As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others. (Audrey Hepburn)

Today is the day. After months of love, sweat, tears, writing, and playing with photos – the new She Recovers website is born. She Recovers is my passion project – and has been since I created the She Recovers Facebook page in July, 2011. My purpose here, as it is on the Facebook page, is to create a space for recovering women to visit, access resources, and connect.

I don’t care what you are recovering from, how you are recovering, or how long you have been recovering. I happen to believe with all of my heart that we are all recovering from something. I myself have been in recovery for decades from addiction (including alcoholism). I also consider myself to be recovering from losing my mom fifteen years ago and from stage 3 colon cancer 10 years ago. More recently I have been working on my recovery from workaholism. I also have a touch of codependency and sometimes struggle with food issues. I would love to recover from my perfectionism.

She Recovers is not my career or my job. My professional career is as a consultant, policy researcher and writer focusing primarily on mental health, problematic substance use and intimate partner violence. I have experience with all three. To sum things up – recovery is my life, I spend a lot of time thinking about it.

On this site you will see that we sell spots at our amazingly popular She Recovers Yoga and Recovery retreats, as well as a new line of beautiful Malas created by my daughter Taryn Strong. Taryn is also the yoga guru at our retreats – more about her on the yoga page on this site! I’ve created a Reading Room where you can browse a library of helpful recovery books, and a Recovery Resources page. You can also learn about recovery coaching – both as a recovery tool and as a career. If you check out our About page you will meet Sharonlee Latham, our wellness goddess and partner for our Mexico retreats, and my oldest daughter Ashley Prosser – who is our admin support for mala sales and retreats.

We are a small team – and we all have other jobs. So please be patient with us as we launch this new website and try to attend to the newest venture – mala madness. We will also try to be patient with ourselves. At the end of the day – what I know perhaps more than anything is that my recovery depends on my own self care. I’ll be talking a lot about that on this blog too. I’ll blog as often as I can and try to respond to comments, but the latter will definitely depend upon volume of said comments. One day at a time.

We are really, really excited about this new and  improved version of the She Recovers website. We’ll keep sorting it out and figuring out what She Recovers more broadly is really all about – with your help and participation, as always. Many of you have been long time friends on the She Recovers Facebook page, others are new to our community. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank  you. Stay tuned – things are going to get interesting around here!

By the way, I have to express my gratitude to the amazing Kim and Niki from Boutique by Design. Kim’s design eye and Niki’s technical expertise have brought this baby home, their patience with me as I messed about with the content and with building the shop is greatly appreciated. Their encouragement and support for the concept and for our vision has also helped me to keep going – sometimes blindly into the night.



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