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We are honored to share with our SHE RECOVERS® Community this listing of treatment and wellness partners. The Treatment Centers, Professional Organizations, and Recovery Support Services listed below are organizations that we have come to know, trust and collaborate with over the years. We stand behind the quality, care, and mission of all who are listed. We understand how overwhelming accessing the appropriate treatment, or choosing a recovery provider, can be. It is our hope that this directory may be of assistance to those in search of quality treatment and recovery support.

Therapy Providers The World’s Largest Online Therapy Service

BetterHelp’s network of licensed, accredited, and experienced therapists can help you with a range of issues including substance use, depression, anxiety, relationships, trauma, grief, loss, and more. With BetterHelp, you are encouraged to communicate using your preferred way and on your terms. You can connect with your therapist by text, online chat, phone or video.

Since 2013, over 30,000 licensed, accredited, and board-certified therapists from BetterHelp’s network have helped more than 2,000,000 people face life’s challenges and improve their mental health. Through their network, BetterHelp will match you with a professional that is the best fit for you – a therapist ready to provide you with the support and relentless care you deserve.

BetterHelp is offering 50% off the first month of therapy to everyone who subscribes at from May 1 – 31, 2022.

BetterHelp will make a $30,000 donation to SHE RECOVERS plus $300 per member if more than 100 people subscribe during the program period.

Treatment Providers

The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation is a force of healing and hope for indi­viduals, families, and communities affected by substance use and mental health disorders. As the nation’s leading nonprofit provider of comprehensive inpatient and outpatient addiction and co-occurring mental health treatment for adults and youth ages 12+, the Foundation has locations nationwide, with expansive on-site and telehealth solutions and a network of collaborators throughout health care making it easy and convenient for you to access the care you need, when and how you need it. The Foundation also encom­passes a graduate school of addiction studies, a publishing division (Hazelden Publishing), an addiction research center, recovery advocacy, thought leader­ship, professional and medical education programs, school-based prevention resources, and a specialized program for children who grow up in families with addiction—including virtual programs for both children and families. Hazelden Betty Ford recognizes and embraces there are many paths to recovery and is ready to be at your side every step of the journey through an array of recovery resources and tools—inspiring messages, apps, podcasts, webcasts, guidance and on-going support to help you live your best life.

Direct Line for SHE RECOVERS community members to access help and care: Hazelden Betty Ford Referent Relations Team – 855-348-7018 or email  – When you call please share that you were referred to Hazelden Betty Ford by SHE RECOVERS.

Pathlight Mood & Anxiety Center takes a personalized, multidisciplinary approach to healing. Pathlight believes that mental health isn’t a destination, but a lifelong exploration. Their treatment programs guide a patient’s unique path forward and light the way for resilience and long-lasting mental wellness. With facilities located in 15 centers across the United States and virtual care offered in 35 states, Pathlight provides exceptional care for those struggling with mood disorders, anxiety, and trauma-related disorders. Their programs were designed by leaders in adult and child and adolescent psychiatry, psychology, and medicine and are led by Master’s-level and industry-leading clinicians.

workit health

Receive clinically-proven virtual care for addiction and mental health conditions from the privacy of home. Workit Health offers the gold standard of treatment, including video visits with a dedicated clinician, medication e-prescribed to your local pharmacy, and group and 1:1 therapy, at the moment you’re ready for help. With Workit Health, compassionate clinical and counseling care (that’s covered by insurance) is at your fingertips.

Founded by two women in recovery tired of seeing their friends fall through the cracks of the traditional treatment system, Workit Health’s team is dedicated to helping members make lasting positive change in their lives. Workit Health is 100% confidential and HIPAA-compliant, and offers the most comprehensive solution for digital mental health, accepting many types of insurance and addressing over thirty commonly co-occurring conditions, from insomnia to hepatitis C. The company is accredited by the Joint Commission and has partnered with the National Science Foundation and National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Gallus Detox Centers offer competent medical detox programs provided by board-certified physicians and ER/ICU level RN’s for the Arizona area. The expert teams at Gallus Detox Centers understand that entering detox can feel like a difficult process. With a focus on safety, comfort, compassion, and care, the treatment plans designed at Gallus Detox Centers meet the needs and goals of every individual so they may maintain their recovery even after detox treatment completes. Through their luxurious facilities and the breakthrough detox method created by Dr. Gallus, Gallus Detox Centers create ideal environments that promote healing, recovery, and lasting change.

La Amistad Behavioral Health Services are set in quiet, residential areas in Maitland and Winter Park, Florida. Treatment is available to most individuals suffering from psychiatric issues, mental health issues, functional impairment, and substance use disorders. The therapeutic environment at La Amistad is serene and homelike. The team at La Amistad is composed of highly-qualified psychiatrists, psychologists, professional nurses, social workers, therapists and psychiatric attendants who work together to uphold La Amistad’s reputation for excellence in helping patients resolve behavioral health issues. La Amistad believes in building healthy communities, which start with individuals, linked through sound relationships to their families, friends, neighbors and peers.

With its headquarters in Brentwood TN, Promises Behavioral Health is a family of centers nationwide ready to help you achieve recovery. The trauma informed and systemic approach at Promises Behavioral Health focuses on healing the whole – body, mind, spirit, and all who have been impacted within the addicted family system. Whether you’re looking for treatment for yourself or for a loved one, their team is ready to help every step of the way. Standards of care at Promises Behavorial Health include: A neurobiological focus, medication assisted therapy, recovery skills and support groups, building emotional awareness and resilience, changing internal narratives, spirituality and connection, and relapse prevention.

The Refuge is a residential program designed for adults with PTSD, eating disorders, addiction, depression and co‑occurring disorders, that promotes physical, spiritual, and emotional healing through a trauma-focused treatment approach. Their comprehensive addiction programming includes evidence-based supports such as: cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), 12-Step ideology, expressive arts, yoga, meditation, breathwork, EMDR, DBT, equine therapy, and individual and group counselling. Situated on over 90 acres of pristine property within the Ocala National Forest, The Refuge provides a secluded environment for clients to experience calm and healing. Clients of The Refuge are invited to unravel the trauma story, understand the addiction and mental health story, and create the recovery story.

Timberline Knolls is a private and residential treatment center, situated on a wooded 43 acre campus, for women and adolescent girls who are struggling with eating disorders, addiction, depression, and trauma. Their holistic approach recognizes the importance of understanding the unique experiences and needs of every woman and adolescent girl. With a focus on the physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, and social needs of every individual, the all-inclusive care provided at Timberline Knolls is the most effective and appropriate method for creating lasting change and achieving life-long recovery. Residents at Timberline Knolls can rediscover their strength within a tranquil and private treatment setting.

Recovery Support Providers

SHAMEBOOTH is the brainchild of artist and interventionist, Paula Williams. A graduate from The Art Institute of Chicago, Paula believes secrecy and judgment are what make shame thrive. She created the Shamebooth to bring people’s shame stories out into the open, meet them with empathy, and banish shame for good. Paula’s desire to help others evolved as the result of years of self medicating with alcohol and pills, and a history of mental health issues, which has led Paula to recovery. This experience has radically shifted her perspective towards others who are suffering and are full of shame, terrified to ask for help.

The  team at SoberBuddy has learned there are some things that work better than others when it comes to navigating sobriety. Based on their extensive experience with supporting those in recovery, as well as research conducted by experts in the field, SoberBuddy has created a road map that will guide participants – step by step – towards a thriving life in recovery. To help you move forward each day, SoberBuddy will send you a free daily email that includes a bite-size challenge that will help you stay motivated, learn skills, and prevent or recover from relapse. Take the challenge and see things begin to improve, today.

Women For Sobriety, Inc. (WFS) is a non-profit organization and a self-help program (also called the New Life Program) for women with Substance Use Disorders. Founded in 1975, it was the first national self-help program for addiction recovery developed to address the unique needs of women. Based upon the thirteen Acceptance Statements, the New Life Program is one of positivity that encourages emotional and spiritual growth. The New Life Program has been extremely effective in helping women to overcome their Substance Use Disorders and learn a whole new lifestyle. As a recovery program, it can stand alone or be used alongside other recovery supports simultaneously.

Professional & Training Providers

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