A trauma informed yoga teacher training rooted in recovery.

​Join an inspired group of embodied leaders committed to creating opportunities for individual and collective healing through SHE RECOVERS® Yoga.

…Are you seeking ways to enhance your personal yoga practice and broaden your understanding of inclusive and trauma informed yoga facilitation methods designed to support women in or seeking recovery? 

… Do you feel stuck, stagnant or disenchanted with your current yoga practice and teachings?

… Are you feeling called to liberate yourself and others from exclusionary pedagogy and paradigms while simultaneously supporting the nervous systems of those you lead?

…Have you been searching for an experienced and highly trained yoga practitioner recognized for her ability to unlock healing opportunities through the embodied arts, and weaving together the science and spirituality of holistic healing practices?

…Do you desire to receive mentorship from a world-renowned leader in the women’s recovery movement?

…Perhaps you have been searching for a community of like-hearted yoga teachers who are there to offer support, share insights, and celebrate your success as an embodied leader creating opportunities for individual and collective healing.

You belong here.

SHE RECOVERS® Yoga  |  Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher Training  | TAUGHT BY TARYN STRONG

The SHE RECOVERS Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher Training is designed for women and non-binary individuals who are passionate about holistic healing and are interested in becoming a more embodied, inclusive, compassionate, and skilled yoga teacher. 

Join SHE RECOVERS Trauma Informed Yoga creator and SHE RECOVERS co-founder, Taryn Strong, for a 25-hour trauma informed yoga teacher training that is carefully curated to cultivate connection, personal agency, and self-empowerment. 

Throughout the training, you will explore evidence-based practices rooted in the latest neuroscience which will help you to develop a more comprehensive understanding of trauma and its impact on the mind and body. You will also learn how to create welcoming and supportive spaces that promote healing from mental health issues, trauma, and substance use. 


Reaching the root & healing the issues in our tissues

Our bodies have a unique story to tell, and when trauma and stuck energy are held within the body we may experience physical and emotional distress such as chronic fatigue, illness, and dis-ease. By using a trauma-informed approach, yoga can provide a pathway towards holistic healing that supports the mind, body, emotions, and spirit. Trauma informed yoga can help release past stressors enabling us to live more fully in the present and reclaim our sense of self and wellbeing. 


Recovering women need your leadership

It is estimated that 1 in 3 women globally have experienced mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, trauma, substance use, grief and loss, eating disorders, burnout and moral injury, and/or love addiction – to name a few. That is 1.3 billion women worldwide who would benefit from holistic healing modalities that prioritize their unique and individual needs.

Recent studies have shown that women have been significantly and disproportionately impacted by the pandemic such as increased rates of anxiety, depression, PTSD, and stress as well as barriers to accessing treatment for substance use disorders. 

It is proven that yoga-based interventions and practices have the potential to reduce stress and anxiety – and aid women in their recovery from trauma and substance misuse – ultimately improving their overall mood, mental health and quality of life. 

These trauma informed teachings and inclusive practices are needed now more than ever. And we need inspired leaders like you to join us in sharing this recovery-focused and embodied healing modality with the world.


A holistic modality that fosters personal agency 

Trauma informed yoga is designed to create a welcoming and supportive space for individuals to listen to their own bodies, emotions, and thoughts. This approach emphasizes the importance of choice and boundaries, which can help individuals to feel more empowered in directing their own healing process.

Trauma informed yoga also emphasizes self-attunement and self-regulation. Through this invitational approach, individuals learn to tune in to their internal experiences and develop greater awareness of their own needs and feelings. This can help individuals to develop a greater sense of personal agency in their own lives.

In this innovative and online 25-hour trauma informed yoga teacher training you will:

  • Gain the tools and knowledge to confidently hold space for transformation, teach trauma informed yoga, and use empowering and inviting language and cues that are essential when teaching women in recovery
  • Explore related neuroscience, trauma theory, the concept of intergenerational trauma, yoga & ayurvedic philosophy as it relates to other recovery modalities, chakra healing, meditation, movements and breathwork, finding your voice, and class structure
  • Learn about different pathways and patchworks of recovery and how to support individuals recovering from a myriad of life experiences including mental health issues, trauma, and substance use 
  • Discover how the SHE RECOVERS inclusive community ethos & Intentions & Guiding Principles can deepen your personal practice and teachings
  • Unlock opportunities to deliver trauma-informed programming in your community and be recognized by industry professionals as a leader in women’s recovery



As a SHE RECOVERS Yoga Teacher in training, you will be:

  • Welcomed to join the (free) SHE RECOVERS Yoga Teacher Collective & Support Group 
  • Invited to dedicated support calls and trainings for SHE RECOVERS designated professionals
  • Included in monthly communications for SHE RECOVERS designated professionals


As a graduated SHE RECOVERS Yoga Teacher designate, you can:

  • Remain a member of the (free) SHE RECOVERS Yoga Teacher Collective & Support Group as you put your training into practice
  • Be listed in the SHE RECOVERS Foundation Professionals Directory alongside SHE RECOVERS Coaches & Certified Professionals
  • Position yourself as trauma-informed leader through your SHE RECOVERS Yoga Teacher badge across your professional platforms
  • Provide support to women in your local community by voluntarily facilitating a SHE RECOVERS Yoga class
  • Be invited to become a SHE RECOVERS volunteer facilitator for SHE RECOVERS Together online gatherings, identity-based support groups and/or local sharing circles
  • Have the opportunity to collaborate with other local SHE RECOVERS yoga teachers, coaches and/or professionals
  • Receive access to SHE RECOVERS branded and co-branded marketing materials conveying the unique value of being a SHE RECOVERS Yoga Teacher 

As a graduated SHE RECOVERS Yoga Teacher you may also:

  • Be invited to share your expertise across various SHE RECOVERS platforms such as the blog, podcast or recovery education series 
  • Have the opportunity to participate in additional SHE RECOVERS trainings and earn certifications to lead various SHE RECOVERS offerings (online and in person)

SHE RECOVERS Trauma Informed Yoga Teachers are given access to a dedicated recovery community, the chance to position themselves as leaders in the recovery realm, and the opportunity to play an integral role in this monumental grassroots movement where all women in or seeking recovery are celebrated, supported, and deemed essential to healthy communities.

“The SHE RECOVERS Yoga Teacher Training exceeded any and all expectations! The depth of knowledge and experience that Taryn has in this realm is truly exceptional. Her gifts of not only being an excellent teacher, but of embodying the essence of what it means to hold space and “walk the talk” of not only yoga but also the @she_recovers movement – is truly magical. I am so inspired by this experience and cannot wait to share with the world”

~ Leah, Graduate 2019 ~

Hi! I’m Taryn.

I am a founder of the SHE RECOVERS® Foundation (with my mama, Dawn Nickel). I am also in recovery from substance use disorder, trauma, disordered eating, self-injurious behavior, codependency, and all of the things that manifested as those things; shame, low self-worth, low self-esteem and being afraid of using my voice.

Today, I know for a fact, that everything I have been through – every heartbreak, addiction, trauma, insecurity – has taught me to lead with my heart and affirmed to me that we must be supported to find and follow individualized pathways and patchworks of recovery. Yoga is my recovery pathway.

Since I began teaching yoga in 2007, I have led over 50 yoga for recovery retreats (including a retreat at Kripalu), presented at several Yoga conferences, and have co-taught alongside Elena Brower. I am also the creator of the SHE RECOVERS Trauma Informed Yoga philosophy, program, and teacher training. You can find my online SHE RECOVERS Yoga membership HERE (your first month is totally free).

I am also a recovery coach, aromatherapist, and herbalist. And, I am so honored to weave my personal and professional experience within the realm of recovery and holistic healing modalities into this SHE RECOVERS Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher Training.

I am a firm believer in anti-oppressive practices and strive to bring an empathic and invitational approach to healing that can empower women to find and follow individualized pathways and patchworks of recovery. I am passionate about recovering out-loud, leading with courageous vulnerability, smashing the stigma often associated with mental health issues, trauma and substance use, and serving as a director on the SHE RECOVERS Foundation Board. 

I live, create, work and play with my beloved partner, son, and two dogs within the ancestral and unceded traditional territory of the Hul’qumi’num and SENĆOŦEN speaking Peoples (Saltspring Island).

It would be my greatest honor to welcome, guide, mentor, and travel with you on this healing journey. As Lilla Watson says, “if your liberation is bound with mine, then let us work together.”

With deep love and gratitude,

Why trauma informed yoga for recovery?

Yoga is important because – as we state in one of our SHE RECOVERS Intentions & Guiding Principles – “Recovery is a journey to wholeness – we take care of our mind, body, emotions, and spirit.”

In many parts of the world we have become good at including opportunities for healing the mind and spirit when on a path of recovery (talk therapy, support groups, 12 step programs, etc.), and while these are essential for many, they exclude the healing of our bodies.

When it comes to trauma, if the body doesn’t have an opportunity to process and release the experience, illness, chronic fatigue, dis-ease, and other health conditions may manifest. Our bodies also deserve to heal from the chronic stress we may have experienced as women recovering from trauma, mental health issues or substance use.
Trauma informed yoga can be integrated into anyone’s patchwork of recovery and can serve as a pathway to holistic health and wellness.

More than ever, our world needs your recovery, your healing, and your teachings. If you have heard or felt the call to create yoga offerings specifically for women recovering from all of life’s challenges, now is the time.

This SHE RECOVERS® Yoga Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher Training program is for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need previous training as a yoga teacher to qualify for this course?

Yes, the SHE RECOVERS Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher Training is designed for yoga teachers who hold at least a 200 hour certification.

What is required to receive my certification?

In addition to completing the live training – live attendance of the entire training is required to become certified – you will be required to complete additional practicum work within a year of your live training.


Is the training Yoga Alliance certified?

The SHE RECOVERS Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher Training program is an approved Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP) and offers this course for current YA members to earn 25 hours towards their educational requirements for renewal.


Will I be able to teach a SHE RECOVERS Trauma Informed Yoga Class once I am certified?

Yes. The SRYT designation will permit you to teach a SHE RECOVERS Trauma Informed Yoga class online or in person. These accessible classes are voluntarily facilitated and offered free of charge. All graduates are also welcome to weave the trauma informed teachings and philosophies, learned throughout the training, into their own yoga practices and teachings. A comprehensive toolkit is provided to all SRYT designates that outlines best practices and guidelines for promotional and facilitation activities associated with the SHE RECOVERS mark. Although all SHE RECOVERS Trauma Informed Yoga Teachers are covered by SRF’s general liability insurance when volunteering with the organization, Yoga teachers should always have their own insurance to teach.


When is the next training?

This course is being paused and will not be offered in 2024. Please join our mailing list to stay informed of 2025 training dates.

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