Recovery is a Gift

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It is my greatest wish that other women still suffering may find this [ SHE RECOVERS® ] movement and have access to all that is offered. 

~ Jessica Foody | SHE RECOVERS® Coach

This is OUR Movement. This is OUR Cause.

Before I found SHE RECOVERS, I struggled with severe anxiety and low self-esteem. 

I believed something was inherently wrong with me and lived in fear of others finding out. Feeling isolated and alone, terrified to let anyone in, I turned to alcohol to cope. It worked, until it didn’t. Over time, I could no longer safely control how much I drank and the more I drank, the worse I felt about myself. My anxiety was increasing exponentially. The moral hangover was the worst, feeling like I was getting further and further away from the woman I wanted to be.

At SHE RECOVERS, we believe we don’t have to hit rock bottom to pursue recovery in any area of our lives. We believe in early intervention.

The truth is I never hit “rock bottom” because I didn’t have to. I never got a DUI, lost a relationship, or a job. My family and friends never commented on my drinking, partly because I made sure to never let anyone know what was really going on. I even had a therapist assure me that I didn’t have a problem.

But I knew in my heart that the thing that once worked so well was no longer working. I needed a way out, but I didn’t know where to turn. I didn’t think I would fit well with Twelve Step recovery because I didn’t identify with the label of alcoholic. I identified more with having an anxiety problem than a drinking problem.

SHE RECOVERS didn’t ask me to label myself. SHE RECOVERS accepted me where I was at and allowed me to heal on my own terms.

When I attended my first SHE RECOVERS retreat in May 2017, something shifted in me. The women on that retreat unknowingly saved my life. They graciously opened their hearts and shared their stories with me. They were the first sober women I had ever met and I heard myself in each one of their stories. The feelings of shame and isolation that had consumed me most of my life started to dissipate. I left that retreat strengthened, hopeful and inspired. I wanted what they had and was ready to commit to a sober life. I am grateful to say I haven’t had a drink since. 

Being a part of the SHE RECOVERS Community has transformed my recovery and every aspect of my life. Recovery is a gift.

I was so moved by my experience on the retreat and the connections that I made there that I went on to earn certification as a SHE RECOVERS Coach. Now, I help other women quit drinking and live authentic alcohol-free lives that they love. Being able to support other women on their path of healing is one of the greatest gifts of recovery. 

SHE RECOVERS allowed me to feel connected, supported, and empowered in my journey and to live an authentic life that I am proud of.

Today my life looks and feels incredibly different than it did before. I am no longer feel ashamed of who I am or live a life consumed with anxiety. The walls I once had so high have started to come down. I have rich meaningful friendships and a purpose outside of myself. Today I love and accept who I am, anxiety and all. 

SHE RECOVERS gave me the courage to own my story and recovery out loud in the hopes of reaching other women who are still struggling.

SHE RECOVERS gave me the courage to share my story very publicly this last year. It was a transformative experience that allowed me to truly heal from shame while reaching other women who were still suffering in silence. I’m proud of to be part of an organization that is helping to eradicate shame and stigma associated with addiction. Too many women delay seeking help or never get help due to the stigma attached to addiction. 

Recovery is an empowering liberating decision, not a shameful consequence. You can own your story and live an authentic meaningful live you are proud of.

SHE RECOVERS allows women to truly heal without asking women to label themselves or following a prescribed program. Women are encouraged to find what works for them. There is remarkable sense of belonging in the SHE RECOVERS Together Facebook Group and within the SHE RECOVERS Together Online Gatherings. Women share openly without fear of judgement or shame. In order to heal, women need to feel seen, heard, and loved and accepted for who they really are. In the words of Brene Brown “We don’t have to do it all alone. We were never meant to.” 

My hope is that more women find SHE RECOVERS and make use of all that is offered. If you are reading this and you don’t know where to start, that is totally okay. You don’t have to have all the answers. You don’t have to have anything figured out. All I ask is that you consider how worthy you are of healing and support. We are here for you.

Recovery truly is a gift.

To help Jessica fulfill her wish for all recovering women to have access to our life-line organization we welcome you to consider becoming a Founding Investor before this unusual and uncertain year ends. 

We have created different levels of support starting at just $5 USD. We ask that you seriously consider investing in the giving level that is most meaningful to you and your loved ones. Any amount will be deeply appreciated by us and the women we serve. 

As a Founding Investor you and your contribution can be included in our online Portfolio of Hope [ Launching early 2021 ] and featured in the first SHE RECOVERS® Foundation Annual Report – documenting a moment in herstory when this global life-saving movement first began.  

You can give the gift of recovery to women all over the world. Click here to become a Founding Investor today.

Jessica is a SHE RECOVERS® Coach who believes that recovery is about returning to the joy of living and finding richer, more fulfilling jobs, relationships, and experiences. A Registered Nurse in recovery from alcohol misuse, anxiety, distorted eating and perfectionism, Jessica’s passion is to empower others to create authentic and fulfilling lives in recovery.


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