for the holidays is donations to the SHE RECOVERS Foundation. Here’s why: They’re lifesavers! I could leave it at that, but I hope you read on to hear how they truly changed the trajectory of my life.

SHE RECOVERS® Together Community Member

This is OUR Movement. This is OUR Cause.

If you’re glad that I am alive today, you have SHE RECOVERS® to thank for it.

Five years ago, after a terrible relapse, and an even worse experience in treatment, I felt so lost as I started the journey to return home. I felt defeated because I asked for help and instead was harmed. I didn’t feel like my 12-step programs were working to keep me sober long-term. I knew I needed to try something different, but I wasn’t sure what?! I tried other avenues like Refuge Recovery (now Recovery Dharma), SMART Recovery, outpatient/day treatment, Alcohol & Drug Counseling, and DBT. But I felt like I wasn’t connected with “my kind of people”. I was desperate to find a community I could relate to, be inspired by, and feel safe in.

I had been following Dawn Nickel and Taryn Strong via their SHE RECOVERS Facebook page since the start, and I felt so aligned with their “Intentions and Guiding Principles”.

They affirmed that there’s more than one way to recover, and encouraged us to create a “patchwork” recovery. This totally resonated with me, as I was studying Holistic Nutrition at the time and believed in healing the body, mind, and spirit. I learned how substances were only bandaids for my emotional bullet wounds, and that I had to address my underlying grief, trauma, and mental health issues. I wouldn’t be where I am today without all the amazing things I’ve learned through this Foundation.

Then Covid-19 happened and SHE RECOVERS recognized a need within our community – we sought online connection and meeting in real life was put on pause, they created twice-a-day SHE RECOVERS Together online gatherings for women in recovery.

They believe we are *all* recovering from something, and I tend to agree! Whether it’s job loss, divorce, toxic relationships, codependency, eating disorders, injuries or self-harm, trauma, grief/loss, pregnancy loss, process addictions, alcohol or substance use disorder, anxiety, depression, or so on – we can all benefit from connection, deep conversations, and striving for continual growth.

The SHE RECOVERS community has been my lifeline, especially this year, in so many ways.

I’ve created connections with women across the world; I’ve joined their weekend pajama party and SHE RECOVERS Dance parties; I’ve listened to their podcasts & “Mental Health Monday” talks; I’ve participated in Taryn’s SHE RECOVERS® trauma-informed yoga; I’ve hung out for “SHE RECOVERS, After Dark”; I’ve done gift exchanges with other artists; I’ve encouraged others and received support through the private “SHE RECOVERS Together” FB group; and somehow I’ve inspired some of my local friends to join in too!

My greatest hope for the holidays is for you to consider giving to this lifeline organization so they can continue to connect, support, and empower women just like me (any amount is helpful). This charitable foundation is a “co-creation” as Dawn calls it. There are SO many volunteers who help make it all possible – and for that, I am forever grateful. Every donation is extremely appreciated. Every donation makes a significant impact. I am proof. – SHE RECOVERS Together Participant

To ensure all recovering women have access to our life-line organization we welcome you to consider becoming a Founding Investor before this unusual and uncertain year ends. 

We have created different levels of support starting at just $5 USD. We ask that you seriously consider investing in the giving level that is most meaningful to you and your loved ones. Any amount will be deeply appreciated by us and the women we serve. 

As a Founding Investor you and your contribution can be included in our online Portfolio of Hope [ Launching early 2021 ] and featured in the first SHE RECOVERS® Foundation Annual Report – documenting a moment in herstory when this global life-saving movement first began.  

You can give the gift of recovery to women all over the world. Click here to become a Founding Investor today.


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