Support for Black, Indigenous & Women of Color

Are you looking for a…

🤎 Welcoming intra-community recovery-focused group where people of color / people of the global majority can gather and feel seen, heard, and held?

🧡 Supportive place where the intersection of race, racial and intergenerational trauma, and the experiences of living as a Black, Latina, Asian, Indigenous, or woman of color can be explored in relation to your recovery?

💛 Space where the unique experiences of people of color living, learning, and recovering in predominantly white spaces is recognized?

💜 An alternative to those spaces that welcomes open discussion and perspective which incorporates identity into varying experiences, challenges, and celebrations as related to recovery?

🖤 Sanctuary where you can speak about the impacts of racism and oppression on your recovery, share your story, and connect with like-hearted folks who relate to your lived experience?

🤎 More intimate community for deeper connection where nothing but compassion and support is offered?

🧡 Judgement-free place of belonging, where you can feel at home just as you are and be unconditionally accepted and supported by individuals from diverse backgrounds?

If you are a woman of color, being in or seeking recovery doesn’t have to be an isolating experience. Created by the SHE RECOVERS Trusted Advisor for Healing Racism in Recovery, Shari Hampton, and facilitated by SHE RECOVERS Certified Professionals, this intra-community closed space and bi-weekly support group is designed for women of color to connect and heal.

This community connects 24/7 in the SHE RECOVERS Support for BLAIWOC Facebook group and gathers bi-weekly online on Saturdays from 11 AM PT – 12 PM PT.

What Women of Color are saying about the SHE RECOVERS® support for Black, Latina, Asian, Indigenous & Women of Color Group

“I am no stranger to racism, sexism, and feelings of not belonging. It remains challenging for women of color and other marginalized people to integrate in recovery spaces. The SHE RECOVERS Support Group for Black, Latina, Asian, Indigenous & Women of Color has been instrumental in my recovery. I appreciate having a community from which to draw strength.”
“For the first time in my eight years of sobriety, I feel safe in a recovery community. I feel like I am heard, seen, understood, and unconditionally loved.”
“Racism and hatred were at the root of my suffering. To have somewhere I know I can go to share freely about these experiences is critical to my healing. Women of color need their own spaces to share these vulnerabilities with other people who can relate and empathize.”
“Members of the BLAIWOC group have expressed gratitude for having this smaller group within the larger community. It’s a place where the intersection of race, racial and intergenerational trauma, and the experiences of living as a POC can safely be explored in relation to one’s recovery.” — Melissa Davis, SHE RECOVERS Support for BLAIWOC facilitator
“In the BLAIWOC group, racial issues are not “outside issues” but rather integral components of our recovery. In predominantly white spaces, responses to discussions about racism can sometimes feel dismissive or censoring, which can be detrimental to our recovery. By creating a space where these experiences are validated and understood, we can address the challenges of racial trauma without fear of judgment or shame.” — Codi Renee Blackmon, SHE RECOVERS Support for BLAIWOC facilitator

Meet your facilitators

Melissa Davis SHE RECOVERS Support for BLAIWOC

Melissa Davis, RN, MSN, SRCD (she/her)

Melissa is a registered oncology nurse, educator, and certified recovery coach. She holds a SHE RECOVERS Coach Designation and earned her coaching certification through Radiant Coaches Academy, an accredited training program within the International Coaching Federation. A bi-racial, multi-cultural woman in recovery from her relationship with alcohol, substances, and painful lifelong patterns, her work allows clients to find the spaciousness needed to attend deeply to themselves — so they may show up fully to their relationships, work, creativity, and the healing process. Melissa has volunteered with SHE RECOVERS in the Black, Latina, Asian, Indigenous, and women of color support group since 2020. She enjoys working with all women who are in or seeking recovery and especially values supporting women of color and those in high-demand occupations.

“SHE RECOVERS has been part of my life since 2014, though I became more involved with the organization in 2018 which changed the course of my recovery. What sets SR apart from many traditional recovery spaces is the guiding principle that we are all recovering from something. Initially, I came into recovery not for my substance use, but for the resulting behaviors, patterns, and feelings that went hand in hand with my substance use. My involvement with SR was an invitation to explore how sobriety could help me create space to address the cycle of dysfunction I had lived with for so long. SHE RECOVERS is an organization that I have personally witnessed living their stated values which means a lot to me. Being a SR Certified Coach and volunteer allows me to give of myself — time, presence, and energy — to an organization that changed my life. I am proud and grateful to be able to represent the SHE RECOVERS Foundation.

My greatest hope is for people of the global majority/BLAIWOC who are in or seeking recovery to have equitable access to recovery resources. I hope that every person of color has the opportunity, whether online or in their communities, to fully engage in supportive and nurturing spaces that expand their healing.”

Connect with Melissa Davis, RN, MSN, SRCD


Codi Renee Blackmon SHE RECOVERS Support for BLAIWOC

Codi Renee Blackmon, SRPD (she/her)

Codi Renee is a Black woman celebrating recovery! Celebrating her recovery from alcohol misuse, trauma, anxiety, mental health issues, burnout from single parenting, grief and loss, and multiple experiences of abuse and oppression. She is particularly passionate about supporting women dealing with trauma and mental health challenges. As a facilitator, Codi Renee wants to create a nurturing environment where BLAIWOC individuals feel seen, heard, valued, and empowered, where discussions that explore the intersections of mental health, physical safety and well-being, and cultural identity bolster the recovery process.

“Becoming a SHE RECOVERS Certified Professional and volunteer was a natural extension of my journey toward healing and empowerment. I felt a deep sense of belonging and safety within the SHE RECOVERS community. Even as someone with social anxiety, the supportive environment encouraged me to share my experiences and connect with others who understood recovery. Volunteering allowed me to deepen my involvement and contribute to a community that had given me so much support and understanding.

As a college professor of diverse student populations, I draw from my personal experiences and areas of expertise to facilitate connections and provide support. Professionally, research interests focused on social justice and racial equity have brought a profound sense of fulfillment and purpose to my work. I value social change and activism and believe that individual growth and healing are needed for broader societal transformation. Together, as we do our personal work, we create positive change in the world.

I envision a future where members of our community can embrace and celebrate their recovery journeys, including overcoming the unique challenges of racism, racial trauma, and oppression. I hope BLAIWOC individuals will find tailored support and inclusive dialogue that acknowledges their diverse experiences and needs and discover a sense of belonging and validation in their journeys toward healing and wholeness. By embracing and celebrating our stories, I hope we uplift and inspire others in the BLAIWOC community to embark on their own paths of recovery.”

If you are someone who desires freedom and confidence in an oppressive and depressing society, or if you are struggling with confusion about why you aren’t feeling great about your life’s accomplishments or working hard and not getting liberation, please reach out to Codi Renee via email or Facebook.

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Codi Renee Blackmon SHE RECOVERS Support for BLAIWOC

About the Creator

shari hampton

Shari Hampton, SRCD (she/her)

The visionary and creator behind the SHE RECOVERS Support Group for Black, Latina, Asian, Indigenous and Women of Color is Shari Hampton. Shari is an anti-racist consultant who works with recovery and treatment organizations to help them explore their own biases and create pathways to greater diversity, equity and inclusion. Her signature offering: Unmasking Racism in Recovery Spaces is presented throughout the US and Canada and has been recognized by organizations including She Recovers Foundation, Women in Sobriety, Mobilize Recovery and NAATP. She is also the founder of Served Up Sober, a non-profit organization devoted to increasing healthy equity in marginalized communities, and a Trusted Advisor (Anti-Racism) for SHE RECOVERS.

As a woman in long term recovery, Shari is a fierce recovery advocate and sought after workshop presenter who continuously works to center the issues of Black and brown communities in recovery spaces

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With deep gratitude for our volunteers

These BLAIWOC recovery support group and gatherings would not be possible without the support of our dedicated volunteers including our facilitators, co-hosts, and guardians. To learn more about getting involved with SHE RECOVERS visit our get involved page to learn more.

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