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CBD: A Holistic Recovery Ally

Healing People and Planet… one seed… one soul… one regenerative act at a time is the mission statement of First Crop, Inc.

Envisioned and co-founded by Jane Pinto (who is in long-term recovery), First Crop seeks to educate, inspire and bring forth wellness products rooted in the regenerative power of hemp.

First Crop looks to nature and science for inspiration, working with both a dermatologist and a renowned herbal expert to develop their proprietary CBD formulations. By unifying carefully selected adaptogenic botanicals with USDA Certified Organic hemp extract, First Crop has created a plant-based experience focused on providing specific therapeutic benefits.

First Crop is proudly donating $10,000 to SHE RECOVERS® Foundation in 2021-2022 to support our mission to inspire hope, reduce stigma and empower women who are in or seeking recovery.

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doughp4hope product sampling
doughp4hope product sampling

“We are so thrilled to have the support of First Crop, a partner whose values are perfectly aligned with SHE RECOVERS’ Intentions and Guiding Principles. Jane Pinto and her team have built a wonderful company driven by purpose and social responsibility. We are grateful for their generosity and partnership and look forward to sharing many years of education and support for women in recovery, together.

~ Susan Carter, SHE RECOVERS Foundation Executive Director ~

“First Crop was envisioned and founded on the principles of regeneration, that each individual choice or action can be rooted in the collective good for all. We are full of gratitude to partner with SHE RECOVERS, an organization that empowers, educates, and inspires women in recovery on their path to their highest life. Through my own journey in recovery over the past 40 years, I know and remain devoted to the importance of communities based in love and care.  It is my honor to introduce First Crop and our CBD products as a recovery ally to holistic wellness. First Crop looks forward to many wonderful years alongside SHE RECOVERS and the beautiful women we become together. ”

~ Jane Pinto, Founder & Visionary, First Crop™ ~

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In this educational session First Crop Founder, Jane Pinto & VP of Product Development, Erica Armstrong focused on:

  • What CBD is and how the non-psychoactive properties of CBD can work with your body
  • The difference between products that are hemp-derived vs. marijuana-derived and why First Crop products are 100% hemp-derived
  • Exploring the different types of cannabinoids found within the body and in plants
  • How hemp agriculture is contributing to the recovery of our planet
  • How plant medicine can help bring you back into your body, the present moment, and your environment


Through a combination of receptor activation and deactivation, CBD has been shown to promote a variety of potential health benefits. The most often mentioned potential benefits of CBD include:

  • Helps support a sense of calm and increase focus
  • Promotes a good night sleep
  • Helps manage everyday stress

Partner with Us

We’re dedicated to creating innovative collaborations with corporate recovery partners and industry champions.

These collaborations allow us to further our Mission of inspiring hope, reducing stigma and empowering women in recovery with a life-line of support. Corporate recovery partners aligned with our Intentions & Guiding Principles, will be offered the ability to strengthen relationships with their customers, clients and communities by partnering with one of the largest and most progressive grassroots movements today.

Our diverse and passionate network of more than 300,000 women, and the virtual and viral nature of our movement, offers unique opportunities for creative partnerships that will advance the goals and objectives of both organizations.

We’re stronger together.


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