You don’t have to recover alone. You are worthy of a community free of judgement. You deserve a trauma-informed space full of support, understanding, and fellow travelers to journey recovery alongside you.

SHE RECOVERS Together Online Zoom Gatherings are voluntarily facilitated by Professional SHE RECOVERS Coaches who meet you right where you are.

We welcome women (cisgender or transgender) and non-binary individuals recovering in all areas of life. All pathways and patchworks of recovery are supported. Due to the confidential nature of these gatherings – they will not be recorded. In an effort to maintain a welcoming and supportive environment, these gatherings are also limited to 100 participants per session.



Our Gatherings

If you identify as being in recovery and as a woman, we welcome you to join us for these daily gatherings voluntarily facilitated by SHE RECOVERS® Coaches. Due to the confidential nature of these gatherings – they will not be recorded. In an effort to maintain a welcoming and supportive environment, these gatherings are limited to 100 participants per session.

Join Taryn Strong for free to practice trauma informed yoga online.

Want more Yoga with Taryn anytime, anywhere, for less than the cost of one regular yoga studio session? Get unlimited access to an exciting library of Taryn’s recorded themed classes by joining the SHE RECOVERS® YOGA Membership. Your first month is free – with new content and live gatherings added every month. Learn more >

Join Payton Kennedy, Dancer, Yoga Teacher, and SHE RECOVERS® Director of Retreats & Event Operations, as she guides you through an embodied movement experience.

This experience is facilitated with a carefully curated music playlist, cues and markers based on mindfulness, mind/body/spirit connection and yoga philosophy. Join us for SHE RECOVERS® Dance and experience the opportunity to create your own, unique dance, within  an inspiring, playful and judgment-free space that promotes self-discovery, body positivity, freedom, joy and empowerment.

The SHE RECOVERS Foundation Weekly #MentalHealthMonday Educational Series is composed of hour long, live, recovery-focused educational sessions featuring today’s leaders in women’s wellness, mental health, and addiction recovery. Please register for this offering via our Eventbrite page.

This weekly meeting is for women looking to cultivate and follow individualized and holistic pathways and patchworks to wellness. ITR is also host to over 130 meetings per week. We strongly encourage you to check out all of the meetings – there is something for everyone.

If you are a woman of color, being in or seeking recovery doesn’t have to be an isolating experience. This group is the creation of Shari Hampton, Trusted Advisor of SHE RECOVERS and founder of Served Up Sober. This is an intra-community closed space for women of color to engage and heal.

SHE RECOVERS Support For Veterans & First Responders is open to all women (cisgender & transgender) and non-binary individuals who identify with women’s communities. If you are in or seeking recovery you are welcome here.

SHE RECOVERS Support for Mothers of High Needs Children is a group created to connect, support and empower Mothers of special and high-needs children and youth. We are stronger together.

We are all recovering from something. And during this unprecedented time of global stress – we know that recovering professionals working on the front line of the Coronavirus Pandemic could use a little extra support. Several SHE RECOVERS Coaches – who are themselves physicians or nurses – offered to hold this online space as moderators.

We are so excited to offer SHE RECOVERS® for Legal Professionals. Legal Professionals include lawyers in all areas of practice (including those in firms and other organizations, government and academia), paralegals, as well as senior law firm executives (COOs, CFOs, CBDOs).



What Participants are Saying About Together Online Gatherings

“I love hearing and knowing that I’m not alone in my “crazy” thoughts and feelings. As soon as I start to feel like I’m on an island, the Zoom Gatherings bring me back to the reality that so many of us are recovering from different things. And yet we can still share many common experiences and thoughts.”

“The Zoom Gatherings, for me, are a place of belonging, a place of healing, a chance to practice leadership. To be seen at a gentle pace. Accountability, friendship, laughter and a renewed commitment to my recovery”

“The Zoom Gatherings have been so vital to my early recovery. They’ve given me access to a community of supportive women from all walks of life that I don’t know if I would have met otherwise. Being able to call in from the comfort of my home gave me the confidence to take those first steps. And as I’ve continued down the path of early recovery, they’ve given me a safe, consistent place to open my heart and express the good, bad, and ugly of life and feel much less alone.”

“The Zoom Gatherings have been a guaranteed, consistent place and space that I can rely on and where I can practice and grow in my recovery. Having a platform via zoom has ensured I can attend no matter what. Seeing familiar faces of other women who show up frequently has provided the social environment that promotes connection. These Gatherings have been critical to my recovery over the past five months.”

“The Zoom Gatherings provide a safe space to speak my truth. Connection with other authentic women. No bullshit. Honest. Vulnerable. All pathways accepted. No judgement. Creative. Supportive. I can honestly feel the love. This group empowers me to honor myself.”

“The Zoom Gatherings added a level of nonjudgmental support from other women that I was craving through the other recovery programs I attend. It is an hour of my day that fills me up, empowers me, allows me to feel heard and to be authentically me.”

We’re stronger together.


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