Out of deep concern for our collective health – in person sharing circles are currently on hold. Visit your city’s Sharing Circle FB Group to stay up to date on virtual gatherings and other announcements.


Learn & share about the practice of recovery!

SHE RECOVERS® Sharing Circles provide supportive, non-judgmental spaces in communities across the world where women from diverse backgrounds can come together to learn and share about the practice of recovery. The Sharing Circles are led by SHE RECOVERS® Coaches.

Our Intentions

  • To promote collaborative learning environments where SHE RECOVERS® Coaches can better connect, support and empower women in or seeking recovery.
  • To build healing communities that are diverse both in membership and experience.
  • To support women to listen more deeply to themselves and others.
  • To offer opportunities for women to find and use their voice.
  • To be a community resource for recovery seekers, and a referral point for professionals, service providers and advocates looking to refer clients looking for recovery support.

International Offerings

Sharing Circles are generally hosted once a month and focus on that month’s recovery topic. For more information about the current Sharing Circles you can send an email inquiry or ask to be added to the closed Facebook Group related to a location-specific Sharing Circles.

We recommend that you only ask to join Sharing Circles that you will be able to attend in person. Sharing Circles are being added regularly but at this time they are available as below:


Monthly Recovery Topics

~ FOR 2020 ~


Envisioning A New Year
Exploring Self-Love and Healthy Relationships
Letting Go of Perfect
Nurturing our Physical Selves
Celebrating Our Strengths
Embracing Creativity
Saying Yes to Less
Developing a Positive Mindset
Focusing on Financial Awareness
Cultivating Mindfulness
Reclaiming Lost Dreams
Sharing Our Gifts

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