We wish to thank all the women and non-binary individuals who have joined us for a SHE RECOVERS Foundation retreat. It has been an honor sharing space with you. For now, we must take a sacred pause from hosting retreats.

To allow the Foundation to direct its energy on its strategic objectives, following our Salt Spring Island retreats in July 2022, we will be suspending the SHE RECOVERS Foundation retreat program for the rest of 2022 and into 2023.

Our work over the next two years will be focused on:

  • Fundraising to keep the Foundation viable and operating
  • Broadening our reach and increasing diversity beyond our existing constituency
  • Cultivating and retaining volunteers in all functional areas
  • Strengthening our online platforms and free or low-cost offerings
  • Streamlining operations

And very importantly:

  • Developing in-person accessible and affordable support systems through our soon-to-be-launched Global Chapter Network

We understand the importance of making in-person connections.

We look forward to creating new ways of doing so as we go forward. You can look forward to:

  • Another amazing SHE RECOVERS conference in 2023 (details coming this summer)
  • More in-person events and retreats offered by our SHE RECOVERS Coaches and Yoga Teachers
  • More localized and affordable retreats organized by volunteers as part of the Chapter Network development (tentatively planned for 2024).

If you have been to a retreat with us and wish to ensure we are able to accomplish the goals listed above please consider making a donation

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