SHE RECOVERS® Foundation (SRF) respects and protects the privacy of our users. SRF is committed to responsible information handling practices. Our Privacy Policy explains our data collection and use of your personal information.

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She Recovers Foundation (“SRF”) is strongly committed to pursuing its mission with the highest standards of ethical responsibility. This commitment to ethical conduct permeates how SRF’s directors, officers, employees, consultants and volunteers interact with each other and the public. SRF’s success and ability to achieve its mission depend on the ethical conduct of all SRF Representatives; therefore, part of each SRF Representative’s responsibility is to ensure that they and others act in accordance with the highest ethical standards. 

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SRF is committed to investigating potential violations of this Code of Conduct and taking appropriate remedial measures. SRF encourages concerned individuals to report any improper conduct by our organization or its partners, officers, directors, employees, contractors, consultants or volunteers. Concerns may be submitted anonymously if the user chooses not to include personal information. SRF takes all expressions of concern seriously, whether anonymous or otherwise; however, SRF asks that all reports of potential violations of the Code of Conduct contain sufficient details to permit the SRF to thoroughly investigate the allegations. SRF strictly prohibits retaliation against those reporting concerns (unless the person reporting the concern is involved in the unethical behavior.)

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