Join the collective of purpose-driven leaders in women’s recovery.

Together we can build a solid foundation to help women rise rooted in recovery

We are a diverse collective of therapists, counselors, healthcare professionals, behavioral health providers, allied professionals, wellness practitioners, and community builders. We are empathic space-holders, policy makers, mentors, and team leaders.

We provide recovery-aware opportunities, ignite breakthroughs, and lead with courageous vulnerability.



You’re already in service to humanity

You have wisdom, passion, and a desire to create opportunities for growth, transformation, and healing for others.

You can sense that the world is on the verge of a paradigm shift, a reimagining of existing recovery and treatment ideologies, structures, and systems. And, you are acutely aware that this opportunity to redefine recovery – and support multiple pathways and patchworks of recovery – is urgent.

You are being called to dive deeper into this important work. To become a stigma-smasher, a recovery redefiner, and a recognized leader in women’s wellness. 

You envision a world where recovering women are supported, celebrated, and deemed essential to healthy communities.



Become a SHE RECOVERS® Professional Designate

As a SHE RECOVERS Professional Designate you have the unique opportunity to maximize impact, create lasting change, and improve outcomes for all individuals seeking healing in recovery.

Choose your entry point:

Recognized Healthcare & Behavioral Health Professional

Therapists. Counselors. Social workers. Healthcare professionals.

You’re seeking to complement your existing training in healthcare and behavioral health with fresh perspectives, innovative tools, and evidence-based practices to serve recovering individuals in a more holistic and inclusive way.


Therapists and Counselors including:
Addiction Counselors
Art Therapists
Career Counselors
Eating Disorder Therapists
Grief Counsellors
Music Therapists
Occupational Therapists
Somatic Therapists

Social Workers
Clinical SWs

Healthcare Professionals including:
Nurse Practitioners
Registered Nurses

Recovery-Aware Certified Professional

Allied health professionals. Legal professionals. Educators. Treatment industry executives.

You’re a credentialed professional looking to expand your natural leadership abilities and professional impact by bringing an inclusive approach to women’s recovery to your workplace, services, and communities.


Allied Health Professionals including:
Certified Dental Assistants
Certified Nursing Assistants
Clinical Herbalists
Cranial Sacral Therapists
Licensed Practical Nurses
Massage Therapists
Medical Technologists
Peer Support Specialists
Somatic Experiencing Practitioners
Yoga Therapists

Education Professionals including:
Early Childhood Educators

Legal Professionals including:

Treatment Industry Executives including:
Executive Directors
HR Directors
Clinical Directors

Spiritual Leaders including:
Indigenous Elders
Earth-Based Leaders

Recovery-Oriented Wellness Practitioner

Somatic practitioners. Community herbalists. Aromatherapists. Embodied movement facilitators.

You’re a wellness practitioner looking to enhance your holistic services through a comprehensive and individualized approach to women’s healing.


Certified Wellness Practitioners including:
Sound Healing Practitioners
Somatic Practitioner/Healers
Community Herbalists
Dance Facilitators
Reiki Practitioners
Energy Healers
Embodied Movement Practitioners

Don’t see yourself here?

We have additional paths to becoming certified through SHE RECOVERS with our SHE RECOVERS Coach, Yoga Teacher & Dance Facilitator training.

Holistic Alum Coach Designation

For certified coaches looking to expand their knowledge and support women to find and follow individualized pathways and patchworks of recovery.


As a SHE RECOVERS Coach you can support recovering individuals in cultivating their strengths, reconnecting to their own inner capacity, setting goals, and thriving in recovery through the SHE RECOVERS intentions & guiding principles.

This designation is for you if you’ve already completed a coaching program through one of our training partners and/or you have completed an equivalent 80+ hour coach training program.

She Recovers Yoga Trauma Informed Yoga

For Yoga Teachers seeking to join an inspired group of embodied leaders committed to creating opportunities for individual and collective healing through a trauma-informed approach.

As a SHE RECOVERS Yoga Teacher you will be able to apply evidence-based practices rooted in the latest neuroscience and develop a more comprehensive understanding of trauma and its impact on the mind and body. You will also learn how to create welcoming and supportive spaces that promote healing from mental health issues, trauma, and substance use.

This course is for you if you’re already a yoga teacher who holds at least a 200 hour certification.

For embodied movement enthusiasts interested in learning more about holistic healing modalities and facilitating regular SHE RECOVERS Dance sessions.

SHE RECOVERS Dance Facilitators are trained in guiding trauma-informed movement experiences, creating a carefully curated music playlist, and setting intentional cues and markers based on embodiment, mindfulness, and energetic movement that provides the participant with the opportunity to create their own unique dance in an inspiring, playful, and judgment-free space that promotes self discovery, body liberation, freedom, and joy.

Applications have been paused at this time. Stay tuned for a 2024/2025 cohort.

Our Purpose

The primary purpose of this 12.5 hour SHE RECOVERS professional training is to:


Individuals to engage with women in or seeking recovery within our community through the well-established inclusive and identity based support groups.


Professionals to practice their skills and establish themselves as leaders in the women’s recovery movement through volunteering as facilitators of the SHE RECOVERS online gatherings and in-person sharing circles.


Professionals with a solid foundation in the SHE RECOVERS philosophy and inclusive, women-centered community ethos through an in-depth exploration of the SHE RECOVERS Intentions & Guiding Principles.


Professionals to examine and incorporate the SHE RECOVERS Intentions & Guiding Principles into their personal and professional practices.


Recovery professionals with like-hearted leaders in the women’s recovery movement through our professionals’ collective.



SHE RECOVERS is currently the largest global recovery movement available to women in or seeking recovery and provides critical recovery support services within a recovery-oriented system of care.
As a SHE RECOVERS Professional Designate, not only are you a part of this essential and expanding recovery network, but you and your business will be featured in our searchable professionals directory, where our community members actively go to find external professional support that they know is aligned with our mission, values, and intentions & guiding principles. 

An Invitation From Our Founder

Welcome, Friend.

You have arrived here because you are a trained professional in service to humanity. However, because we are all recovering from something (that’s the overarching principle guiding the SHE RECOVERS Foundation) it’s quite likely that you are here because you want to deepen your own personal recovery practices and continue to thrive in your life.

To that end, we hope that the materials that we cover in this SHE RECOVERS Professional training will be of interest to you both as a professional – and as a person on your own unique recovery journey.

The primary purpose of this program is to introduce you to our organization’s Intentions & Guiding Principles as well as our inclusive and women-centered recovery community ethos. I have a sense that if you feel drawn to this training that our philosophy and approach already resonates with you. 

We initially launched this curriculum in February 2017 and we have since graduated several hundred professionals who have joined our movement from all over the world. While the professional focus of early adopters of this training was primarily coaching, and more specifically recovery coaching related to substance use, we have seen a rise in professionals enrolling in the program who also support individuals recovering from other or related life challenges such as mental health issues, trauma, and co-occurring disorders. The primary influences of this current iteration of the program are twofold: the collective evolution of recovery within our community and our continued growth as a behavioral health organization.

The development of this training, like everything we do at SHE RECOVERS, has been a collaboration from the beginning. We wouldn’t be where we are without our team members and all of the many wonderful professionals who have taken the training, provided feedback, volunteered in our community, and helped us to advance our mission. We are grateful to each and every person who has contributed to, and been a part of, this designation program. 

And thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for considering becoming a part of it too. Your wisdom, energy, and contributions are invaluable to the women’s recovery movement.

You, my friend, are a true agent of change. It’s an honor to walk this path with you.

With revolutionary gratitude,

Featured In


Continuing education designed to evolve with you

This 12.5 hour training is supplemented with a robust library of recovery-focused education sessions, community stories, articles, and personal essays delivered by over one hundred voices in the women’s recovery movement.  Our ever growing repository of SHE RECOVERS resources will always be accessible to those who hold the professional designation – keeping you up to date on new innovations and trends within the realm of recovery. 

Professional designation learning platform

We’ve got a landing pad for your training and continued exploration with readings, videos, audio, guided meditations, exercises, questions for self-exploration and self-inquiry, and support material.

Preview the curriculum

A sampling of your learnings include:

  • Operating within a recovery-oriented system of care
  • The spectrum of substance use
  • The impact of early intervention
  • Individualized pathways and patchworks
  • Recognizing the benefits and limitations of current recovery modalities
  • The concept of wholeness in recovery
  • Worthiness and personal agency
  • Ableism and healthism in recovery
  • Embodied movement
  • Somatic approaches to healing
  • The impacts of systematic trauma and collective healing
  • Types of trauma and associated manifestations
  • The principles of providing trauma-informed care
  • Strengths based approaches to recovery
  • Reparenting ourselves
  • Healing from burnout and moral injury
  • The impact of biases, microaggressions, and racial trauma in recovery
  • How to be an empathic witness
  • Identities in women’s recovery spaces
  • Supporting non-binary folks and trans women
  • Decolonizing recovery
  • Body and food neutrality
  • Navigating conflict
  • Holding healing spaces for ourselves
  • Recovering out loud
  • Self-disclosure as a professional in recovery
  • Creating deeper connections with our clients
  • The value and impact of mentorship and collective care

Upon completing the units and associated required assignments you’ll receive a certificate and badges to share across your social platforms to showcase your commitment to women’s recovery.

Need to see it to get a sense of what’s in store? We’ve created a free preview to explore if this course feels right for you.

With a special focus on accessibility, diversity & inclusion

You’ll be able to answer questions like:

  • What is a recovery-oriented system of care?
  • How do you build recovery capital?
  • What is body and food neutrality and why are they important?
  • What does it mean to be anti-ableist and how does this approach create more inclusive recovery solutions for women?
  • How is racism impacting recovery spaces and how do we incorporate anti-racist practices into our work?
  • What does a journey to wholeness look like if recovery is on a spectrum and continuum?
  • How can seeing through a trauma-informed lens, within the scope of your practice, contribute to healing?
  • What are the different types of trauma and how do they manifest?
  • What is the difference between self-care and self-love?
  • Why is moral injury often disguised as burnout?
  • How can an individual recover out-loud while remaining anonymous?
  • What does personal disclosure look like in a professional setting and how does it help others to find their own recovery?

Each learning module is informed by the SHE RECOVERS Intentions & Guiding Principles

We are agents of change

The world needs us to help uncover the infinite possibilities for women in or seeking holistic recovery, because when women heal, families, communities, and societies do too. And, if we are to redefine recovery together, the people sparking change (that’s you!) deserve dedicated training and ongoing support.


We are believers, seekers & evolvers

Complement your already established professional practice. Integrating the SHE RECOVERS philosophy and inclusive community ethos into your business will benefit both you and your clients. 

By embracing a holistic approach to recovery care, you can supplement your existing modalities by rooting them in our Intentions and Guiding Principles. By gaining access to both our recovery community and our robust repository of resources, your clients can be resourced with free services and offerings for connection and support.

From the science devotee to the divinely inspired – there is truly something for everyone within this framework. This recovery professional training is informed by research, data, and science, and substantiated by lived experience, personal narratives, multiple ways of knowing, and women’s intuition.

Find clarity amidst the chaos. With a surge in online training providers, it can be difficult to find the right program to fit your lifestyle. We’ve designed a self-directed and immersive curriculum that features carefully curated educational modules with practical applications, exercises, and opportunities for self-inquiry throughout to help you create a more compassionate practice for both your clients and yourself.

There is a rupture within our recovery systems. We are more aware than we’ve ever been about what isn’t working in our realms. What we need now is heart polishing repair, renewal, restructuring, and redefining recovery. Diversity and inclusion is at the heart of this work. Our entire curriculum is built around the exponential impact that an integrative approach to recovery can have – first the student learns from the teacher, then the student becomes the teacher, furthering the knowledge continuum until the ripple effect is felt around the world.

Live trainings are becoming less accessible, increasingly costly, and more burdensome. Our attainable self-guided training meets you wherever and whenever you are in the world – on your terms. 

Service is your primary purpose but burnout is real. Recovery work is not for the faint of heart, and it can be hard to prioritize regular radical self-care. With a curriculum that carves out space for your recovery, and an inclusive collective that provides ongoing support and mentorship, you can contribute to the recovery of others while simultaneously focusing on your own healing and growth.

What our students are saying

“My personal recovery and professional practice have both been transformed because of this program. As a woman in long term recovery with nearly two decades of experience in behavioral health, I have taken many trainings and certifications to expand my understanding of available recovery solutions. This is the most comprehensive continuing education I have done to date. My patchwork of recovery finally feels whole.” – Kristina Bell, CCC, RSW

We’re stronger together

SHE RECOVERS Professional Designates are weaving their education into their practices, enhancing their careers in the corporate world, redefining recovery in treatment centers, schools, prisons, spiritual retreats, wellness practices…and their own lives. They’re contributing to new healing paradigms and holistic resources. They’re establishing personal and professional relationships, making connections, and are teaming up with like-hearted folks to deliver group programs. They’re creating new recovery rituals of their own and even dropping a few that no longer serve them. And, they’re paving a superhighway for recovering women that celebrates and supports all pathways, patchworks, and life experiences.

No matter what your motivation, when you join SHE RECOVERS you will immediately notice the welcoming and supportive nature of our community. The spirit of recovery resonates throughout our organization and professional collective. You belong here.

Benefits and Recognition

As a SHE RECOVERS Professional Designate-in-training, you will be:


  • Welcomed to join the (free) SHE RECOVERS Certified Professionals’ Collective & Support Group 
  • Supported via bi-weekly recovery support calls for the Professionals’ Collective
  • Receive ongoing mentorship through additional trainings
  • Included in monthly SHE RECOVERS communications for the Professionals’ Collective 

As a SHE RECOVERS Professional Designate, you may:


  • Be invited to share your expertise across various SHE RECOVERS platforms such as the blog, podcast, and/or recovery education series 
  • Have the opportunity to participate in additional SHE RECOVERS training and earn certifications to lead various SHE RECOVERS offerings (online and in person)
  • Be considered for opportunities to lead SHE RECOVERS Foundation workshops and retreats

As a graduate of the SHE RECOVERS Professional Designation program, you can:

  • Retain your membership in the (free) SHE RECOVERS Certified Professionals Collective & Support Group as you put your training into practice
  • Be listed on the searchable SHE RECOVERS Foundation Professionals Directory
  • Position yourself as trauma-informed recovery leader by sharing your SHE RECOVERS Professional badge across your social platforms
  • Become a SHE RECOVERS Volunteer Facilitator – gain exclusive access to additional trauma-informed volunteer space-holder training and host SHE RECOVERS Together Online Gatherings and in-person Sharing Circles
  • Contribute to a weekly resources post in our SHE RECOVERS Together Online support group (with almost 12,000 active members) where you can share your services and/or resources
  • Receive access to SHE RECOVERS Foundation branded and co-branded marketing materials conveying the unique value of the SRPD
  • Have the opportunity to collaborate with other SHE RECOVERS Certified Professionals (such as SHE RECOVERS Coaches, Trauma-Informed Yoga Teachers, and Dance Facilitators)

Meet your guides

Dawn Nickel, Phd

SRF Founder & CEO

Learn More

Dr. Dawn Nickel is the author of She Recovers Every Day and a respected thought leader in the women’s recovery sphere and (along with her daughter Taryn Strong) the Founder of SHE RECOVERS Foundation. Dawn is a Certified Professional Recovery Coach, with a PhD and professional experience related to women and health-care policy. In her work as a researcher and consultant, Dawn has focused largely on exploring how best to support women who experience substance use disorders, mental health issues and intimate partner violence, the three issues that prompted Dawn to start her own personal recovery journey in 1987.

Lisa Wall, SEP, CTP, SRCD

SRF Community Care & Mission Programs

Learn More

Lisa joined SHE RECOVERS in 2019, bringing sixteen years of experience working within a recovery-oriented system of care from inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment to alumni engagement, recovery management, somatic experiencing, program development, spiritual leadership, and recovery coaching. Lisa recognizes that connection and belonging within a community are essential aspects of individual and collective healing and she leads with courageous vulnerability, a sense of curiosity, and unwavering hope. She is a woman in long-term recovery from codependency, moral injury, workaholism, trauma, and infant loss. Choosing a strengths-based approach to recovery helps Lisa thrive with an auto-immune disorder, disability, and ADHD.

Liana Kennedy, BA, CPRC, SRCD

SRF Certifications Programs

Learn More

Liana joined the SHE RECOVERS community in 2012 after meeting Dawn, going to Taryn’s yoga classes and she never looked back. After participating in many retreats, she earned her Recovery Coach designation from IAPRC in 2017, started a practice working with women who wanted freedom from their addictions and began hosting Sharing Circles in Victoria, BC. Liana has worked in the non-profit realm for 20 years in administration, project and program management and in 2018 began assisting Dawn with the SHE RECOVERS Coach program. Today she takes great joy in supporting all the Certified Professionals as they earn their designations and bring their talents to the broader community.

With Gratitude to the Contributors

Cybele Botran


Debra Morrison

SRF Operations & SHE RECOVERS® Coach

Elora Kindred


Kelly Beck Kuijper


Payton Kennedy

SRF Events, SHE RECOVERS® Dance Creator & Coach

Taryn Strong

SRF Founder & Creator of SHE RECOVERS® Trauma Informed Yoga & Teacher Training

Samatha Anderson


Shari Hampton

SRF Trusted Advisor & SHE RECOVERS® Coach



Join the collective of purpose-driven leaders in women’s recovery today.


Who is the SHE RECOVERS Professional Designate training for?

Therapists, counselors, social workers, behavioral health providers, healthcare professionals, allied professionals, legal professionals, educators, and spiritual leaders. For a detailed list of qualifying professions click here. If you don’t see your professional role reflected in this list, please contact us.

Will I be able to refer to myself as a SHE RECOVERS Coach or Yoga Teacher?

No. You’ll be able to identify yourself (and be listed in the directory) under categories for the Professionals. The Coach and Yoga Teacher designations are separate certification programs.

What topics are covered in the training program?

A wide range of topics related to mental health, trauma, and substance use recovery, including evidence-based practices, recovery pathways and patchworks, cultural competence, and self-care for recovery professionals.

How long does the training program take to complete?

The training is self-paced and the average student will complete the curriculum in 12.5 hours. Continued exploration through SHE RECOVERS resources amounts to over 100 hours of additional and optional education. There is no fixed start or end date. 

Will I receive a certificate upon completion of the training program?

Yes, SRF will provide a certificate of completion to participants who successfully finish the program. The certificate serves as recognition of your training and can be valuable when seeking employment or furthering your education in the field.

Can I interact with instructors or other participants during the online training program?

The teachable learning platform that hosts the SHE RECOVERS Professional Designate training gives students an opportunity to connect with each-other within each unit. SHE RECOVERS also provides an SRF Certified Professional Collective group to connect with peers, receive support, and engage in collaborative learning experiences.

What are the technical requirements for participating in the online training program?

Students will need a reliable internet connection, a computer or device capable of accessing online content inclusive of high definition videos, and basic computer skills. Enrolled participants will also be prompted to create an account within the online teachable learning platform.

Can I access the training materials after completing the program?

All students have ongoing access to the training materials provided and are able to review the content at their convenience. As the curriculum grows and evolves, future additions and revisions are accessible to enrolled students for no additional required fees.

What is the cost of the program?

The program cost is $1000, payable upon registration, and is non-refundable. It does not expire. We do not currently have a payment program. 

Do you have scholarships?

Social justice, personal agency, inclusivity, and accessibility are at the heart of our organization. We acknowledge that there are folks whose economic circumstances prevent them from taking part in this training. As we build our collective of certified professionals and seek funding sources for support, we will be building out a financial assistance program over the next year. 

Are you seeking the support of a recovery professional?

If you are a woman seeking recovery, new to recovery, or in long term recovery and are looking to fully realize your potential, please consider connecting with one of our SHE RECOVERS Professionals. Our professionals specialize in an array of life experiences, are located internationally, and meet you right where you are in-person or remotely.

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