Land Acknowledgement

SHE RECOVERS® Foundation Headquarters is located on the traditional, ancestral and unceded territory of the Tewa people—O’gah’poh geh Owingeh (White Shell Water Place)—now present day Santa Fe, New Mexico.

We acknowledge the Indigenous roots of the land on which the SRF Headquarters now stands. We recognize that this land is also part of a much larger sovereign landscape for Indigenous peoples: the Nambe Pueblo; the Tewa; and the Jicarilla Apache, the Diné (Navajo), Cochiti, Taos, and Hopi Pueblos.

As residents, we offer our gratitude to the ancestors and stewards of this land past, present and future.

SHE RECOVERS believes in eliminating implicit cognitive imperialism from the organization while amplifying Indigenous ways of knowing and being in order to facilitate reconciliation and foundational shifts in culture, programming and processes to redefine recovery by including the recovery of the Earth and all her inhabitants in our holistic recovery philosophy.

It is our wish for all individuals and organizations with whom we are aligned to take conscious action in honoring Indigenous pedagogy and ways of knowing and being that recognize the inextricable link between the health of the Earth and that of her people. SHE RECOVERS respects and recognizes the value of Indigenous systems of knowledge that ask us to steward the air, lands, and waters that we currently occupy. We seek to nurture and support a reciprocal relationship with the natural world through weaving the recovery of the Earth—our collective home—throughout all of our pathways and patchworks.

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