I’ve come to know and believe that each of us has a soul message that only we can share, and if we don’t discover this message, the world misses out on a beautiful offering.

Our message is within us when we are created, and although our childhood and other life circumstances may bury it, it remains our life’s purpose to uncover it and share it with the world.  It’s not easy. Life can take us on many detours, painful detours. Reconnecting to our soul’s message often takes an intense undoing, delayering, and shedding. When we find it – that which may have been hidden for a long time – we have found our life’s work. Our offering.

Like so many women in recovery, I am extremely grateful that Sarah Blondin has found her soul’s message and is sharing her light work with the world. Sarah is a beloved and gifted meditation teacher, founder, writer, videographer and podcast host for the “live awake project.” Most of us know her from her profoundly beautiful meditations available on the Insight Timer app.

Much to my delight, when I reached out to Sarah a few months ago, she agreed to meet with me in person. And so, a few weeks ago we met at a coffee shop in the small town of Vernon, British Columbia, Canada, a mid-way point between where we both live. It was love at first sight, for me. Sarah glows, as if radiating a light from within. The conversation flowed easily, as it does between two women sharing about the struggle that is the human experience. I was deeply curious about where Sarah’s deep insights and inspiration come from.

Sarah spoke of her unique journey to Source.  Self-described as a hypersensitive human, Sarah believes that we all have HSP – Hyper Sensitivity Disorder – in varying degrees.  She shared that she was always  sensitive to the human struggle existing in each of us; that she had spent years crying and longing to find equilibrium within herself, without understanding why she was crying, or why she felt in such misalignment with herself.  She longed to be of service to the world, to bring some peace to the suffering of humans.

Sarah grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and from a young age always felt a kinship with those less fortunate, accompanied by a deep longing to make things different for them.  When she moved to Vancouver, BC to pursue an acting career she made friends with the people living on the streets in the Downtown Eastside. She always felt compelled to stop and ask homeless people about their stories. She spoke of the rich conversations she would have, conversations at a level that in our usual lives, we don’t often have even with the people closest to us. Sarah described what it was like to really “get” and “see” these people, to understand them, see their longings for love and for the same human belonging and connection that we are all seeking.  We all share the same deep longing to find God/ Source/ Spirit, and Sarah found this truth in the lives and the stories of the people living on these streets.

Sarah pursued acting for a number of years, but the experience eventually took its toll. The extreme highs and lows that transpired were too much for her. She grew tired of the spiking emotions, and began to experience a longing to reach equilibrium, to be of service.

Enter the undoing.

During her first pregnancy Sarah’s sensitivity spiked to uncomfortable levels. Gently guided by the whispers of her spirit, Sarah surrendered to the beckoning of nature and fled to the interior of British Columbia. Into “the woods”, as she fondly refers to her now home.  While Sarah has never struggled with addiction in the more traditional sense, she describes entering into a form of “recovery or rehab”, where she was forced to shed her old, trusted means of coping and escape, and let go of it all through a process of heavy purging.  The depression that she entered lasted about two years.

Always a writer, it was around this same time that Sarah started to notice a shift in her writing. As she explains it, she found herself able to tap into a “Mainline to Source” and learned that she could tackle anything that she was processing simply by asking the question. Her work and her words are the direct result of the wisdom and inspiration that flows from her Mainline. Her prayers in the solitude of nature bring forth the necessary guidance – unfiltered, unedited, as is. Today, Sarah’s profoundly moving guided meditations are helping to heal people all over the world.

We will soon be able to add Sarah’s written words on our heart, just as we have embraced her spoken word. The book that Sarah is writing is about healing the divide between the Self and the Heart. Sarah believes that this our journey, our human voyage home. The path will be different for each of us, will often be bumpy, but we can all get to where we need to be.  Through her work, spoken or written, Sarah Blondin guides us to live wide awake and consciously.  It is a beautiful way to live, not easy, but incredibly rewarding. This coming September, Sarah will be a special guest at She Recovers in LA – a perfect setting for her and her gift.

My own words can’t convey what a joy it was to meet Sarah. I am her biggest fan, and will be first in line to buy her book. Her words feed my soul, guide my growth with love and compassion, and provide the gentle nudge that I need to continue to excavate the unique gift that is my soul’s message.

Lori Ann H. (on right) lives in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, where she has been writing/ blogging privately about her recovery since 2016. She discovered She Recovers in 2017, and her recovery took flight. Lori Ann is passionate about writing, the healing that comes in working recovery, and living consciously.  She believes wholeheartedly that we each have a unique gift to share with the world, and that this gift can only be found in our healing.  Once we find this gift, it is our obligation to share it with the world… this is light that only we can shine. She is on the threshold of sharing her love and light.

Sarah Blondin (on left) is the founder, writer, videographer and podcast host for ‘live awake’. She lives with her two beautiful sons and husband in British Columbia, Canada. Sarah will be presenting a beautiful spoken word meditations at She Recovers in LA in September, 2018.


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