Only a few sleeps ago since we launched She Recovers in NYC and I’m feeling kind of tired. Happy tired but still.
Also feeling like:
1. This project has chosen us.
2. The overwhelming support that we have received related to the event is overwhelming.
3. We wish that everybody in the world could be on the program but that may not happen.
4. This event is about the message – it’s not about us (the organizers). It’s not even about our amazing speakers – although holy shit they are amazing.
5. The message is that we are all strong and courageous women and we do recover and we’re all recovering from something and we do it in all different ways.
6. This event is about connection (to our breath and our bodies, to our selves, each other, to our recovery communities and to other recovery communities and to the rest of the world).
7. This event is about celebration.
7. And finally – Hillary stole our tagline (joking – but it’s been on our website for years) but we’re still stronger together.
Please consider joining us at She Recovers in NYC if you can. We need you. We need all of us. Please share information about our event if you are able. We truly appreciate it.
Love you people.
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