SHE RECOVERS® Together Online Gatherings are informed by the SHE RECOVERS Intentions & Guiding Principles. They are hour-long, topic-focused, trauma-informed, and voluntarily facilitated by Professional SHE RECOVERS Certified Professionals who meet you right where you are. A free authenticated zoom account is required to attend.

We welcome women, femmes, and non-binary individuals who identify with women’s communities – who are in or seeking recovery – into this space. We also embrace all races, sexual orientations, body types, and all those differences of life situations, backgrounds, and abilities.

All pathways and patchworks of recovery are welcome.

About the Foundation

SHE RECOVERS® Foundation is a nonprofit organization with legal charitable status in the US and Canada. The mission of our grassroots movement is to redefine recovery, inspire hope, end stigma, and empower women to increase their recovery capital, heal themselves, and help other women to do the same.


SHE RECOVERS programming is reserved for individuals over 18 years of age. Our gatherings and support groups are facilitated by volunteers who serve as a bridge to help and are not a replacement for coaching, therapy, treatment, or medical care.

If you are seeking treatment or professional recovery support please visit our online directory of trusted resources.

By participating in these gatherings, you agree to adhere to our guidelines and agreements.

SHE RECOVERS Foundation space holders reserve the right to remove any individual who appears to be violating the terms of use set out by SRF, the group guidelines, and the agreements outlined below.

Community Guidelines & Agreements

SHE RECOVERS wishes to acknowledge the lineage of luminaries who influenced how we hold space with special thanks to the women of color for their emotional labor and to the collective of contributors who continue to light our path.

To co-create a welcoming and supportive environment, we ask all gathering participants to adhere to the following:

Familiarize Yourself With Our Intentions & Guiding Principles


  • Co-create a welcoming and supportive environment built on mutual respect for all participants, volunteers, and facilitators
  • Embrace people of all races, sexual orientations, bodies, neurotypes, and differences in life situations, cultures, backgrounds, and abilities
  • Hate speech, racism (including micro-aggressions), discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity, anti-fat bias, bullying, harassment, derogatory remarks, intentionally spreading misinformation, and any other forms of aggressive behavior will not be tolerated


  • If you are driving or operating a vehicle, use hands-free audio only
  • Take caution when sharing your personal contact information with everyone in the space

If you are experiencing crisis or distress, you agree to: 

If you are experiencing an emergency, please call 911 (or the equivalent in your country) or go to the nearest emergency room.


  • Join the gathering from a space that facilitates confidentiality – both yours and that of others
  • Don’t discuss other individuals’ presence outside of the gathering
  • Refrain from taking any pictures, screenshots, and/or saving chat remarks


  • Refrain from sharing explicit details when speaking about activating topics such as sexual or physical abuse, violence, suicide, death, self-injurious behavior, and/or alcohol and drug use
  • You are welcome to name the type of trauma or substance use you have experienced, and the emotions that may arise, but please be mindful of the details you share. Reserve discussion of these subjects for outside this group with a trusted professional, loved one, or fellow traveler
  • Avoid encouraging the use of potentially harmful substances to cope with life stressors
  • Refrain from applying moral judgment around food and bodies or discussing weight, clothing sizes, or calories. Don’t promote activating diet-culture-related behaviors such as cleansing, fasting, restricting specific foods, or “clean” eating
  • Be mindful of what is in your camera view and turn off your video if you are using substances, eating, preparing food, smoking/vaping, undressing, or have any not-safe-for-work items in view
  • Refrain from sharing and/or chatting if you are under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or other substance(s) causing impairment


  • Acknowledge that participating in this space is a radical act of self-love that focuses on nurturing our bodies, minds, emotions, and spirits
  • Tend to your energy by sharing, watching, and listening to only that which you are comfortable with
  • Check your own assumptions and biases
  • Trust intent, acknowledge impact, and work towards repair if your words or actions negatively impact others


  • Choose curiosity and empathy, assume positive intent, and think well of each other
  • Suspend judgment towards yourself and others


Conflict and emotional discomfort are natural aspects of group endeavors so we ask that all participants:

  • Adopt a spirit of “ouch and oops” 
  • Engage each other privately to resolve interpersonal conflict
  • If your actions have an unintended negative impact on others, participate in a process of rupture and repair, seek to understand and address any harm caused, work toward reconciliation
  • Don’t use the gathering space to air grievances
  • If you experience something you feel requires action from the Foundation, such as being the target of discrimination, please report it as soon as you can to the guardian via private message


  • Welcome all pathways and patchworks of recovery
  • Keep shares recovery-focused and speak from a place of personal experience
  • Be considerate when discussing political matters. Don’t mention, endorse, or oppose specific political parties or figures. If politics affects your recovery, you may discuss issues such as policy, power dynamics, or the unequal distribution of resources and status
  • Share how religion has influenced your recovery journey but please refrain from preaching or imposing religion on others
  • Honor strength in yourself and others whenever possible


  • Arrive at the start of the gathering whenever possible
  • Set an intention to be present with those who are sharing
  • Use the chat only to welcome newcomers, honor those who are sharing, and give or receive support
  • If your chat remarks are taking you or others out of the present moment, connect outside of the gathering instead
  • Obtain consent before sending private messages to other participants
  • Don’t engage in unrelated side discussions, criticism, debate, or provide unsolicited feedback


  • We invite those who find it easy to share in a group to take a sacred pause before raising their hand to make space for those who may struggle to do so or those who have been historically silenced
  • Limit your share to three minutes. This allows us to hear from as many people as possible within the hour. 


  • Use inclusive and de-stigmatizing language freely. Instead of saying “that’s crazy” or “it’s totally insane” when describing intense /overwhelming/exceptional situations, feelings, or experiences consider saying things like bananas, intense, unusual, surprising, life-altering, significant, ridiculous, or incredible instead
  • Use inclusive greetings whenever possible. A simple shift in language from saying “hey ladies” to “hey everyone” can create a more welcoming and supportive space for everyone


  • These gatherings and all SRF platforms are not spaces for participants to promote personal work or businesses. This includes links to a website, blog, podcast, video, or other resources leading to service offers. We appreciate your work in the world; however, these spaces must remain primarily about support
  • SHE RECOVERS Certified Professionals are permitted to self-promote in exchange for their volunteer facilitation within the gatherings


  • State your first name or preferred nickname
  • Share your pronouns if you wish (she/her, she/they, or they/them)
  • Tell us where you are in the world
  • If you’d like, tell us what you are in recovery from, e.g. “Hi, my name is Vasalisa and I am from Saturna Island, BC. My pronouns are she/her and I am recovering from codependency, overworking, orthorexia, and trauma.”


SRF volunteer space holders have the right to remove any individual who appears to violate the group guidelines & agreements and terms of use set out by SRF. Participants are responsible for revisiting them periodically to be aware of any changes. If any participant violates the guidelines and agreements, they may be asked to take additional steps to re-engage with the group or may be banned from participating in SRF spaces.

While the information participants disclose will be held in confidence by their peers, issues requiring reparative action from SRF may be reported to SRF by volunteer space holders. SRF may take action if a gathering violation is observed or reported.

SRF is not responsible for community members’ actions, behaviors, beliefs, or values.

Participating in Gatherings


You are not required to share and won’t be called upon to share. Being present, listening, and holding space is just as meaningful as sharing.

If you would like to share, please raise your hand electronically. Instructions for sharing can be found below:

1. The RAISE HAND button is found in the REACTIONS section at the bottom of your Zoom screen

2. If you encounter technical issues you may use the chat to communicate with the volunteer co-host to receive support

3. The SHE RECOVERS Certified Professional will call upon you when it is your turn to share

4. You will be unmuted and re-muted by the volunteer co-host


We understand it might take a few meetings (or more) before you feel comfortable enough to share in a SHE RECOVERS Together Gathering. We welcome you to introduce yourself in the chat at the start of the gathering so we can welcome you. If you have any questions about the gathering feel free to direct message the volunteer co-host or guardian and they will do their best to respond. If you have questions about SHE RECOVERS more broadly, please email us at


SHE RECOVERS has developed safeguards to steward a more secure online experience for gathering participants. As always, the use of Zoom, social media, and other online platforms is at your own risk.

Prior to attending an online gathering or support group, SHE RECOVERS requires participants to:

1. Complete and sign a participant agreement

2. Participate using an authenticated Zoom account

SHE RECOVERS Together Online Gatherings are facilitated by volunteer SHE RECOVERS Certified Professionals and supported by volunteer co-hosts and guardians from the SHE RECOVERS Community.

All of the gatherings are stewarded by volunteer space holders. The co-hosts and guardians are there to:

1. Monitor the waiting room and permit participants to enter
2. Mute and unmute participants
3. Lower hands after share is complete

4. Monitor and respond to the chat
5. Scan the room for unwelcomed participants and remove them
6. Welcome new women to the gathering through the chat

7. Offer Zoom technical support
8. Respond to gathering agreement violations
9. Report issues requiring reparative action to the Foundation

The SHE RECOVERS Certified Professionals are here to:

1. Introduce themselves, their professional practice, and/or any offerings they may have created to provide holistic support for recovering women
2. Present the optional topic of the gathering and model strengths-based sharing

3. Call on participants with their hands raised to share
4. Hold a trauma-informed and supportive space for all participants

5. Deeply listen and hold space for those who are sharing
6. Offer affirming reflections when the participant’s share is complete

If you are experiencing crisis or distress

Please reach out to one of the crisis support lines or therapeutic resources listed below


988 Suicide & Crisis Line – United States

988 (Formerly 1-800-273-8255)

Talk Suicide Canada

Canada 1-833-456-4566 or text 45645

SAMHSA National Helpline

For individuals & families facing mental health and/or substance use disorders

1-800-662-HELP (4357)

International Crisis Text Line

Contact a live, trained crisis counselor via text

North America text 741741

UK text 85258


Crisis Line for Racial Equity Support

503.575.3764 (not 24/7)


LGBTQ Thrive Mental Health Crisis Support

text “THRIVE” to begin your conversation


LGBT National Health Center

1-888-843-4564 (not 24/7)

Trans LifeLine 

Provides trans peer support for the trans community

Canada (877) 330-6366

US (877) 565-8860


SHE RECOVERS trusted resources:

About the Zoom Platform

View modes

  • There are two view modes in Zoom – Speaker and Gallery View
  • The “View mode” button is in the top right of the window
  • Speaker View only shows you who is actively speaking
  • Gallery View shows a display where all users are visible at once. You can still see who is sharing because they are surrounded by a yellow box.

Participants list

  • The button to open the Participants list is at the bottom of the window
  • Shows all who are in the gathering
  • Displays the host and co-hosts

Joining for the first time

We find this video from Marcia Chadly so helpful for first time participants. This video walks you through:

  • Understanding Zoom access information
  • Downloading the free Zoom app
  • Using the access information to join
  • How to turn your video off and on
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