Joy is Resistance in Recovery
#MentalHealthMonday Recovery Education Session

With Jo Walduck

executive function in recovery

Originally Aired Monday, March 18, 2024 @ 11:00 AM PT

Joy is Resistance in Recovery with Jo Walduck  | A #MentalHealthMonday Recovery Education Session

Building on the Black Joy is Resistance movement originated by Black women and integrated and adapted by the trans and gender-expansive population as Trans Joy is Resistance, this session of #MentalHealthMonday Recovery Education Series will explore the importance of joy as an integral ingredient in our recovery, resilience, and resistance. We’ll explore the difference between savoring real moments of happiness and dissociating via disingenuous optimism which leads to the invalidation of the actual human experience, the use of bliss in building recovery capital, tenacity, and reclaiming space, and the purpose of true enjoyment in experiencing hope, respite, perspective, and strength in recovery.
Jo will guide us to:
  • Examine the difference between consciously welcoming moments of joy and perpetuating toxic positivity or a dangerous good vibes only mindset
  • Understand that sources of joy and the pathways and patchworks that lead to happiness are unique to each individual
  • Investigate the purpose of joy in our recovery stories and in building recovery capital
  • Discover our sources of joy (past, present, future) and how to navigate feelings of guilt that may arise when experiencing happiness, learn how to cultivate more joy in recovery
Join us LIVE for a Q & A session following the presentation.
Jo Walduck (she/they) is a trauma-informed, HAES-aligned, fat, trans, neurodivergent life, business, and recovery coach specialized in recovery in its largest, most holistic sense, touching on addictions, restrictions, substances, and behaviors.
Raised in the United Kingdom, she has lived in France for almost all her adult life where she taught for a decade before burning out and converting to life as a coach. After that, she got sober, came out as trans, developed a life-changing illness, and had to navigate the 2020 apocalypse while surviving as best she could as a newly sober, newly out, small business owner. Jo works virtually with women and queer beings of all genders but is including more in-person work with French clients in Dieppe, Normandie. Her work includes one-on-one coaching, a diet culture-free sober support group on Facebook, and running accessible recovery retreats. She is also committed to collaborating with institutions and organizations like FEDUPRest of Activism, and SHE RECOVERS that align with her values and mission as a coach, speaker, and DEI consultant.
Jo can be found procrastinating, writing, procrastinating, walking along the beach making friends with all the dogs, procrastinating, and developing her practice of adaptative yoga for physical and mental health resilience.

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An active volunteer with SHE RECOVERS Foundation

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