Long Island Chapter

Long Island Chapter

We realized at our recent event in NYC (October 12th) that we really do have a lot of women in our community living BOTH on Long Island and in NYC. We want to support you all to connect and support, empower one another as part of the SHE RECOVERS movement.

SHE RECOVERS is an international movement of women in or seeking recovery from a wide variety of issues, including substance use and addiction, eating disorders, trauma, codependency, loss and other life challenges. SHE RECOVERS creates welcoming spaces and transformative opportunities – on and offline – to connect, support and empower recovering women.

This group is intended for women aged 18 and older (open to all who self identify as a woman)

It is envisioned that to begin with, women will connect for coffee dates, hikes or other free or pay-your-own way events!

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Chapter Chair:

Heather Taylor

After getting sober in 2018 and working through “all the things”, I discovered my passion for working with women in recovery. I am a weekly host for the Sober Mom Squad, a Holistic Life Coach, a SHE RECOVERS Designated Coach and the proud Chapter Lead of the SHE RECOVERS Long Island Chapter, one of the two founding chapters. I am extremely fortunate to be working with amazing women at both the local and national levels to create the Long Island SHE RECOVERS chapter which will provide an in person experience for women to connect, support each other and to feel empowered in their recovery journey. I believe that change, healing and transformation are a process, not an event and that connection with other like-minded women through that process is the foundation for discovering all of the potential within you.

Development & Fundraising Lead:

Colleen Kearney

I have been actively fundraising for over 20 years in support of organizations that have had a personal impact on my life. From my first experience advocating for the Avon Breast Cancer Walk, in which my mom is a survivor; to various Team in Training endurance events; and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center’s Cycle for Survival, it is a heartfelt desire of mine to further the missions of worthy causes through effective fundraising. Since becoming sober in October 2018, I’ve joined the National Alumni Leadership Council for Caron Treatment Center and active advocate for SHE RECOVERS. I am motivated to build upon those efforts together with the Long Island Chapter. I’m passionate about recovering out loud so other women, particularly moms, can see they are not alone and to eliminate the stigma for addiction issues.

Events & Community Engagement Lead:

Dara Meyer

I have been part of the SHE RECOVERS team since the co-founders wanted to do an event “on the ground” for the first time in NYC. I was introduced to Dawn and Taryn and we quickly hit it off. Then of course I met my better half, Payton Kennedy- the other event producer. In our first year we did not receive the money anticipated but we were able to pull the event off and the women of the community were very happy. I then went on to help produce SHE RECOVERS in LA and SHE RECOVERS in Miami. Being able to produce an event that benefited so many women in recovery truly brought me to a new place in creating events.

Communication & Outreach Lead:

Lynn McCormack

After attending the She Recovers NYC event in 2017, I never drank again. Listening to the women tell their personal stories of their painful experiences with alcohol, how they found help, and what recovery meant for them now, was incredibly inspiring for me. One year later, I left my corporate America job and began working full time as a yoga therapist/holistic healer and drug and alcohol counselor at an inpatient facility. Being able to communicate with and provide outreach to our patients and community has been an incredible experience.

I am truly grateful that I now have the opportunity to reach out to other women and organizations in order to facilitate the sharing of inspiring stories and recovery support tools that She Recovers provides to me, and to so many other women that I have come to know.

Please let me know if you have questions and/or suggestions for me as the Communications & Outreach Lead for the She Recovers Long Island Chapter. I am looking forward to meeting you!

Lynn McCormack

Finance & Accounting Lead:

Rose Ott

I consider SHE RECOVERS to be a vital component of my journey towards healing and recovery. Being a Chapter Lead in our new SHE RECOVERS Long Island Chapter is an honor, and I am excited to serve our community by organizing gatherings, creating networks, and supporting women to thrive and share their successes.

I have been involved in SHE RECOVERS since 2018 and it has been a transformational game-changer for me, providing a safe and supportive space where I can share my experiences, connect with other women, and gain new insights into my recovery journey. Through this community, I have built meaningful connections, found encouragement, and gained a sense of belonging that has been instrumental in my recovery.

As a Chapter Lead, I am dedicated to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment where women can come together to support each other on their paths towards healing and recovery. I believe that by ending the shame and stigma that often accompanies addiction and mental health struggles, we can create a world where women can heal and grow, free from judgment.

I am committed to empowering women to embrace their journeys towards recovery and to celebrate their successes. I know that by sharing our stories and supporting each other, we can make a difference in the lives of countless women who need a safe and supportive community to thrive.

Calendar of Long Island Events

Latest Past Events

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