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The #MentalHealthMonday Recovery Education Series features today’s leaders in women’s wellness, mental health, and addiction recovery.

Upcoming Session

Monday, July 15, 2024 @ 11:00 AM PT

Anti-racist Recovery with Shari Hampton

A #MentalHealthMonday Recovery Education Session

Anti-Racist Recovery

This July session of #MentalHealthMonday falls in the middle of National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month. So, in this offering, we will be exploring opposing racism in recovery with anti-racism trainer and recovery coach Shari Hampton. She will explain racism, racial trauma, micro-aggressions, and white supremacy and how they manifest in recovery and recovery spaces. Shari will also show us how to incorporate inclusive practices into our recovery and how to work allyship for positive change.

In this #MentalHealthMonday Recovery Education Series session, Shari Hampton will:

  • Define racism and racial trauma
  • Identify micro-aggressions and biases that continue to harm women of color
  • Discuss minority mental health
  • Examine the impact of racism, politics, and oppression on personal recovery and recovery continuums of care
  • Show us how we can create welcoming, supportive, and inclusive spaces for women of color

Join us LIVE for a Q & A session following the presentation.

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“The #MentalHealthMonday sessions have been a lifeline for me. I have a strong program of self-care in my recovery but was missing the educational component to better understand the “why” behind some of my behaviors and experiences, and the “how” to begin to heal and grow in a deeper way. I recently celebrated one year of abstinence-based recovery in July 2021 because of SHE RECOVERS. I am so grateful to hear the #MentalHealthMonday program will continue well into 2022.”


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If you wish to share how the #MentalHealthMonday program has been a positive influence in your recovery or you have:

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  • A speaker in mind you would like to see featured
  • Ideas on how we can better serve our community through this series

…we would love to hear from you. Your voice will help us to continue improving this series for all women in or seeking recovery.

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