Amplifying Women’s Stories in Recovery Advocacy


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The SHE RECOVERS® Foundation invites you to write a new story this March in honor of International Women’s Day.

As women, our stories of recovery are about self-compassion, growth and transformation.

Our stories also provide a key to unlocking healing opportunities for everyone who listens. Together we can smash stigma, break barriers and rewrite the stories for recovering women⁠ everywhere to become stories of renewed possibilities, inspiration and hope.
We are honored to redefine recovery through highlighting and amplifying women’s voices in recovery advocacy around the globe at this 2nd annual event.

This year, you will hear from women in Africa, South America, the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States and be joined by women all over the globe for a sacred event that honors yOUR story and inspires possibilities for the future of women’s recovery support. You will also join countless ambassadors and supporters from organizations who are all committed to lifting up the voices of women and amplifying the value and power of our collective stories.

The event is free and anyone is welcome. Donations to the SHE RECOVERS Foundation are appreciated!

The goals for the event are to:

  • Redefine recovery by bringing awareness to intersecting issues specific to women’s mental health and addiction recovery
  • Amplify women’s global voices in recovery advocacy
  • Explore holistic and individualized approaches to recovery that embrace multiple pathways and patchworks of recovery
  • Highlight organizations supporting women’s recovery on a global scale
  • Provide an opportunity for discussion on the value and impact of story and storytelling

Save the Date: Wednesday, March 8, 2023 | 2-4:30pm EST

Presented by:
SHE RECOVERS® Foundation

Hosted by:
Caroline Beidler, BA, MSW
Recovery Advocate. Author. Storyteller.

Caroline Beidler, BA, MSW is an author, recovery advocate and founder of the storytelling platform Bright Story Shine. Her new book Downstairs Church: Finding Hope in the Grit of Addiction and Trauma Recovery is available for pre-order. With almost 20 years in leadership within social work and ministry, she is the Membership and Outreach Manager for the Association of Recovery in Higher Education, where she works with collegiate recovery programs (CRPs) and collegiate recovery communities (CRCs) and students in or seeking recovery from addiction across the globe. She is a team writer for the Grit and Grace Project and blogger at the global recovery platform In the Rooms. Caroline lives in Tennessee with her husband and four year old twins where she enjoys hiking in the mountains and building up her community’s local recovery ministry.



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