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Pathlight Mood & Anxiety Center

A personalized, multidisciplinary approach to healing.

Pathlight Mood & Anxiety Center takes a personalized, multidisciplinary approach to healing – and that’s just one of the reasons that our team at the SHE RECOVERS Foundation is so excited to enter into a mission-driven partnership with this leader in mental health treatment.

Over the fall of 2021, the SHE RECOVERS Foundation and Pathlight collaborated to offer four free educational events intended to help support your recovery – recordings of all four events are available below.

Pathlight also made a $15,000 donation in support of SHE RECOVERS Foundation’s mission in 2021. SHE RECOVERS Foundation is grateful to Pathlight for their ongoing partnership and outstanding commitment to mental health.

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Conversations & Resources

Skills-Building Series for Mental Health

Tired of feeling stuck in a challenging cycle of strong emotions? Catch the replays of this informative 3-part series where we focused on building effective skills that you can use to navigate anxiety, depression, and grief. All three sessions were facilitated by Pathlight Mood & Anxiety Center clinicians, Alex Harrison, LCSW, and Niki DuBois, LMSW.

Skills-Building for Anxiety

(1.5 hours)

Overview: We worked on identifying emotions and how we experience them cognitively and physically, and learned how to track our moods.

Skill: Mood log-feeling and wheel

Skills-Building for Depression

(1.5 hours)

Overview: We learned how to make space for emotions and let them exist without “death gripping” the challenging thoughts and believing that to feel them is to feel them always.

Skill: DBT Opposite Action

Skills-Building for Grief

(1.5 hours)

Overview: We learened how to set a place at the table for our grief, and how to accept that it is there instead of trying to numb it out or pretend it does not exist or that we’ve “moved on.”

Skill: Urge Surfing, Creating rituals

Say It Brave Master Class:

“When Overworking Stops Working – A Say It Brave Masterclass for Healthcare Providers”

(90 minutes long)

Burnout was an all too real experience for healthcare providers prior to the pandemic. Covid-19 has truly exacerbated this behavioral health issue – that few ever talk about. How do we, as healthcare providers and humans on our own personal journeys, help others process the uncertainty, grief, and dramatic “new normal” while adapting to these very same changes ourselves?

Join Dawn Nickel PhD, CPRC, Founder and Board Chair of SHE RECOVERS Foundation, and Deb Rosenberry, LCSW, MBA Senior Clinical Director at Pathlight Mood & Anxiety Center as they share personal experiences and powerful tools for recognizing and deconstructing the web of burnout. 

“As a person who has personally struggled with mental health issues and turned to the SHE RECOVERS Foundation as a source of connection, inspiration, and support, I’m thrilled that Pathlight is partnering with such an incredible organization. Our two organizations share a commitment and passion for supporting individuals on their lifelong exploration of mental health, and we know that together we can do so much more!”

~ Shannon Kopp, National Recovery Advocate, Pathlight Mood & Anxiety Center ~

About Pathlight Mood & Anxiety Center

Pathlight Mood & Anxiety Center believes that mental health isn’t a destination, but a lifelong exploration. Their treatment programs guide a patient’s unique path forward and light the way for resilience and long-lasting mental wellness.

With 15 centers across the United States and virtual care offered in 35 states, Pathlight programs were designed by leaders in adult and child and adolescent psychiatry, psychology, and medicine and are led by Master’s-level and industry-leading clinicians.

Pathlight provides exceptional care for the following disorders:

Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety disorders cause people to have feelings of worry or fear that negatively affect their school, work, relationships or home life. They are among the most common mental illnesses in the United States. Anxiety disorders can be debilitating and make life very challenging.

Mood Disorders

Mood disorders are characterized by persistent mood swings. People with mood disorders experience severe low mood (depression) or elevated mood (mania) for an extended period of time — above and beyond what most would consider to be typical feelings of sadness or happiness.

Trauma-Related Disorders

A traumatic event is an event that involves relational trauma, death, serious injury or sexual violence. These events can be threatened or actually experienced. By nature, these events are shocking or overwhelming. When an individual develops chronic, long-lasting symptoms following a trauma, they may be diagnosed with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Partner with Us

We’re dedicated to creating innovative collaborations with corporate recovery partners and industry champions.

These collaborations allow us to further our Mission of inspiring hope, reducing stigma and empowering women in recovery with a life-line of support. Corporate recovery partners aligned with our Intentions & Guiding Principles, will be offered the ability to strengthen relationships with their customers, clients and communities by partnering with one of the largest and most progressive grassroots movements today.

Our diverse and passionate network of more than 300,000 women, and the virtual and viral nature of our movement, offers unique opportunities for creative partnerships that will advance the goals and objectives of both organizations.

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