Narrative Authority, Moral Injury & Pathways to Wellbeing With Fahmida Hossain​ |  Mental Health Monday

With Fahmida Hossain

Moral Injury Fahmida Hossain

Monday, November 8 @ 11:00 am PST

Narrative Authority, Moral Injury & Pathways to Wellbeing With Fahmida Hossain

Through this interactive and upbeat discussion with PhD candidate and Certified Healthcare Ethics Consultant Fahmida Hossain, participants will come to understand the concept and breadth, and forms “Moral Injury” can take. The intent is to see the significant difference between the commonly used term “burnout” and “moral injury”. In addition, participants will learn how Moral Injury often deeply affects many different areas in our lives, not just work.
As a response, the innovative idea of Narrative Authority is offered, providing a way to navigate the pitfalls of Moral Injury and find your way to healing, wellbeing, and rejuvenation. Learn how to call on your story, beliefs, aspirations, and identity to self-care, set boundaries, recognize, and apply personal values as tools to transform “pain into power.”
Join us LIVE for a Q & A session following the presentation.


Fahmida Hossain is a PhD candidate, a Certified Healthcare Ethics Consultant, and a pivotal contributor to Naridus. She is completing her dissertation and will graduate in Spring 2022.

Fahmida’s vision is to place narrative and storytelling as a lived and practical means to positively influence health best practices improvements) through an innovative approach she calls Narrative Authority—a method to change which she describes as “thoroughly other-oriented, dialogue-based, culturally sensitive, nonjudgmental, and always story-dependent.”

Fahmida is passionate about women and gender issues and recognizes the role that unquestioned assumption plays in providing excellent care. Her ideas have been noted and presented in a number of notable journals and international conferences. In addition, she was recently awarded the prestigious 2021 McAnulty Dissertation Fellowship Award at Duquesne University for her significant research in her field.


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